Zürich Airport (ZRH) - arrivals and departures

Country - Switzerland

City - Zürich.


GPS - 47.45, 8.56

WWW - www.zurich-airport.com

Zürich Airport on the map
Airport Zürich - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:35 LX345 London SWISS Landed
09:45 LX1069 Frankfurt SWISS En Route
09:45 LH5770 Frankfurt Lufthansa En Route
09:45 AY1511 Helsinki Finnair En Route
09:45 AA9007 Helsinki American Airlines En Route
09:45 JU7925 Helsinki Air Serbia En Route
09:45 TP8353 Helsinki TAP Air Portugal En Route
09:50 TK1907 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
09:50 AF1114 Paris Air France En Route
09:50 DL8690 Paris Delta Air Lines En Route
09:50 KQ3202 Paris Kenya Airways En Route
09:50 UU8114 Paris Air Austral En Route
10:05 OU460 Zagreb Croatia Airlines En Route
10:05 AC2983 Zagreb Air Canada En Route
10:05 LX4251 Zagreb SWISS En Route
10:05 TP6856 Zagreb TAP Air Portugal En Route
10:05 UA7277 Zagreb United Airlines En Route
10:10 U28113 London easyJet En Route
10:20 UX1675 Madrid Air Europa En Route
10:20 AM6990 Madrid Aeromexico En Route
10:20 EY4342 Madrid Etihad Airways En Route
10:20 JU7446 Madrid Air Serbia En Route
10:25 AC880 Toronto Air Canada
10:25 LH6593 Toronto Lufthansa
10:25 LX4641 Toronto SWISS
10:25 OU5933 Toronto Croatia Airlines
10:25 UA8520 Toronto United Airlines
10:30 BA772 London British Airways En Route
10:35 LX1843 Athens SWISS En Route
10:35 A31982 Athens Aegean Airlines En Route
10:35 AC6833 Athens Air Canada En Route
10:35 LH5877 Athens Lufthansa En Route
10:35 TP8185 Athens TAP Air Portugal En Route
10:35 UA9755 Athens United Airlines En Route
10:35 EDW35 Punta Cana Edelweiss Air En Route
10:35 LX8035 Punta Cana SWISS En Route
10:40 LX65 Miami SWISS En Route
10:40 LH5895 Miami Lufthansa En Route
10:40 UA9723 Miami United Airlines En Route
10:40 LX93 Sao Paulo SWISS En Route
10:40 LH5899 Sao Paulo Lufthansa En Route
10:40 SQ2955 Sao Paulo Singapore Airlines En Route
10:40 LH1186 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
10:40 AC9024 Frankfurt Air Canada Scheduled
10:40 LX3603 Frankfurt SWISS Scheduled
10:40 UA9030 Frankfurt United Airlines Scheduled
10:40 LX1485 Prague SWISS En Route
10:40 AC6784 Prague Air Canada En Route
10:45 PC947 Istanbul Pegasus
10:45 GM*601 Pristina Chair Airlines
10:45 LX751 Luxembourg SWISS Scheduled
10:45 AC6789 Luxembourg Air Canada Scheduled
10:50 LX1413 Belgrade SWISS En Route
10:50 SU2486 Moscow Aeroflot En Route
10:50 LX9 Chicago SWISS En Route
10:50 UA9727 Chicago United Airlines En Route
10:50 LX1679 Florence SWISS Scheduled
10:55 LX257 Tel Aviv-Yafo SWISS
10:55 LX15 New York SWISS En Route
10:55 UA9715 New York United Airlines En Route
10:55 LX1227 Gothenburg SWISS En Route
11:00 LX53 Boston SWISS
11:00 UA9721 Boston United Airlines
11:00 LX975 Berlin SWISS Scheduled
11:00 AC6797 Berlin Air Canada Scheduled
11:00 LH5836 Berlin Lufthansa Scheduled
11:05 LX1613 Milan SWISS Scheduled
11:05 AC6791 Milan Air Canada Scheduled
11:05 LX1889 Bucharest SWISS En Route
11:05 AC6768 Bucharest Air Canada En Route
11:05 LX1661 Venice SWISS Scheduled
11:05 AC6859 Venice Air Canada Scheduled
11:10 LX633 Paris SWISS Scheduled
11:10 UA9770 Paris United Airlines Scheduled
11:10 LX1575 Vienna SWISS Scheduled
11:10 AC6788 Vienna Air Canada Scheduled
11:10 OS8803 Vienna Austrian Scheduled
11:10 IB3464 Madrid Iberia En Route
11:10 VY5142 Madrid Vueling En Route
11:10 LX2807 Geneva SWISS Scheduled
11:10 AC6843 Geneva Air Canada Scheduled
11:10 EY6216 Geneva Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:10 LH5861 Geneva Lufthansa Scheduled
11:10 SK3529 Geneva SAS Scheduled
11:15 LX2291 Kiev/Kyiv SWISS Cancelled
11:15 LX1249 Stockholm SWISS En Route
11:15 AC6848 Stockholm Air Canada En Route
11:15 SK3509 Stockholm SAS En Route
11:15 UA9752 Stockholm United Airlines En Route
11:15 LX1051 Hamburg SWISS Scheduled
11:15 LH5844 Hamburg Lufthansa Scheduled
11:20 LX787 Brussels SWISS Scheduled
11:20 AC6785 Brussels Air Canada Scheduled
11:20 SN5103 Brussels Brussels Airlines Scheduled
11:20 UA9793 Brussels United Airlines Scheduled
11:20 LX725 Amsterdam SWISS Scheduled
11:20 AC6781 Amsterdam Air Canada Scheduled
11:20 UA9791 Amsterdam United Airlines Scheduled
11:20 LX2251 Budapest SWISS Scheduled
11:20 AC6831 Budapest Air Canada Scheduled
11:20 UA9795 Budapest United Airlines Scheduled
11:25 LX563 Nice SWISS Scheduled
11:25 AC6793 Nice Air Canada Scheduled
11:30 LX1741 Palermo SWISS Scheduled
11:30 LX1267 Copenhagen SWISS Scheduled
11:30 AC6860 Copenhagen Air Canada Scheduled
11:30 SK3503 Copenhagen SAS Scheduled
11:30 UA9785 Copenhagen United Airlines Scheduled
11:35 EDW25 Cancun Edelweiss Air
11:35 LX8025 Cancun SWISS
11:35 LX19 Newark SWISS En Route
11:35 UA9747 Newark United Airlines En Route
11:35 LX1319 Tallinn SWISS En Route
11:40 LX1727 Rome SWISS Scheduled
11:40 AC6787 Rome Air Canada Scheduled
11:40 LX317 London SWISS Scheduled
11:40 AC6818 London Air Canada Scheduled
11:40 UA9761 London United Airlines Scheduled
11:45 LX1017 Dusseldorf SWISS Scheduled
11:45 LH5794 Dusseldorf Lufthansa Scheduled
11:55 EDW403 Pristina Edelweiss Air Scheduled
11:55 LX8403 Pristina SWISS Scheduled

