Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Italy

City - Rome.


GPS - 41.8, 12.25


Rome Fiumicino Airport on the map
Airport Rome Fiumicino - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
21:05 FR3980 Agadir Ryanair Landed
21:10 AZ2075 Milan ITA Airways
21:15 W66419 Kutaisi Wizz Air
21:20 VY3300 Ibiza Vueling En Route
21:20 IB5414 Ibiza Iberia En Route
21:20 FR6985 Barcelona Ryanair
21:20 W62341 Budapest Wizz Air Landed
21:20 W63675 Iasi Wizz Air En Route
21:25 FR7010 Brussels Ryanair
21:25 VOE1136 Olbia Volotea Landed
21:40 FR7076 Bari Ryanair En Route
21:40 VY6371 Lampedusa Vueling En Route
21:40 ET713 Milan Ethiopian Airlines En Route
21:40 TP8981 Milan TAP Air Portugal En Route
22:00 FR9156 Santander Ryanair Scheduled
22:05 VY6110 Barcelona Vueling En Route
22:05 IB5600 Barcelona Iberia En Route
22:05 QR3692 Barcelona Qatar Airways En Route
22:10 VOE1120 Cagliari Volotea Scheduled
22:10 FR7067 Brindisi Ryanair En Route
22:10 AZ2125 Milan ITA Airways
22:15 AZ1780 Palermo ITA Airways
22:15 EY3042 Palermo Etihad Airways
22:15 KL3462 Palermo KLM
22:25 FR4871 Catania Ryanair Scheduled
22:35 W68334 Madrid Wizz Air
22:50 FR6139 Malaga Ryanair En Route
23:05 AF1004 Paris Air France
23:05 AM6035 Paris Aeromexico
23:05 MU1659 Paris China Eastern Airlines
23:15 FR8982 Las Palmas Ryanair
23:15 VY6197 Kefallinia Vueling
23:25 LH242 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
23:25 LA8662 Frankfurt LATAM Airlines Scheduled
23:30 AZ209 London ITA Airways Scheduled
23:30 EY3031 London Etihad Airways Scheduled
23:35 FR9804 Marseille Ryanair Scheduled
23:40 W68302 Tallinn Wizz Air
23:50 VY6106 Barcelona Vueling
23:50 IB5596 Barcelona Iberia
23:50 QR3690 Barcelona Qatar Airways
23:50 KL1609 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
23:50 AM6518 Amsterdam Aeromexico Scheduled
23:50 G35554 Amsterdam Gol Scheduled
23:50 MF9697 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Scheduled
23:50 MU1810 Amsterdam China Eastern Airlines Scheduled
23:55 IB3238 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
23:55 JL6949 Madrid JAL Scheduled
23:55 LA1549 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
23:55 QR6892 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
23:55 VY5106 Madrid Vueling Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
21:15 AZ1759 Catania ITA Airways
21:15 AF9867 Catania Air France
21:15 AR7286 Catania Aerolineas Argentinas
21:15 EY3023 Catania Etihad Airways
21:15 KL3528 Catania KLM
21:15 KM2561 Catania Air Malta
21:15 UX3221 Catania Air Europa
21:20 SN3184 Brussels Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:25 D8*3733 Copenhagen Norwegian Air International Scheduled
21:25 AZ1431 Turin ITA Airways
21:25 AR7280 Turin Aerolineas Argentinas
21:25 EY2895 Turin Etihad Airways
21:25 FB1603 Turin Bulgaria Air
21:25 KM2545 Turin Air Malta
21:25 KQ4362 Turin Kenya Airways
21:25 LG1315 Turin Luxair
21:25 SV6720 Turin Saudia
21:25 TP7216 Turin TAP Air Portugal
21:25 UX3161 Turin Air Europa
21:30 OS506 Vienna Austrian
21:30 AZ332 Paris ITA Airways
21:30 EY3013 Paris Etihad Airways
21:30 FB1715 Paris Bulgaria Air
21:30 KM2611 Paris Air Malta
21:30 AZ1901 Olbia ITA Airways
21:30 KL3308 Olbia KLM
21:35 AZ1579 Alghero ITA Airways Scheduled
