Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport (LED) - arrivals and departures

Country - Russia

City - Saint-Petersburg.


GPS - 59.8, 30.27


Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport on the map
Airport Saint-Petersburg - Map

Destinations and timetables (+3 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
11:50 WZ782 Cheboksary Red Wings Arrived
11:45 U6623 Chita Ural Airlines Arrived
11:50 RT371 Bugulma UVT Aero Arrived
12:05 FV6304 Arkhangelsk Rossiya
11:55 N4586 Belgorod Nordwiind
12:10 FV6324 Kaliningrad Rossiya
12:15 S75003 Novosibirsk S7
12:05 S76377 Irkutsk S7
12:35 SU016 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot
12:50 5N145 Arkhangelsk Smartavia

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
12:00 FV6065 Makhachkala Rossiya
12:20 S71010 Moscow (DME) S7
12:30 SU2826 Munich Aeroflot
12:30 SU015 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot
12:35 YC856 Salekhard Yamal
12:35 SU620 Hurghada Aeroflot
12:40 U6391 Kaliningrad Ural Airlines
12:40 RT261 Usinsk UVT Aero
13:05 FV6033 Moscow (VKO) Rossiya
13:05 S76378 Irkutsk S7

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