Seville Airport (SVQ) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Seville.


GPS - 37.42, -5.9


Seville Airport on the map
Airport Seville - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:10 U28173 London easyJet En Route
09:15 FR1634 Rome Ryanair Landed
09:25 VY3045 Las Palmas Vueling En Route
09:25 IB5307 Las Palmas Iberia En Route
09:25 FR6444 Brussels Ryanair En Route
09:55 FR8363 London Ryanair
10:50 VY2212 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
10:50 AA8852 Barcelona American Airlines Scheduled
10:50 IB5200 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
10:50 QR3658 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:00 IB8390 Valencia Iberia Scheduled
11:20 FR5395 Puerto del Rosario Ryanair Scheduled
11:30 VOE3528 Bilbao Volotea Scheduled
11:35 VY3257 Tenerife Vueling Scheduled
11:35 IB5391 Tenerife Iberia Scheduled
11:50 VY2225 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
11:50 AA8865 Barcelona American Airlines Scheduled
11:50 IB5213 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
11:50 QR3639 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:05 VY3964 Valencia Vueling Scheduled
09:05 IB5562 Valencia Iberia Scheduled
09:05 VOE3269 Santander Volotea Scheduled
09:25 I23947 Madrid Iberia Express Scheduled
09:25 AA8522 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
09:25 AT9983 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
09:25 AV6113 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
09:25 AY5586 Madrid Finnair Scheduled
09:25 BA7189 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
09:25 IB3947 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
09:25 JL6974 Madrid JAL Scheduled
09:25 LA7032 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
09:25 QR6913 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
09:35 VY2511 Bilbao Vueling Scheduled
09:35 IB5242 Bilbao Iberia Scheduled
09:45 U28174 London easyJet Scheduled
09:45 FR1635 Rome Ryanair Scheduled
09:55 FR6445 Brussels Ryanair Scheduled
10:05 VY3044 Las Palmas Vueling Scheduled
10:05 IB5306 Las Palmas Iberia Scheduled
10:40 FR8364 London Ryanair Scheduled
10:45 FR5232 Ibiza Ryanair Scheduled
11:25 VY6366 Santiago De Compostela Vueling Scheduled
11:30 IB8391 Valencia Iberia Scheduled
11:55 FR5286 Marseille Ryanair Scheduled

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