Kos Airport (KGS) - arrivals and departures

Country - Greece

City - Kos.


GPS - 36.8, 27.09

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Kos Airport on the map
Airport Kos - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
02:59 7O7410 Wroclaw Smartwings Hungary Kft Unknown
02:59 TVP7410 Wroclaw Travel Service Polska Unknown
06:10 OA220 Athens Olympic Air Landed
06:10 A37220 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
08:00 GQ220 Athens Sky Express En Route
08:10 CXI1040 Cologne Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
08:35 QS1126 Prague SmartWings Landed
08:35 OK4408 Prague CSA Landed
09:05 X34882 Cologne TUIfly Scheduled
09:15 X34832 Paderborn TUIfly Scheduled
09:20 X34372 Hanover TUIfly Scheduled
09:25 JP1526 Ljubljana Adria Airways Landed
09:35 X34806 Munich TUIfly Scheduled
09:55 EW1940 Munich Eurowings
10:05 GQ120 Heraklion Sky Express Scheduled
10:25 X34572 Dusseldorf TUIfly En Route
10:25 X34420 Karlsruhe/Baden Baden TUIfly En Route
11:00 X34604 Frankfurt TUIfly Scheduled
11:45 OA224 Athens Olympic Air Landed
11:45 A37224 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
12:25 TOM2308 Manchester TUI Airways Landed
13:00 TOM4318 London TUI Airways Landed
14:15 EW5974 Vienna Eurowings Landed
14:55 EW4382 Salzburg Eurowings Landed
16:40 FR259 Berlin Ryanair Landed
18:00 X34716 Hamburg TUIfly Scheduled
18:10 X34956 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse TUIfly En Route
18:10 X34854 Stuttgart TUIfly Scheduled
18:35 OA226 Athens Olympic Air Landed
18:35 A37226 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
18:55 TOM7338 Leicestershire TUI Airways
19:00 X34728 Nuremberg TUIfly En Route
19:10 LDM190 Dusseldorf Lauda Landed
19:35 TOM7372 Birmingham TUI Airways
20:00 EDW356 Zurich Edelweiss Air Landed
20:00 LX8356 Zurich SWISS Landed
20:35 BV2406 Rome Blue Panorama Airlines Scheduled
21:30 TOM6388 Cardiff TUI Airways Landed
21:30 BA2558 London British Airways Landed
21:55 TOM3390 Doncaster TUI Airways Landed
22:30 LS733 Edinburgh Jet2 En Route
22:35 EW658 Cologne Eurowings
22:50 TOM1378 Newcastle TUI Airways En Route
23:10 QS1128 Prague SmartWings En Route
23:10 OK4402 Prague CSA En Route
23:45 TOM5332 London TUI Airways En Route
23:50 TOM4330 London TUI Airways

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
00:30 TOM2259 Manchester TUI Airways Landed
00:40 TCX1615 Manchester Thomas Cook Airlines Landed
03:50 7O7409 Warsaw Smartwings Hungary Kft Unknown
03:50 TVP7409 Warsaw Travel Service Polska Unknown
06:45 OA221 Athens Olympic Air Landed
06:45 A37221 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
08:30 GQ221 Athens Sky Express Landed
09:10 CXI1041 Cologne Corendon Airlines Europe Landed
09:20 QS1127 Prague SmartWings Landed
09:20 OK4409 Prague CSA Landed
09:55 X34883 Cologne TUIfly Landed
10:05 X34833 Paderborn TUIfly Scheduled
10:10 JP1526 Samos Adria Airways En Route
10:10 X34717 Hamburg TUIfly Scheduled
10:25 X34807 Munich TUIfly Scheduled
10:30 GQ225 Athens Sky Express Landed
10:50 EW1941 Munich Eurowings Landed
11:15 X34421 Karlsruhe/Baden Baden TUIfly Landed
11:15 X34573 Dusseldorf TUIfly
11:50 X34605 Frankfurt TUIfly Landed
12:10 OA225 Athens Olympic Air
12:10 A37225 Athens Aegean Airlines
13:25 TOM2309 Manchester TUI Airways
13:50 BBG801 Tel Aviv-Yafo Blue Bird Airways Landed
14:00 TOM4319 London TUI Airways Landed
15:10 EW5975 Vienna Eurowings Landed
15:40 EW4383 Salzburg Eurowings Landed
17:05 FR260 Berlin Ryanair
18:50 X34373 Hanover TUIfly Scheduled
19:00 X34855 Stuttgart TUIfly Landed
19:00 X34957 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse TUIfly Landed
19:05 OA227 Athens Olympic Air Landed
19:05 A37227 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
19:45 LDM191 Dusseldorf Lauda
19:50 X34729 Nuremberg TUIfly Scheduled
20:00 TOM7339 Leicestershire TUI Airways En Route
20:35 TOM7373 Birmingham TUI Airways
20:50 EDW357 Zurich Edelweiss Air En Route
20:50 LX8357 Zurich SWISS En Route
21:15 BV2407 Rome Blue Panorama Airlines Scheduled
22:30 TOM6389 Cardiff TUI Airways Scheduled
22:40 BA2559 London British Airways Scheduled
22:55 TOM3391 Doncaster TUI Airways Scheduled
23:25 EW659 Cologne Eurowings Scheduled
23:30 LS734 Edinburgh Jet2 Scheduled
23:50 TOM1379 Newcastle TUI Airways Scheduled
23:55 QS1129 Prague SmartWings Scheduled
23:55 OK4403 Prague CSA Scheduled

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