Sochi Airport (AER) - arrivals and departures

Country - Russia

City - Sochi.


GPS - 43.45, 39.94


Sochi Airport on the map
Airport Sochi - Map

Destinations and timetables (+3 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
12:20 SU1136 Moscow Aeroflot Landed
12:20 JU7092 Moscow Air Serbia Landed
12:30 S75103 Novosibirsk S7 Airlines Landed
12:50 U6219 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines Landed
13:05 UT249 Moscow UTair Aviation Landed
13:05 TK9151 Moscow Turkish Airlines Landed
13:10 SU1134 Moscow Aeroflot Landed
13:15 A4*544 Bryansk Azimuth Airlines Scheduled
13:25 S72053 Moscow S7 Airlines En Route
13:25 AT9028 Moscow Royal Air Maroc En Route
13:25 KC1695 Moscow Air Astana En Route
13:45 DP*305 Saint Petersburg Pobeda En Route
13:50 6R*533 Moscow Mirny Air Enterprise En Route
14:10 DP*338 Kazan Pobeda En Route
14:20 SU2904 Kazan Aeroflot En Route
14:30 SU6502 Simferopol Aeroflot En Route
14:55 S72057 Moscow S7 Airlines En Route

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
12:25 SU1123 Moscow Aeroflot En Route
12:25 JU7037 Moscow Air Serbia En Route
12:25 KL2863 Moscow KLM En Route
12:45 SU6564 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot
12:50 A4*757 Petrozavodsk Azimuth Airlines En Route
12:55 S72044 Moscow S7 Airlines En Route
12:55 EK7888 Moscow Emirates En Route
12:55 KC1558 Moscow Air Astana En Route
12:55 LY8946 Moscow EL AL En Route
13:20 SU1137 Moscow Aeroflot Scheduled
13:20 JU7093 Moscow Air Serbia Scheduled
13:20 U6829 Tel Aviv-Yafo Ural Airlines Cancelled
13:25 S75104 Novosibirsk S7 Airlines Scheduled
13:45 U6220 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines Scheduled
14:00 A4*543 Bryansk Azimuth Airlines Scheduled
14:05 UT250 Moscow UTair Aviation Scheduled
14:05 TK9152 Moscow Turkish Airlines Scheduled
14:10 SU1135 Moscow Aeroflot Scheduled
14:15 S72054 Moscow S7 Airlines Scheduled
14:15 KC1696 Moscow Air Astana Scheduled
14:15 LY8874 Moscow EL AL Scheduled
14:30 DP*306 Saint Petersburg Pobeda Scheduled
14:55 DP*6944 Moscow Pobeda Scheduled
14:55 SU5109 Moscow Aeroflot Scheduled

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