Shannon Airport (SNN) - arrivals and departures

Country - Ireland

City - Shannon.


GPS - 52.69, -8.92


Shannon Airport on the map
Airport Shannon - Map

Destinations and timetables (+0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
05:40 EI110 New York Aer Lingus Landed
05:40 B66810 New York JetBlue Airways Landed
05:40 BA6130 New York British Airways Landed
06:00 EI134 Boston Aer Lingus
06:00 B66834 Boston JetBlue Airways
06:00 BA6134 Boston British Airways
10:05 UA976 Newark United Airlines Cancelled
10:05 AC5788 Newark Air Canada Cancelled
10:05 LH7553 Newark Lufthansa Cancelled
10:25 FR5964 Budapest Ryanair En Route
10:30 FR93 London Ryanair Scheduled
11:00 TK6551 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:20 EI381 London Aer Lingus Scheduled
11:20 AA8059 London American Airlines Scheduled
11:20 AC6917 London Air Canada Scheduled
11:20 BA5941 London British Airways Scheduled
11:20 UA7666 London United Airlines Scheduled
12:45 RK*4776 Manchester Ryanair UK Scheduled
13:15 FR8821 Kaunas Ryanair Scheduled
15:45 FR109 London Ryanair Scheduled
16:10 EI385 London Aer Lingus Scheduled
16:10 AA8061 London American Airlines Scheduled
16:10 AC6919 London Air Canada Scheduled
16:10 BA5943 London British Airways Scheduled
16:10 EY7903 London Etihad Airways Scheduled
16:10 UA7667 London United Airlines Scheduled
17:10 FR1463 Malta Ryanair Scheduled
17:15 FR1169 Palma de Mallorca Ryanair Scheduled
19:45 FR8879 Modlin Ryanair Scheduled
20:35 EI387 London Aer Lingus Scheduled
20:35 AA8063 London American Airlines Scheduled
20:35 BA5945 London British Airways Scheduled
20:35 EY5173 London Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:40 FR1183 London Ryanair Scheduled
22:35 FR1345 Lanzarote Ryanair Scheduled
23:15 FR3599 Edinburgh Ryanair Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:05 FR8822 Kaunas Ryanair
07:05 FR92 London Ryanair
07:40 EI380 London Aer Lingus Landed
07:40 AA8060 London American Airlines Landed
07:40 AC6916 London Air Canada Landed
07:40 BA5940 London British Airways Landed
07:40 EY5174 London Etihad Airways Landed
07:40 UA7657 London United Airlines Landed
10:50 FR5965 Budapest Ryanair Scheduled
10:55 FR1168 Palma de Mallorca Ryanair
12:30 UA977 Newark United Airlines Cancelled
12:30 AC5787 Newark Air Canada Cancelled
12:30 LH7550 Newark Lufthansa Cancelled
12:30 TK6551 Atlanta Turkish Airlines Scheduled
12:50 EI111 New York Aer Lingus Scheduled
12:50 B66811 New York JetBlue Airways Scheduled
12:50 BA6131 New York British Airways Scheduled
13:10 RK*4777 Manchester Ryanair UK Scheduled
13:30 EI135 Boston Aer Lingus Scheduled
13:30 B66835 Boston JetBlue Airways Scheduled
13:30 BA6135 Boston British Airways Scheduled
14:05 FR1344 Lanzarote Ryanair Scheduled
16:10 FR108 London Ryanair Scheduled
16:55 EI386 London Aer Lingus Scheduled
16:55 AC6894 London Air Canada Scheduled
16:55 BA5944 London British Airways Scheduled
17:35 FR1462 Malta Ryanair Scheduled
18:30 FR1182 London Ryanair Scheduled
20:15 FR8878 Modlin Ryanair Scheduled
21:25 EI388 London Aer Lingus Scheduled
21:25 AA8062 London American Airlines Scheduled
23:40 FR3598 Edinburgh Ryanair Scheduled

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