Stuttgart Airport (STR) - arrivals and departures

Country - Germany

City - Stuttgart.


GPS - 48.69, 9.2


Stuttgart Airport on the map
Airport Stuttgart - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
6:05 EW2981 TUNIS Eurowings Flight closed
6:15 XQ962 IZMIR SunExpress Flight closed
6:50 XQ1740 ELAZIG SunExpress Flight closed
7:25 C31711 PRISTINA TRADEAIR Flight closed
7:30 EW7046 HAMBURG Eurowings Flight closed
7:45 LH126 FRANKFURT Lufthansa Flight closed
8:15 OS177 WIEN Austrian Flight closed
8:35 XQ200 DALAMAN SunExpress Flight closed
9:10 KL1867 AMSTERDAM KLM Flight closed
9:15 LH2144 MUENCHEN Lufthansa Flight closed
9:30 EW2003 BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Eurowings Flight closed
9:30 SK657 KOPENHAGEN SAS Scandinavian Airlines Cancelled
9:35 XC917 ANTALYA corendon AIRLINES (XC) Flight closed
9:45 EW2045 HAMBURG Eurowings Flight closed
9:50 LO371 WARSCHAU LOT Flight closed
9:50 PC5005 ANTALYA Pegasus Flight closed
10:00 TK1701 ISTANBUL Turkish Airlines Flight closed
10:00 EW2759 WIEN Eurowings Flight closed
10:15 LH128 FRANKFURT Lufthansa Flight closed
10:20 LX1164 ZUERICH SWISS Flight closed
10:25 EW2965 SPLIT Eurowings Flight closed
10:40 TK7944 ANTALYA Turkish Airlines Flight closed
10:45 AF1408 PARIS (CDG) AIR FRANCE Flight closed
10:45 EW2861 NEAPEL Eurowings Flight closed
10:55 X32715 PALMA DE MALLORCA TUI fly (X3) Flight closed
11:00 BUC2129 BURGAS European Air Charter Flight closed
11:05 EW2529 BARCELONA Eurowings Flight closed
11:25 DE1525 PALMA DE MALLORCA Condor Flight closed
11:40 EW2545 IBIZA Eurowings Flight closed
11:50 EW2463 LONDON (HEATHROW) Eurowings Flight closed
12:10 VY3440 PALMA DE MALLORCA vueling Flight closed
12:10 EW2685 ATHEN Eurowings Flight closed
12:35 EW2921 VARNA Eurowings Flight closed
12:35 DE1411 PREVEZA-LEFKAS Condor Flight closed
12:40 TK7750 ISTANBUL (SAW) Turkish Airlines Flight closed
12:55 X34715 HERAKLION TUI fly (X3) Flight closed
13:05 LH2146 MUENCHEN Lufthansa Flight closed
13:15 PC969 ISTANBUL (SAW) Pegasus Flight closed
13:25 KL1873 AMSTERDAM KLM Flight closed
13:30 X34707 RHODOS TUI fly (X3) Flight closed
13:50 IV230 PRISTINA gp aviation Flight closed
13:55 EW2689 KAVALA Eurowings Flight closed
13:55 XQ972 IZMIR SunExpress Flight closed
14:00 EW2875 BRINDISI Eurowings Flight closed
14:10 VY1866 BARCELONA vueling Flight closed
14:15 DE1649 KOS Condor Flight closed
14:20 EW2885 ROM (FIUMICINO) Eurowings Flight closed
14:25 TK1703 ISTANBUL Turkish Airlines Flight closed
14:25 EW2145 PULA Eurowings Flight closed
14:55 EW2597 PALMA DE MALLORCA Eurowings Flight closed
14:55 EW2683 THESSALONIKI Eurowings Flight closed
