Sochi Airport (AER) - arrivals and departures

Country - Russia

City - Sochi.


GPS - 43.45, 39.94


Sochi Airport on the map
Airport Sochi - Map

Destinations and timetables (+3 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:25 SU1126 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Landed 18:20
18:30 DP117 Moscow VKO Pobeda Scheduled
18:45 S72047 Moscow DME S7 Airlines Estimated 19:08
18:45 EK7891 Moscow DME Emirates Estimated 19:08
18:45 LY8995 Moscow DME El Al Estimated 19:08
19:10 FV6561 Saint Petersburg LED Rossiya Airlines Estimated 19:14
19:10 SU6561 Saint Petersburg LED Aeroflot Scheduled
19:25 A4729 Mineralnye Vody MRV Azimuth Scheduled
19:30 N4494 Novokuznetsk NOZ Nordwind Airlines
19:45 DP324 Chelyabinsk CEK Pobeda Scheduled
20:00 N4412 Kazan KZN Nordwind Airlines Estimated 19:40
20:05 DP119 Moscow VKO Pobeda Scheduled
20:10 YC485 Salekhard SLY Yamal Airlines Estimated 20:23
20:15 SU1140 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Estimated 19:29
20:30 A4772 Istanbul IST Azimuth Scheduled
20:35 FV6875 Krasnojarsk KJA Rossiya Airlines Estimated 20:27
20:35 SU6875 Krasnojarsk KJA Aeroflot Scheduled
20:40 5N848 Kazan KZN Smartavia Scheduled
20:40 DP6947 Moscow SVO Pobeda Estimated 20:01
21:00 A4725 Yaroslavl IAR Azimuth Estimated 20:10
21:00 FV6720 Yerevan EVN Rossiya Airlines Scheduled
21:00 IK416 Ufa UFA Pegas Fly Estimated 20:10

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:05 FV6771 Istanbul IST Rossiya Airlines Departure 18:11
18:05 SU6771 Istanbul IST Aeroflot Scheduled
18:30 SU2815 Saint Petersburg LED Aeroflot Departure 18:35
18:40 SU1611 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Scheduled
18:55 SU6566 Saint Petersburg LED Aeroflot Scheduled
19:15 DP118 Moscow VKO Pobeda Scheduled
19:30 SU1127 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Scheduled
19:35 S72048 Moscow DME S7 Airlines Scheduled
19:35 EK7892 Moscow DME Emirates Scheduled
19:45 A4759 Baku GYD Azimuth Scheduled
20:10 SU6562 Saint Petersburg LED Aeroflot Scheduled
20:20 A4730 Mineralnye Vody MRV Azimuth Scheduled
20:30 N4483 Tomsk TOF Nordwind Airlines Scheduled
20:50 DP120 Moscow VKO Pobeda Scheduled
20:50 WZ4329 Yerevan EVN Red Wings Scheduled
21:00 N4413 Kazan KZN Nordwind Airlines Scheduled
21:15 DP311 Novosibirsk OVB Pobeda Scheduled
21:20 SU1141 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Scheduled
21:25 DP6948 Moscow SVO Pobeda Estimated 21:25
21:30 5N861 Omsk OMS Smartavia Scheduled
21:35 SU6876 Krasnojarsk KJA Aeroflot Scheduled

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