Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) - arrivals and departures

Country - Turkey

City - Istanbul.


GPS - 40.91, 29.32


Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the map
Airport Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:55 PC1034 Hanover Pegasus
18:55 TK7735 Frankfurt Turkish Airlines
19:00 TK7769 Amsterdam Turkish Airlines
19:00 TK7879 Zurich Turkish Airlines
19:05 PC1921 Ercan Pegasus
19:10 PC1274 Oslo Pegasus
19:15 PC904 Vienna Pegasus
19:20 PC954 Geneva Pegasus
19:20 PC784 Tel Aviv-Yafo Pegasus
19:30 TK7799 London Turkish Airlines
19:30 PC1262 Rotterdam Pegasus
19:35 PC332 Budapest Pegasus
19:35 PC2133 Antakya Pegasus
19:35 PC2093 Adana Pegasus
19:40 PC225 Shymkent Pegasus
19:40 QR243 Doha Qatar Airways
19:40 PC1100 Madrid Pegasus
19:40 PC1180 Manchester Pegasus
19:45 PC1182 London Pegasus
19:45 TK7765 Paris Turkish Airlines
19:45 PC2745 Kayseri Pegasus
20:00 PC387 Moscow Pegasus
20:00 TK7617 Agri Turkish Airlines
20:05 PC352 Skopje Pegasus
20:35 PC996 Frankfurt Pegasus
20:45 PC1018 Cologne Pegasus
20:45 PC2553 Erzurum Pegasus
20:45 PC2015 Antalya Pegasus
20:45 PC2195 Izmir Pegasus
20:45 PC2679 Ankara Pegasus
20:45 TK7257 Ankara Turkish Airlines
20:50 TK7515 Antalya Turkish Airlines
20:55 TK7317 Golgen Turkish Airlines
20:55 PC2795 Samsun Pegasus
21:00 PC1214 Milan Pegasus
21:15 PC327 Gyandzha Pegasus
21:25 PC2827 Trabzon Pegasus

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:45 PC2256 Bodrum Pegasus
19:00 TK7332 Gulyali Turkish Airlines
19:00 PC2198 Izmir Pegasus
19:05 PC2704 Konya Pegasus
19:05 TK7446 Dalaman Turkish Airlines
19:15 TK7518 Antalya Turkish Airlines
19:15 TK7294 Kayseri Turkish Airlines
19:20 PC1255 Amsterdam Pegasus
19:30 PC2408 Gaziantep Pegasus
19:45 TK7312 Antakya Turkish Airlines
19:45 TK7434 Trabzon Turkish Airlines
19:45 PC2828 Trabzon Pegasus
19:45 TK7272 Gaziantep Turkish Airlines
20:00 TK7262 Adana Turkish Airlines
20:05 PC2096 Adana Pegasus
20:05 TK7344 Bodrum Turkish Airlines
20:25 TK7232 Samsun Turkish Airlines
20:25 PC2682 Ankara Pegasus
20:25 TK7830 London Turkish Airlines
20:30 PC785 Tel Aviv-Yafo Pegasus
20:35 TK7248 Ankara Turkish Airlines
20:35 PC2796 Samsun Pegasus
20:40 PC2024 Antalya Pegasus
20:50 PC651 Casablanca Pegasus
20:50 PC740 Dubai Pegasus
20:50 PC130 Karachi Pegasus
20:55 TK7490 Izmir Turkish Airlines
20:55 PC600 Doha Pegasus
21:00 PC696 Jeddah Pegasus
21:00 PC700 Bishkek Pegasus

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