Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - arrivals and departures

Country - Greece

City - Thessaloniki.


GPS - 40.52, 22.98


Thessaloniki Airport on the map
Airport Thessaloniki - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
16:35 A3541 Dusseldorf Aegean Airlines Delayed 16:45
16:50 OA577 Chania Olympic Air
17:10 OA587 Mytilini Olympic Air
17:10 A3551 Rome FCO Aegean Airlines
17:20 A3120 Athens Aegean Airlines
17:45 GQ386 Athens Sky Express
18:50 OA575 Heraklion Olympic Air
19:00 A3122 Athens Aegean Airlines
19:35 FR3865 Bologna Ryanair
20:10 A3513 Berlin BER Aegean Airlines
20:35 FR2567 London STN Ryanair
20:40 A3126 Athens Aegean Airlines
20:40 FR8149 Bratislava Ryanair
20:45 GQ388 Athens Sky Express
20:50 TK1893 Istanbul IST Turkish Airlines
21:40 A3128 Athens Aegean Airlines
22:30 FR3564 Dortmund Ryanair
23:05 A3511 Stuttgart Aegean Airlines
23:05 GQ390 Athens Sky Express
23:25 A3503 Munich Aegean Airlines
00:10 A3136 Athens Aegean Airlines

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
16:40 FR3563 Dortmund Ryanair Boarding
16:45 FR8148 Bratislava Ryanair Delayed 16:55
17:30 A3510 Stuttgart Aegean Airlines
18:00 A3502 Munich Aegean Airlines
18:05 A3121 Athens Aegean Airlines
18:25 GQ387 Athens Sky Express
19:35 OA574 Heraklion Olympic Air
19:45 A3123 Athens Aegean Airlines
20:00 FR3872 Bologna Ryanair
21:00 FR2568 London STN Ryanair
21:30 A3127 Athens Aegean Airlines
21:35 GQ389 Athens Sky Express
21:40 TK1894 Istanbul IST Turkish Airlines
22:20 A3129 Athens Aegean Airlines

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