Vienna Schwechat International Airport (VIE) - arrivals and departures

Country - Austria

City - Vienna.


GPS - 48.12, 16.56


Vienna Schwechat International Airport on the map
Airport Vienna - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
21:25 FR9752 Billund Airport Ryanair Arrival 21:42
21:30 ET731 Brussels Airport Ethiopian Airlines Arrival 22:38
21:30 FR9345 Cesar Manrique-Lanzarote Airport Ryanair Arrival 21:36
21:30 OS156 Düsseldorf Airport Austrian Arrival 23:40
21:30 OS576 Geneve Aeroport Austrian Arrival 22:17
21:35 OS356 Brussels Airport Austrian Arrival 21:41
21:35 OS550 Bologna Airport Austrian Arrival 21:32
21:40 OS172 Hamburg Airport Austrian Arrival 22:41
21:45 FR7351 Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport Ryanair Arrival 21:46
21:45 OS296 Hannover Airport Austrian Arrival 21:58
21:50 OS196 Köln Bonn Airport Austrian Approaching
21:50 OS306 Copenhagen Airport Austrian Arrival 21:54
21:50 OS376 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Austrian Approaching
21:50 TK1889 Istanbul Airport Turkish Airlines Arrival 21:51
21:55 FR680 Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport Ryanair Arrival 22:17
21:55 FR7349 London Stansted Airport Ryanair Arrival 21:50
21:55 OS474 EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Austrian Arrival 22:43
22:00 OS516 Milano Malpensa Airport Austrian Arrival 21:57
22:05 OS418 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Austrian Arrival 22:26
22:10 FR105 Palma de Mallorca Airport Ryanair Arrival 22:42
22:10 OS566 Zürich Airport Austrian Arrival 22:12
22:10 W42938 Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport Wizz Air Malta Arrival 22:22
22:20 OS238 Berlin Brandenburg Austrian Arrival 22:55
22:25 BA706 Heathrow Airport British Airways Arrival 22:25
22:25 FR183 Sofia Airport Ryanair Arrival 22:28
22:30 FR1325 Paris Beauvais Airport Ryanair Arrival 22:29
22:30 FR1568 Alicante-Elche Airport Ryanair Arrival 22:44
22:30 QY4772 Leipzig/Halle Airport DHL Express Arrival 23:01
22:35 FR074 Treviso Sant Angelo Ryanair Arrival 22:40
22:35 FR165 Aeroport Marseille Provence Ryanair Arrival 23:18
22:35 W45703 London Gatwick Airport Wizz Air Malta Arrival 22:20
22:40 KL1849 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Cancelled
22:40 OS118 Munich Airport Austrian Cancelled
22:40 OS456 Heathrow Airport Austrian Arrival 23:17
22:40 W42990 Madeira Airport Wizz Air Malta Arrival 22:06
22:50 FR756 Stockholm Arlanda Airport Ryanair Arrival 22:50
22:50 OS394 Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport Austrian Arrival 23:00
22:55 AF1238 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Air France Arrival 23:32
22:55 IB3124 Madrid Barajas Airport Iberia Arrival 23:03
22:55 W42992 King Khalid International Airport Wizz Air Malta Arrival 00:00
23:00 FR591 Malaga Costa del Sol Airport Ryanair Arrival 23:12
23:00 FR7178 Fiumicino Airport Ryanair Arrival 23:53
23:05 FR215 Milano Malpensa Airport Ryanair Arrival 00:10
23:05 OS506 Fiumicino Airport Austrian Arrival 00:06
23:10 OS220 Frankfurt Airport Austrian Delayed 11:20
01:20 W42982 Abu Dhabi Airport Wizz Air Malta Expected 02:13

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Term. Gate Status
21:25 OS627 Warsaw Chopin Airport Austrian T3 F22 Airborne
21:25 OS799 Sofia Airport Austrian T3 G09 Airborne
21:30 OS717 Budapest Airport Austrian T3 F10 Airborne
21:35 SN2908 Brussels Airport Brussels Airlines T3 Cancelled
21:45 OS711 Prague Airport Austrian T3 F07 Airborne
21:50 OS759 Sarajevo International Airport Austrian T3 G17 Airborne
21:55 EK126 Dubai International Airport Emirates T3 G21 Airborne
22:20 OS599 Krakow Airport Austrian T3 F13 Airborne
22:20 OS641 Zvartnots International Airport Austrian T3 G12 Airborne
22:20 OS743 Kosice International Airport Austrian T3 Cancelled
22:25 OS739 Belgrade Airport Austrian T3 G04 Airborne
22:30 ET731 Addis Ababa Bole International Airport Ethiopian Airlines T3 G36 Airborne
22:45 OS769 Prishtina International Airport Austrian T3 G04 Airborne
22:45 OS777 Skopje International Airport Austrian T3 G16 Airborne
22:45 OS975 Flughafen Graz Austrian T3 F26 Airborne
23:20 OS849 Tirana International Airport Austrian T3 G09 Airborne
23:25 OS025 New Bangkok International Airport Austrian T3 G31 Airborne

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