15:00 EW2825 OLBIA Eurowings Flight closed
15:05 EW2619 KORFU (KERKYRA) Eurowings Flight closed
15:25 EW2853 LAMEZIA TERME Eurowings Flight closed
15:35 XQ152 ANTALYA SunExpress Flight closed
15:45 EW2491 BUKAREST (OTOPENI) Eurowings Flight closed
16:05 EW7042 HAMBURG Eurowings Flight closed
16:30 TK3094 ANTALYA Turkish Airlines Flight closed
16:35 EW8004 BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Eurowings Flight closed
16:55 PC971 ISTANBUL (SAW) Pegasus Flight closed
17:30 LH2148 MUENCHEN Lufthansa Flight closed
17:35 PC5905 ANTALYA Pegasus Flight closed
17:40 KL1875 AMSTERDAM KLM Flight closed
17:45 AF1808 PARIS (CDG) AIR FRANCE Flight closed
17:45 EW2801 PALERMO Eurowings Flight closed
17:55 TK1705 ISTANBUL Turkish Airlines Flight closed
18:05 EW2819 CATANIA Eurowings Flight closed
18:15 TWI1327 ANTALYA tailwind Flight closed
18:20 EW2181 AMSTERDAM Eurowings Flight closed
18:30 XC3725 IZMIR corendon AIRLINES (XC) Flight closed
18:35 EW2011 BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Eurowings Flight closed
18:55 OS187 WIEN Austrian Flight closed
19:00 A3510 THESSALONIKI Aegean Flight closed
19:00 XQ154 ANTALYA SunExpress Flight closed
19:50 X34703 KORFU (KERKYRA) TUI fly (X3) Flight closed
20:05 BA920 LONDON (HEATHROW) British Airways Flight closed
20:30 EW2817 CATANIA Eurowings Flight closed
20:35 EW2679 CHANIA Eurowings Flight closed
20:35 EW2585 PALMA DE MALLORCA Eurowings Flight closed
20:55 XQ150 ANTALYA SunExpress Flight closed
20:55 XQ760 KAYSERI SunExpress Flight closed
21:05 TWI329 ANTALYA tailwind Flight closed
21:10 DE1651 RHODOS Condor Flight closed
21:15 EW2835 ALICANTE Eurowings Flight closed
21:20 TK1709 ISTANBUL Turkish Airlines Flight closed
21:35 EW7048 HAMBURG Eurowings Flight closed
21:40 EW2465 LONDON (HEATHROW) Eurowings Flight closed
22:00 EW2823 MAILAND (MALPENSA) Eurowings Flight closed
22:05 X36315 HURGHADA TUI fly (X3) Flight closed
22:05 EW2521 BARCELONA Eurowings Flight closed
22:10 EW2757 WIEN Eurowings Flight closed
22:15 EW2021 BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Eurowings Flight closed
22:40 KL1879 AMSTERDAM KLM Flight closed
22:40 BA922 LONDON (HEATHROW) British Airways Flight closed
22:40 EW2231 KOS Eurowings Arrival
22:45 EW2583 PALMA DE MALLORCA Eurowings
22:55 EW2695 RHODOS Eurowings Flight closed
22:55 LH136 FRANKFURT Lufthansa Flight closed
23:00 EW2939 IZMIR Eurowings
23:00 LH2152 MUENCHEN Lufthansa Flight closed
23:10 EW2667 LARNACA Eurowings Approaching
23:10 EW2581 PALMA DE MALLORCA Eurowings Arrival
23:10 X32811 FUNCHAL TUI fly (X3) Flight closed
23:15 DE1453 FUERTEVENTURA Condor Flight closed

