Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - arrivals and departures

Country - Greece

City - Thessaloniki.


GPS - 40.52, 22.98


Thessaloniki Airport on the map
Airport Thessaloniki - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
00:10 FR3094 Paris BVA Ryanair Delayed 00:55
00:25 OA591 Santorini Olympic Air Arrived 00:15
00:30 A3549 Tel Aviv Aegean Airlines Delayed 00:50
02:20 QS2438 Paris CDG Travel Service A.S Smart Wings
02:25 BT615 Riga airBaltic Expected 02:15
07:20 9U619 Chisinau Air Moldova
07:40 3Z7486 Katowice Smartwings Poland
07:55 EW3652 Hannover Eurowings
08:20 GQ380 Athens Sky Express
08:30 LY5147 Tel Aviv EL AL
08:35 W64565 Larnaca Wizz Air
09:05 A3104 Athens Aegean Airlines
09:05 OA595 Paros Olympic Air
09:15 OA577 Chania Olympic Air
09:30 EJU4603 Berlin-Brandenburg Easy Jet Europe
09:35 LG895 Luxembourg Luxair
09:45 LX1850 Zurich Swiss International Airlines
09:45 AZ740 Milan LIN ITA AIRWAYS
09:55 TB2171 Brussels TUI Airlines Belgium
10:00 FR8634 Venice TSF Ryanair
10:05 LX2356 Geneva Swiss International Airlines
10:10 HV5809 Amsterdam Transavia
10:10 FR8292 Malta Ryanair
10:15 EW9654 Dusseldorf Eurowings
10:20 EW7658 Hamburg Eurowings
10:25 LO6213 Warsaw LOT Polish Airlines
10:45 A3110 Athens Aegean Airlines
11:10 EZY8091 London LGW EasyJet
11:20 LS1885 Bristol
11:30 EZY1839 Manchester EasyJet
11:35 GQ382 Athens Sky Express
11:55 LS539 Newcastle

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
03:20 QS2439 Paris CDG Travel Service A.S Smart Wings
03:30 BT616 Riga airBaltic
06:05 OA594 Paros Olympic Air
06:20 FR3565 Copenhagen Ryanair
06:20 A3101 Athens Aegean Airlines
06:25 OA576 Chania Olympic Air
06:50 FR3563 Dortmund Ryanair
07:00 GQ391 Athens Sky Express
07:30 A3534 Zurich Aegean Airlines
08:00 A3105 Athens Aegean Airlines
08:10 A3500 Munich Aegean Airlines
08:10 9U620 Chisinau Air Moldova
08:30 3Z7487 Katowice Smartwings Poland
08:35 EW3653 Hannover Eurowings
09:00 GQ381 Athens Sky Express
09:10 W64566 Larnaca Wizz Air
09:35 OA098 Ikaria Olympic Air
09:40 LY5148 Tel Aviv EL AL
10:10 EJU4604 Berlin-Brandenburg Easy Jet Europe
10:15 A3550 Rome FCO Aegean Airlines
10:15 A3540 Dusseldorf Aegean Airlines
10:25 FR8635 Venice TSF Ryanair
10:25 LG896 Luxembourg Luxair
10:30 LX1851 Zurich Swiss International Airlines
10:35 FR8293 Malta Ryanair
10:35 AZ741 Milan LIN ITA AIRWAYS
10:45 LX2357 Geneva Swiss International Airlines
10:50 TB2172 Brussels TUI Airlines Belgium
10:55 HV5810 Amsterdam Transavia
11:00 EW9655 Dusseldorf Eurowings
11:00 EW7659 Hamburg Eurowings
11:25 LO6214 Warsaw LOT Polish Airlines
11:25 A3111 Athens Aegean Airlines
11:50 EZY8092 London LGW EasyJet

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