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Source - www.zurich-airport.com (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:10 LX400 Dublin SWISS En Route
09:15 LX2082 Lisbon SWISS En Route
09:15 TP8204 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal En Route
09:30 OS562 Vienna Austrian En Route
09:30 LX3552 Vienna SWISS En Route
09:30 TG7204 Vienna Thai Airways International En Route
09:30 UA9830 Vienna United Airlines En Route
10:30 LX1830 Athens SWISS Scheduled
10:30 A31981 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled
10:30 LH5876 Athens Lufthansa Scheduled
10:30 UA9756 Athens United Airlines Scheduled
10:30 LX2110 Malaga SWISS Scheduled
10:30 AF1115 Paris Air France Scheduled
10:30 DL8452 Paris Delta Air Lines Scheduled
10:30 G35264 Paris Gol Scheduled
10:30 KQ3907 Paris Kenya Airways Scheduled
10:30 UU8115 Paris Air Austral Scheduled
10:30 VN3645 Paris Vietnam Airlines Scheduled
10:35 SQ345 Singapore Singapore Airlines Scheduled
10:35 LX9000 Singapore SWISS Scheduled
10:35 MH5805 Singapore Malaysia Airlines Scheduled
10:35 NZ3345 Singapore Air New Zealand Scheduled
10:45 TK1908 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
10:45 OZ6924 Istanbul Asiana Airlines Scheduled
10:45 U28114 London easyJet Scheduled
10:50 AA93 Philadelphia American Airlines Scheduled
10:50 AY4126 Philadelphia Finnair Scheduled
10:50 LY8011 Philadelphia EL AL Scheduled
10:55 AY1512 Helsinki Finnair Scheduled
10:55 AA9008 Helsinki American Airlines Scheduled
10:55 JL6844 Helsinki JAL Scheduled
10:55 QR6152 Helsinki Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:05 OU461 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled
11:05 AC2982 Zagreb Air Canada Scheduled
11:05 LX4250 Zagreb SWISS Scheduled
11:05 SQ2413 Zagreb Singapore Airlines Scheduled
11:05 UA7278 Zagreb United Airlines Scheduled
11:10 UX1676 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
11:10 AM6865 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
11:10 EY4332 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:10 JU7416 Madrid Air Serbia Scheduled
11:15 LH1187 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
11:15 AC9029 Frankfurt Air Canada Scheduled
11:15 LX3602 Frankfurt SWISS Scheduled
11:15 NH6248 Frankfurt ANA Scheduled
11:15 UA9051 Frankfurt United Airlines Scheduled
11:15 BA773 London British Airways Scheduled
11:15 AA6401 London American Airlines Scheduled
11:30 GM*630 Skopje Chair Airlines Scheduled
11:40 LX1742 Palermo SWISS Scheduled
11:45 PC948 Istanbul Pegasus Scheduled
11:45 UA53 Dulles United Airlines Scheduled
11:45 AC5923 Dulles Air Canada Scheduled
11:45 LH9310 Dulles Lufthansa Scheduled
11:45 LX3200 Dulles SWISS Scheduled
11:50 SU2487 Moscow Aeroflot Scheduled
11:55 IB3477 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
11:55 AA8700 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
11:55 LA5402 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
11:55 VY5147 Madrid Vueling Scheduled

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Source - www.zurich-airport.com (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)