Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - arrivals and departures

Country - Greece

City - Thessaloniki.


GPS - 40.52, 22.98


Thessaloniki Airport on the map
Airport Thessaloniki - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
15:15 W64565 Larnaca Wizz Air Arrived 15:12
15:20 JU522 Belgrade Air Serbia Arrived 15:24
15:35 FR4774 Milan BGY Ryanair Expected 15:25
16:00 CY426 Larnaca Cyprus Airways
16:20 GQ501 Mytilini Sky Express
16:25 A3541 Dusseldorf Aegean Airlines
16:35 FR4484 Nuremberg Ryanair
16:45 OA587 Mytilini Olympic Air
17:05 GQ541 Chios Sky Express
17:15 OA581 Rhodes Olympic Air
17:15 A3120 Athens Aegean Airlines
17:35 LH1556 Frankfurt Lufthansa
17:50 FR5082 Paphos Ryanair
18:35 A3561 Barcelona Aegean Airlines
19:00 A3122 Athens Aegean Airlines
19:20 A3513 Berlin BER Aegean Airlines
20:00 FR1878 Memmingen Ryanair
20:10 TK1893 Istanbul IST Turkish Airlines
20:10 OA081 Chios Olympic Air
20:25 EZY6477 London LGW EasyJet
20:35 OA575 Heraklion Olympic Air
20:40 A3126 Athens Aegean Airlines
20:40 TB2327 Brussels TUI Airlines Belgium
20:40 LX1852 Zurich Swiss International Airlines
20:55 VOE4275 Santorini Volotea
21:00 FR1146 Berlin BER Ryanair
21:35 LS1205 Birmingham
21:50 FR2777 Krakow Ryanair
21:55 GQ561 Heraklion Sky Express
22:25 OA597 Kos Olympic Air
22:25 EW652 Cologne Eurowings
22:25 A3128 Athens Aegean Airlines
22:30 GQ384 Athens Sky Express
22:55 A3503 Munich Aegean Airlines
23:00 A3511 Stuttgart Aegean Airlines
23:10 FR7668 Bucharest Ryanair
23:50 FR7131 Malta Ryanair
23:55 OA593 Mykonos Olympic Air
00:05 A3136 Athens Aegean Airlines
00:25 OA591 Santorini Olympic Air
01:15 FR3566 Copenhagen Ryanair
01:20 FR2116 Heraklion Ryanair

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
15:05 FR1004 Warsaw WMI Ryanair Departure 15:17
15:15 RO276 Bucharest Tarom Departure 15:26
15:45 A3530 Frankfurt Aegean Airlines Boarding
15:50 W64566 Larnaca Wizz Air Boarding
15:50 A3546 Larnaca Aegean Airlines Final Call
16:05 JU523 Belgrade Air Serbia Gate Open
16:50 GQ500 Mytilini Sky Express
17:00 FR4485 Nuremberg Ryanair
17:00 CY427 Larnaca Cyprus Airways
17:15 OA080 Chios Olympic Air
17:30 FR2778 Krakow Ryanair
17:35 A3510 Stuttgart Aegean Airlines
17:35 GQ540 Chios Sky Express
18:00 A3121 Athens Aegean Airlines
18:00 A3502 Munich Aegean Airlines
18:30 LH1557 Frankfurt Lufthansa
19:00 FR3565 Copenhagen Ryanair
19:25 OA596 Kos Olympic Air
19:45 A3123 Athens Aegean Airlines
20:25 FR1879 Memmingen Ryanair
21:00 TK1894 Istanbul IST Turkish Airlines
21:10 OA592 Mykonos Olympic Air
21:15 OA574 Heraklion Olympic Air
21:20 VOE4274 Santorini Volotea
21:25 LX1853 Zurich Swiss International Airlines
21:25 A3127 Athens Aegean Airlines
21:25 FR1147 Berlin BER Ryanair
21:25 OA590 Santorini Olympic Air
21:30 TB2327 Brussels TUI Airlines Belgium
21:35 EZY6478 London LGW EasyJet
22:25 LS1206 Birmingham
22:25 FR2115 Heraklion Ryanair
22:30 GQ560 Heraklion Sky Express
23:05 A3129 Athens Aegean Airlines
23:05 EW653 Cologne Eurowings
23:15 GQ389 Athens Sky Express
23:20 A3506 Nuremberg Aegean Airlines
23:35 FR7669 Bucharest Ryanair
00:15 A34880 Brno Aegean Airlines
00:15 FR7130 Malta Ryanair

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