Billund Airport (BLL) - arrivals and departures

Country - Denmark

City - Billund.


GPS - 55.75, 9.15


Billund Airport on the map
Airport Billund - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
07:45 W43695 Iasi Wizz Air
08:25 FR5164 London STN Ryanair
09:40 KL1341 Amsterdam KLM
09:45 LO465 Warsaw LOT
09:55 SK2497 Stockholm Scandinavian Airlines
10:15 LH836 Frankfurt Lufthansa
10:35 FR8745 Budapest Ryanair
11:20 KL1343 Amsterdam KLM
11:40 BA8210 London City British Airways
11:40 BA8246 Manchester British Airways
12:35 LH2434 Munich Lufthansa
13:20 LH838 Frankfurt Lufthansa
13:25 BT1006 Gran Canaria airBaltic
13:25 KL1345 Amsterdam KLM
13:35 BT147 Riga airBaltic
14:30 FR5172 London STN Ryanair
14:40 AF1264 Paris CDG Air France
15:20 BA8202 Dusseldorf British Airways
16:40 SK1905 Oslo Scandinavian Airlines
17:15 TK1487 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
17:15 WF282 Bergen Widerøe
17:50 KL1347 Amsterdam KLM
18:05 RC470 Faroe Islands Atlantic Airways
18:10 LH840 Frankfurt Lufthansa
18:55 SK1497 Stockholm Scandinavian Airlines
19:10 DY998 Oslo Norwegian
19:15 JTD512 Fuerteventura Jet Time
19:25 FR3686 Gdansk Ryanair
21:25 FR2531 Malaga Ryanair
21:35 BA8212 London City British Airways
22:05 FR5178 London STN Ryanair
22:45 KL1349 Amsterdam KLM
23:05 AF1764 Paris CDG Air France
23:20 LH2436 Munich Lufthansa
23:30 LH842 Frankfurt Lufthansa
23:50 DK445 Sal Cap Verde Sunclass Airlines

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:00 FR8744 Budapest Ryanair
06:00 KL1340 Amsterdam KLM
06:30 AF1765 Paris CDG Air France
06:30 LH2437 Munich Lufthansa
07:00 DK444 Sal Cap Verde Sunclass Airlines
07:05 LH843 Frankfurt Lufthansa
07:50 BA8245 Manchester British Airways
07:55 BA8209 London City British Airways
08:20 W43696 Iasi Wizz Air
08:30 JTD511 Fuerteventura Jet Time
08:55 RC473 Faroe Islands Atlantic Airways
09:05 FR5165 London STN Ryanair
10:15 KL1342 Amsterdam KLM
10:25 LO466 Warsaw LOT
10:30 SK2498 Stockholm Scandinavian Airlines
10:55 LH837 Frankfurt Lufthansa
12:05 KL1344 Amsterdam KLM
12:20 BA8201 Dusseldorf British Airways
13:15 LH2435 Munich Lufthansa
13:45 FR2532 Malaga Ryanair
14:00 KL1346 Amsterdam KLM
14:05 LH839 Frankfurt Lufthansa
14:15 BT148 Riga airBaltic
14:25 BT1007 Gran Canaria airBaltic
15:00 FR5173 London STN Ryanair
15:20 AF1265 Paris CDG Air France
16:10 FR3687 Gdansk Ryanair
17:15 SK1902 Oslo Scandinavian Airlines
17:40 WF283 Bergen Widerøe
17:50 BA8211 London City British Airways
18:10 TK1488 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
18:40 KL1348 Amsterdam KLM
18:50 LH841 Frankfurt Lufthansa
19:25 SK1498 Stockholm Scandinavian Airlines
19:40 DY999 Oslo Norwegian
22:30 FR5179 London STN Ryanair

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