Vigo Airport (VGO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Vigo.


GPS - 42.23, -8.63


Vigo Airport on the map
Airport Vigo - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
08:45 IB530 Madrid Iberia En Route
08:45 VY5044 Madrid Vueling En Route
11:55 UX7308 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
11:55 AF4791 Madrid Air France Scheduled
11:55 AM6978 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
11:55 AR7348 Madrid Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
11:55 EY4360 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:55 KL3367 Madrid KLM Scheduled
12:05 NT5230 Las Palmas Binter Canarias Scheduled
13:00 IB532 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
13:00 AA8711 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
13:00 AV6088 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
13:00 BA7206 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
13:00 QR6983 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
13:00 VY5046 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
15:55 UX7300 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
15:55 AF4809 Madrid Air France Scheduled
15:55 AM6834 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
15:55 AR7332 Madrid Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
15:55 AZ2408 Madrid ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
15:55 DL6741 Madrid Delta Air Lines Scheduled
15:55 EY4394 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
15:55 KL3376 Madrid KLM Scheduled
15:55 SU3660 Madrid Aeroflot Scheduled
17:05 IB534 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
17:05 AA8798 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
17:05 AT9992 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
17:05 AV6121 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
17:05 BA7208 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
17:05 LA7040 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
17:05 QR6880 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
17:05 VY5048 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
21:00 IB538 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
21:00 AT9959 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
21:00 AV6008 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
21:00 BA7210 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
21:00 JL6965 Madrid JAL Scheduled
21:00 LA7052 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
21:00 QR6984 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
21:00 VY5052 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
21:05 VY1704 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
21:05 IB5108 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
21:05 QR3669 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
21:20 FR7511 Barcelona Ryanair Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:25 IB531 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
09:25 AA8708 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
09:25 AT9960 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
09:25 AV6091 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
09:25 BA7205 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
09:25 JL6964 Madrid JAL Scheduled
09:25 LA5470 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
09:25 QR6985 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
12:35 UX7315 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
12:35 AF4786 Madrid Air France Scheduled
12:35 AM6817 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
12:35 AR7355 Madrid Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
12:35 AZ2457 Madrid ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
12:35 DL6760 Madrid Delta Air Lines Scheduled
12:35 EY4395 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
12:35 KL3380 Madrid KLM Scheduled
12:35 SU3659 Madrid Aeroflot Scheduled
12:35 SV6132 Madrid Saudia Scheduled
12:45 NT5231 Las Palmas Binter Canarias Scheduled
13:40 IB533 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
13:40 AA8799 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
13:40 AT9993 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
13:40 AV6073 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
13:40 BA7207 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
13:40 LA7027 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
13:40 QR6920 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
13:40 VY5047 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
16:40 UX7319 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
16:40 AM6869 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
16:40 EY4341 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
16:40 KL3314 Madrid KLM Scheduled
16:40 SU3661 Madrid Aeroflot Scheduled
17:45 IB535 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
17:45 AV6117 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
17:45 BA7221 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
17:45 LA5471 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
17:45 QR6921 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
17:45 VY5049 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
21:40 VY1705 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
21:40 IB5109 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
21:55 FR7512 Barcelona Ryanair Scheduled

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