Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) - arrivals and departures

Country - Turkey

City - Istanbul.


GPS - 40.91, 29.32


Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the map
Airport Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:10 TK7793 Ercan Turkish Airlines Landed
09:10 QR243 Doha Qatar Airways Landed
09:10 UL3124 Doha SriLankan Airlines Landed
09:10 WY6211 Doha Oman Air Landed
09:10 PC2001 Antalya Pegasus Landed
09:25 TK7241 Ankara Turkish Airlines
09:25 PC701 Bishkek Pegasus En Route
09:30 TK7711 Tel Aviv-Yafo Turkish Airlines
09:35 J29103 Baku AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines
09:40 TK7325 Malatya Turkish Airlines Scheduled
09:40 PC1931 Ercan Pegasus
09:55 PC2811 Trabzon Pegasus
09:55 TK7521 Antalya Turkish Airlines
10:05 PC2321 Denizli Pegasus Scheduled
10:35 PC780 Tel Aviv-Yafo Pegasus Landed
10:35 TK7293 Kayseri Turkish Airlines Scheduled
10:40 TK7493 Izmir Turkish Airlines Landed
10:55 TK7271 Gaziantep Turkish Airlines Scheduled
10:55 PC2551 Erzurum Pegasus Scheduled
11:00 PC2891 Sinop Pegasus Landed
11:00 PC2665 Ankara Pegasus Scheduled
11:00 PC2501 Van Pegasus Landed
11:05 PC2185 Izmir Pegasus Landed
11:05 TK7597 Adana Turkish Airlines
11:15 TK7423 Trabzon Turkish Airlines
11:15 TK7343 Bodrum Turkish Airlines Landed
11:20 PC2003 Antalya Pegasus Landed
11:25 PC2861 Gulyali Pegasus Scheduled
11:25 PC2403 Gaziantep Pegasus Scheduled
11:45 PC2703 Konya Pegasus Scheduled
11:50 PC2131 Antakya Pegasus Scheduled
11:50 TK7209 Mardin Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:55 TK7211 Diyarbakir Turkish Airlines Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:10 PC2370 Batman Pegasus
09:15 TK7428 Trabzon Turkish Airlines
09:20 TK7400 Erzurum Turkish Airlines
09:20 PC363 Bucharest Pegasus
09:20 PC901 Vienna Pegasus
09:20 PC2084 Adana Pegasus
09:25 TK7300 Kars Turkish Airlines
09:30 TK7260 Adana Turkish Airlines Scheduled
09:35 PC947 Zurich Pegasus
09:35 PC2554 Erzurum Pegasus
09:40 PC2732 Kayseri Pegasus Scheduled
09:45 PC396 Saint Petersburg Pegasus En Route
09:50 TK7508 Izmir Turkish Airlines
09:50 TK7516 Antalya Turkish Airlines
09:50 PC1019 Munich Pegasus
09:55 PC977 Berlin Pegasus Scheduled
10:00 PC1001 Dusseldorf Pegasus En Route
10:05 TK7242 Ankara Turkish Airlines Cancelled
10:05 QR244 Doha Qatar Airways
10:05 CX9262 Doha Cathay Pacific
10:05 UL3125 Doha SriLankan Airlines
10:10 PC1099 Madrid Pegasus Scheduled
10:10 PC1091 Barcelona Pegasus
10:15 PC432 Zaporozhye Pegasus Scheduled
10:15 TK7882 Hamburg Turkish Airlines Scheduled
10:20 PC2244 Bodrum Pegasus Scheduled
10:20 PC1141 Lyon Pegasus Scheduled
10:25 PC1918 Ercan Pegasus Scheduled
10:25 PC1273 Oslo Pegasus Scheduled
10:25 PC1253 Amsterdam Pegasus Scheduled
10:30 TK7798 London Turkish Airlines Scheduled
10:35 PC1179 Manchester Pegasus Scheduled
10:35 PC2006 Antalya Pegasus Scheduled
10:40 PC1211 Milan Pegasus Scheduled
10:40 TK7740 Dusseldorf Turkish Airlines Scheduled
10:45 PC1181 London Pegasus Scheduled
10:50 J29104 Baku AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines Scheduled
10:50 PC1223 Rome Pegasus Scheduled
10:50 PC969 Stuttgart Pegasus Scheduled
10:50 TK7768 Amsterdam Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:00 PC2504 Van Pegasus Scheduled
11:00 TK7720 Brussels Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:05 3V4082 Liege ASL Airlines Belgium Scheduled
11:05 PC939 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse Pegasus Scheduled
11:05 TK7750 Stuttgart Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:10 PC2490 Mus Pegasus Scheduled
11:10 PC371 Belgrade Pegasus Scheduled
11:15 PC1125 Marseille Pegasus Scheduled
11:20 PC316 Tbilisi Pegasus Scheduled
11:25 TK7734 Frankfurt Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:30 PC1033 Hanover Pegasus Scheduled
11:30 TK7728 Berlin Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:35 PC386 Moscow Pegasus Scheduled
11:35 PC1261 Rotterdam Pegasus Scheduled
11:35 PC2736 Kayseri Pegasus Scheduled
11:45 TK7764 Paris Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:45 PC2188 Izmir Pegasus Scheduled
11:50 PC953 Geneva Pegasus Scheduled
11:50 TK7738 Munich Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:50 TK7878 Zurich Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:55 PC2792 Samsun Pegasus Scheduled

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