21:35 KL3302 Alghero KLM Scheduled
21:35 UX3109 Alghero Air Europa Scheduled
21:35 NO246 Nossi-be Neos Scheduled
21:40 AZ1389 Genoa ITA Airways Scheduled
21:40 AR7254 Genoa Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
21:40 AT9182 Genoa Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
21:40 EY2848 Genoa Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:40 FB1607 Genoa Bulgaria Air Scheduled
21:40 KL3413 Genoa KLM Scheduled
21:40 KM2521 Genoa Air Malta Scheduled
21:40 KQ4346 Genoa Kenya Airways Scheduled
21:40 LG1295 Genoa Luxair Scheduled
21:40 SV6712 Genoa Saudia Scheduled
21:40 TP7154 Genoa TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
21:40 UX3136 Genoa Air Europa Scheduled
21:40 FR3981 Agadir Ryanair Scheduled
21:40 AZ1625 Brindisi ITA Airways Scheduled
21:40 AF9773 Brindisi Air France Scheduled
21:40 AR7252 Brindisi Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
21:40 AT9154 Brindisi Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
21:40 EY2813 Brindisi Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:40 FB1635 Brindisi Bulgaria Air Scheduled
21:40 KL3420 Brindisi KLM Scheduled
21:40 KM2507 Brindisi Air Malta Scheduled
21:40 KQ4319 Brindisi Kenya Airways Scheduled
21:40 LG1281 Brindisi Luxair Scheduled
21:40 RJ3553 Brindisi Royal Jordanian Scheduled
21:40 SV6715 Brindisi Saudia Scheduled
21:40 TP7140 Brindisi TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
21:40 UX3105 Brindisi Air Europa Scheduled
21:45 AZ1267 Naples ITA Airways Scheduled
21:45 AF9771 Naples Air France Scheduled
21:45 AT9188 Naples Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
21:45 DL6652 Naples Delta Air Lines Scheduled
21:45 EY2930 Naples Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:45 KM2527 Naples Air Malta Scheduled
21:45 LG1241 Naples Luxair Scheduled
21:45 RJ3569 Naples Royal Jordanian Scheduled
21:45 TP7270 Naples TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
21:45 UX3173 Naples Air Europa Scheduled
21:45 AZ1473 Venice ITA Airways
21:45 AF9809 Venice Air France
21:45 AR7246 Venice Aerolineas Argentinas
21:45 EY2903 Venice Etihad Airways
21:45 KM2553 Venice Air Malta
21:45 KQ4370 Venice Kenya Airways
21:45 LG1297 Venice Luxair
21:45 RJ3596 Venice Royal Jordanian
21:45 SV6230 Venice Saudia
21:45 TP7124 Venice TAP Air Portugal
21:45 UX3169 Venice Air Europa
21:45 AZ1599 Cagliari ITA Airways Scheduled
21:45 KL3636 Cagliari KLM Scheduled
21:45 UX3165 Cagliari Air Europa Scheduled
21:45 AZ680 Buenos Aires ITA Airways
21:45 AZ1791 Palermo ITA Airways Scheduled
21:45 AR7266 Palermo Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
21:45 EY3038 Palermo Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:45 KL3457 Palermo KLM Scheduled
21:45 LG1261 Palermo Luxair Scheduled
21:45 UX3225 Palermo Air Europa Scheduled
21:50 AZ1603 Bari ITA Airways Scheduled
21:50 AR7290 Bari Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
21:50 EY2821 Bari Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:50 FB1633 Bari Bulgaria Air Scheduled
21:50 KL3415 Bari KLM Scheduled
21:50 KM2515 Bari Air Malta Scheduled
21:50 KQ4325 Bari Kenya Airways Scheduled
21:50 LG1257 Bari Luxair Scheduled
21:50 SV6725 Bari Saudia Scheduled
