Isle of Man Airport (IOM) - arrivals and departures

Country - Great Britain

City - Ronaldsway.


GPS - 54.08, -4.62


Isle of Man Airport on the map
Airport Ronaldsway - Map

Destinations and timetables (0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
13:25 LM694 Manchester MAN Loganair Scheduled
13:25 BA7804 Manchester MAN British Airways Scheduled
13:35 EI3634 Belfast BHD Aer Lingus Scheduled
13:55 U2521 Liverpool LPL easyJet Scheduled
15:25 LM676 London LHR Loganair Scheduled
15:25 BA7810 London LHR British Airways Scheduled
16:00 EI3216 Dublin DUB Aer Lingus Scheduled
16:00 BA8918 Dublin DUB British Airways Scheduled
16:10 LM313 Edinburgh EDI Loganair Scheduled
16:10 BA4014 Edinburgh EDI British Airways Scheduled
16:30 U211 Belfast BFS easyJet Scheduled
17:00 U2517 Liverpool LPL easyJet Scheduled
17:25 LM698 Manchester MAN Loganair Scheduled
17:25 BA7808 Manchester MAN British Airways Scheduled
17:30 U2715 Manchester MAN easyJet Scheduled
18:00 U2233 Bristol BRS easyJet Scheduled
19:30 U2895 London LGW easyJet Scheduled
19:50 LM678 London LCY Loganair Scheduled
19:50 BA4048 London LCY British Airways Scheduled
19:55 LM688 Liverpool LPL Loganair Scheduled
20:30 U2843 London LGW easyJet Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
13:15 EI3215 Dublin DUB Aer Lingus Departure 13:10
14:00 EI3635 Belfast BHD Aer Lingus Scheduled
14:25 U2522 Liverpool LPL easyJet Estimated 14:25
15:15 LM697 Manchester MAN Loganair Estimated 15:25
15:15 BA7807 Manchester MAN British Airways Estimated 15:25
16:30 EI3217 Dublin DUB Aer Lingus Estimated 16:40
16:30 BA8919 Dublin DUB British Airways Estimated 16:40
16:30 LM677 London LCY Loganair Estimated 16:40
16:30 BA4047 London LCY British Airways Estimated 16:40
16:40 LM314 Edinburgh EDI Loganair Estimated 16:50
16:40 BA4015 Edinburgh EDI British Airways Estimated 16:50
17:00 U212 Belfast BFS easyJet Estimated 17:16
17:30 U2518 Liverpool LPL easyJet Estimated 17:30
18:00 LM687 Liverpool LPL Loganair Estimated 18:10
18:00 U2716 Manchester MAN easyJet Estimated 18:00
18:30 U2234 Bristol BRS easyJet Estimated 19:06
18:55 2145 Leicestershire EMA RVL Aviation Cancelled

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