Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) - arrivals and departures

Country - Turkey

City - Istanbul.


GPS - 40.91, 29.32


Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the map
Airport Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
01:05 TK4372 Adana ADA Turkish Airlines Landed 01:00
05:15 PC817 Erbil EBL Pegasus Scheduled
05:20 PC284 Tirana TIA Pegasus Scheduled
05:30 PC621 Hurghada HRG Pegasus Scheduled
05:50 PC1014 Cologne CGN Pegasus Scheduled
05:55 PC759 Beirut BEY Pegasus Scheduled
05:55 TK7723 Tbilisi TBS Turkish Airlines Scheduled
06:00 PC1174 London STN Pegasus Scheduled
06:00 TK7443 Dalaman DLM Turkish Airlines Scheduled
06:00 TK7689 Tehran IKA Turkish Airlines Scheduled
06:00 TK7873 Cologne CGN Turkish Airlines Scheduled
06:05 PC615 Doha DOH Pegasus Scheduled
06:05 PC721 Amman AMM Pegasus Scheduled
06:10 PC697 Jeddah JED Pegasus Scheduled
06:10 XY5697 Jeddah JED flynas Scheduled
06:15 PC657 Baghdad BGW Pegasus Scheduled
06:15 PC825 Bahrain BAH Pegasus Scheduled
06:30 PC315 Tbilisi TBS Pegasus Scheduled
06:30 PC513 Tehran IKA Pegasus Scheduled
06:30 TK7513 Izmir ADB Turkish Airlines Scheduled
06:30 TK7675 Bahrain BAH Turkish Airlines Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
00:55 PC552 Yerevan EVN Pegasus Departure 00:55
01:25 G9286 Sharjah SHJ Air Arabia Departure 01:25
05:10 TK7592 Nevsehir NAV Turkish Airlines Scheduled
05:50 PC2000 Antalya AYT Pegasus Estimated 05:50
05:55 PC2080 Adana ADA Pegasus Estimated 05:55
05:55 PC2180 Izmir ADB Pegasus Estimated 05:55
05:55 PC2730 Kayseri ASR Pegasus Estimated 05:55
06:00 PC1910 Ercan ECN Pegasus Estimated 06:00
06:00 PC2570 Malatya MLX Pegasus Estimated 06:00
06:00 TK7744 Ercan ECN Turkish Airlines Estimated 06:00
06:15 PC2420 Golgen GNY Pegasus Estimated 06:15
06:15 PC2860 Gulyali OGU Pegasus Estimated 06:15
06:20 TK7208 Mardin MQM Turkish Airlines Estimated 06:20
06:30 PC4081 Trabzon TZX Pegasus Estimated 06:30
06:35 PC2282 Dalaman DLM Pegasus Cancelled
06:40 PC2430 Mardin MQM Pegasus Estimated 06:40
06:45 TK7210 Diyarbakir DIY Turkish Airlines Estimated 06:45
06:50 PC2380 Diyarbakir DIY Pegasus Estimated 06:50
06:50 TK7300 Kars KSY Turkish Airlines Estimated 06:50
06:55 PC2242 Bodrum BJV Pegasus Estimated 06:55

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