21:50 TP7240 Bari TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
21:50 UX3111 Bari Air Europa Scheduled
21:50 AZ1173 Lamezia-Terme ITA Airways Scheduled
21:50 AF9769 Lamezia-Terme Air France Scheduled
21:50 AR7262 Lamezia-Terme Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
21:50 AT9206 Lamezia-Terme Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
21:50 EY2885 Lamezia-Terme Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:50 KL3404 Lamezia-Terme KLM Scheduled
21:50 KM2541 Lamezia-Terme Air Malta Scheduled
21:50 KQ4356 Lamezia-Terme Kenya Airways Scheduled
21:50 LG1277 Lamezia-Terme Luxair Scheduled
21:50 SV6708 Lamezia-Terme Saudia Scheduled
21:50 TP7182 Lamezia-Terme TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
21:50 UX3157 Lamezia-Terme Air Europa Scheduled
21:50 W66420 Kutaisi Wizz Air
21:50 W63676 Iasi Wizz Air Scheduled
21:50 AZ1735 Catania ITA Airways Scheduled
21:50 EY2843 Catania Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:50 KL3427 Catania KLM Scheduled
21:50 LG1249 Catania Luxair Scheduled
21:50 TP7198 Catania TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
21:50 UX3131 Catania Air Europa Scheduled
21:55 W62342 Budapest Wizz Air Scheduled
21:55 AZ1321 Bologna ITA Airways Scheduled
21:55 AR7250 Bologna Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
21:55 AT9161 Bologna Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
21:55 EY2817 Bologna Etihad Airways Scheduled
21:55 LG1283 Bologna Luxair Scheduled
21:55 RJ3558 Bologna Royal Jordanian Scheduled
21:55 TP7170 Bologna TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
21:55 UX3179 Bologna Air Europa Scheduled
21:55 LY384 Tel Aviv-Yafo EL AL Scheduled
21:55 AA8387 Tel Aviv-Yafo American Airlines Scheduled
21:55 TP8897 Tel Aviv-Yafo TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:00 FR4908 Palermo Ryanair Scheduled
22:00 AZ2130 Milan ITA Airways Scheduled
22:00 KM2525 Milan Air Malta Scheduled
22:00 VOE1137 Olbia Volotea Scheduled
22:05 AZ674 Sao Paulo ITA Airways Scheduled
22:05 EK96 Dubai Emirates Scheduled
22:05 MH4550 Dubai Malaysia Airlines Scheduled
22:05 QF8096 Dubai Qantas Scheduled
22:05 VY3301 Ibiza Vueling Scheduled
22:05 IB5415 Ibiza Iberia Scheduled
22:15 FR6986 Barcelona Ryanair Scheduled
22:25 VY6174 Kerkyra Vueling Scheduled
22:30 FR7092 Bari Ryanair Scheduled
22:40 ET713 Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines Scheduled
22:40 A31974 Addis Ababa Aegean Airlines Scheduled
22:40 AZ7158 Addis Ababa ITA Airways Scheduled
22:40 TP8981 Addis Ababa TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:40 VOE1121 Cagliari Volotea Scheduled
22:45 FR7066 Brindisi Ryanair Scheduled
22:50 VY6111 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
22:50 IB5601 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
22:50 LA5742 Barcelona LATAM Airlines Scheduled
22:50 QR3798 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
23:00 FR4872 Catania Ryanair Scheduled
23:00 AZ510 Tirana ITA Airways Scheduled
23:00 AF9804 Tirana Air France Scheduled
23:00 EY2890 Tirana Etihad Airways Scheduled
23:00 KL3401 Tirana KLM Scheduled
23:30 AZ810 Tel Aviv-Yafo ITA Airways Scheduled
23:30 FB1772 Tel Aviv-Yafo Bulgaria Air Scheduled

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