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
5:50 EW2580 PALMA DE MALLORCA Eurowings Departure
5:50 X32714 PALMA DE MALLORCA TUI fly (X3) Departure
6:00 LH127 FRANKFURT Lufthansa Departure
6:00 KL1866 AMSTERDAM KLM Departure
6:00 EW2684 ATHEN Eurowings Departure
6:00 X34714 HERAKLION TUI fly (X3) Departure
6:15 DE1524 PALMA DE MALLORCA Condor Departure
6:15 LH2153 MUENCHEN Lufthansa Departure
6:15 EW2044 HAMBURG Eurowings Departure
6:25 EW2002 BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Eurowings Departure
6:25 EW2528 BARCELONA Eurowings Departure
6:25 X34706 RHODOS TUI fly (X3) Departure
6:25 EW2860 NEAPEL Eurowings Departure
6:35 EW2544 IBIZA Eurowings Departure
6:40 EW2964 SPLIT Eurowings Departure
6:40 EW2758 WIEN Eurowings Departure
6:50 BA923 LONDON (HEATHROW) British Airways Departure
6:50 EW2920 VARNA Eurowings Departure
7:05 DE1410 PREVEZA-LEFKAS Condor Departure
7:05 XQ963 IZMIR SunExpress Departure
7:10 TK1710 ISTANBUL Turkish Airlines Departure
7:35 EW2462 LONDON (HEATHROW) Eurowings Departure
7:55 XQ151 ANTALYA SunExpress Departure
8:05 EW7047 HAMBURG Eurowings Departure
8:20 EW2688 KAVALA Eurowings Departure
8:25 C31712 PRISTINA TRADEAIR Departure
8:25 LH131 FRANKFURT Lufthansa Departure
8:55 OS178 WIEN Austrian Departure
9:25 EW2874 BRINDISI Eurowings Departure
9:30 XQ201 DALAMAN SunExpress Departure
9:35 EW2682 THESSALONIKI Eurowings Departure
9:40 KL1868 AMSTERDAM KLM Departure
9:50 LH2145 MUENCHEN Lufthansa Departure
10:00 EW2618 KORFU (KERKYRA) Eurowings Departure
10:05 EW2596 PALMA DE MALLORCA Eurowings Departure
10:05 SK658 KOPENHAGEN SAS Scandinavian Airlines Cancelled
10:10 EW2884 ROM (FIUMICINO) Eurowings Departure
10:20 EW2490 BUKAREST (OTOPENI) Eurowings Departure
10:25 XC918 ANTALYA corendon AIRLINES (XC) Departure
10:25 EW2852 LAMEZIA TERME Eurowings Departure
10:30 LO372 WARSCHAU LOT Departure
10:40 PC5006 ANTALYA Pegasus Departure
10:55 TK1702 ISTANBUL Turkish Airlines Departure
10:55 LH133 FRANKFURT Lufthansa Departure
11:00 LX1165 ZUERICH SWISS Departure
11:00 EW2824 OLBIA Eurowings Departure
11:20 AF1409 PARIS (CDG) AIR FRANCE Departure
11:20 EW2144 PULA Eurowings Departure
11:35 EW2582 PALMA DE MALLORCA Eurowings Departure
11:35 TK7945 ANTALYA Turkish Airlines Departure
12:00 X36314 HURGHADA TUI fly (X3) Departure
12:00 BUC2130 BURGAS European Air Charter Departure
12:45 EW2818 CATANIA Eurowings Departure
12:50 EW2800 PALERMO Eurowings Departure
12:50 VY3441 PALMA DE MALLORCA vueling Departure
13:35 TK7751 ISTANBUL (SAW) Turkish Airlines Departure
13:40 DE1452 FUERTEVENTURA Condor Departure
13:40 LH2147 MUENCHEN Lufthansa Departure
13:50 DE1650 RHODOS Condor Departure
13:55 EW2678 CHANIA Eurowings Departure
13:55 KL1874 AMSTERDAM KLM Departure
14:15 PC970 ISTANBUL (SAW) Pegasus Departure
14:20 X32810 FUNCHAL TUI fly (X3) Departure
14:30 X34702 KORFU (KERKYRA) TUI fly (X3) Departure
14:45 EW2180 AMSTERDAM Eurowings Departure
14:45 XQ973 IZMIR SunExpress Departure
14:50 EW2666 LARNACA Eurowings Departure
14:55 VY1867 BARCELONA vueling Departure
15:00 IV231 PRISTINA gp aviation Departure
15:05 DE1648 KOS Condor Departure
15:10 EW2816 CATANIA Eurowings Departure
15:15 TK1704 ISTANBUL Turkish Airlines Departure
15:30 EW2010 BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Eurowings Departure
15:35 EW2834 ALICANTE Eurowings Departure
15:45 EW2694 RHODOS Eurowings Departure
15:45 EW2584 PALMA DE MALLORCA Eurowings Departure
16:00 EW2230 KOS Eurowings Departure
16:20 EW2938 IZMIR Eurowings Departure
16:30 XQ153 ANTALYA SunExpress Departure
16:40 EW7043 HAMBURG Eurowings Departure
17:10 EW8005 BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Eurowings Departure
17:15 EW2464 LONDON (HEATHROW) Eurowings Departure
17:20 EW2520 BARCELONA Eurowings Departure
17:30 TK3095 ANTALYA Turkish Airlines Departure
17:55 PC972 ISTANBUL (SAW) Pegasus Departure
18:05 LH2149 MUENCHEN Lufthansa Departure
18:15 KL1876 AMSTERDAM KLM Departure
18:20 EW7049 HAMBURG Eurowings Departure
18:25 PC5906 ANTALYA Pegasus Departure
18:25 AF1809 PARIS (CDG) AIR FRANCE Departure
18:55 EW2756 WIEN Eurowings Departure
19:10 EW2020 BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Eurowings Departure
19:15 TWI1328 ANTALYA tailwind Departure
19:20 TK1706 ISTANBUL Turkish Airlines Departure
19:20 EW2822 MAILAND (MALPENSA) Eurowings Departure
19:30 XC3726 IZMIR corendon AIRLINES (XC) Departure
19:40 OS188 WIEN Austrian Departure
19:50 A3511 THESSALONIKI Aegean Departure
19:55 XQ155 ANTALYA SunExpress Departure
20:45 BA921 LONDON (HEATHROW) British Airways Departure
21:25 EW2982 TIFLIS Eurowings Departure
22:05 XQ703 ADANA SunExpress Departure
22:05 XQ761 KAYSERI SunExpress Departure
22:05 TWI330 ANTALYA tailwind Departure

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