Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Italy

City - Rome.


GPS - 41.8, 12.25


Rome Fiumicino Airport on the map
Airport Rome Fiumicino - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:05 FR9674 Madrid Ryanair Landed
09:35 UX1043 Madrid Air Europa Landed
09:35 AM6900 Madrid Aeromexico Landed
09:35 AZ7115 Madrid ITA S.p.A. Landed
09:35 EY4310 Madrid Etihad Airways Landed
09:35 ME2043 Madrid Middle East Airlines Landed
09:45 BT631 Riga Air Baltic Landed
09:45 A33274 Riga Aegean Airlines Landed
09:45 TP6445 Riga TAP Air Portugal Landed
09:55 TK1861 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
09:55 WY5061 Istanbul Oman Air
10:05 DL152 New York Delta Air Lines Landed
10:05 AF3561 New York Air France Landed
10:05 AM3109 New York Aeromexico Landed
10:05 AZ7615 New York ITA S.p.A. Landed
10:05 KL6083 New York KLM Landed
10:10 NO648 La Romana Neos Scheduled
10:10 AY1761 Helsinki Finnair Landed
10:25 DY1872 Oslo Norwegian Air Shuttle Landed
10:35 NO7820 Milan Neos Landed
10:40 SQ352 Copenhagen Singapore Airlines Landed
10:40 MH5856 Copenhagen Malaysia Airlines Landed
10:40 NZ3352 Copenhagen Air New Zealand Landed
10:50 FR1399 Athens Ryanair
10:55 EI402 Dublin Aer Lingus Landed
10:55 BA2138 Dublin British Airways Landed
10:55 EY7951 Dublin Etihad Airways Landed
10:55 AZ201 London ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
10:55 U21635 Nice easyJet Landed
11:00 DL64 Atlanta Delta Air Lines Landed
11:00 AF3579 Atlanta Air France Landed
11:00 AM5189 Atlanta Aeromexico Landed
11:00 AZ7601 Atlanta ITA S.p.A. Landed
11:00 KL6001 Atlanta KLM Landed
11:10 IB3230 Madrid Iberia Landed
11:10 LA5411 Madrid LATAM Airlines Landed
11:10 VY5098 Madrid Vueling Landed
11:15 TP844 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal En Route
11:15 AD7464 Lisbon Azul En Route
11:15 AZ7535 Lisbon ITA S.p.A. En Route
11:15 EY1526 Lisbon Etihad Airways En Route
11:15 MS9414 Lisbon EgyptAir En Route
11:15 PS9974 Lisbon UIA En Route
11:15 S48127 Lisbon Azores Airlines En Route
11:30 PC1223 Istanbul Pegasus Scheduled
11:35 AF1104 Paris Air France
11:35 CZ7164 Paris China Southern Airlines
11:35 DL8726 Paris Delta Air Lines
11:35 G35216 Paris Gol
11:35 KQ3758 Paris Kenya Airways
11:50 FR3083 Brussels Ryanair En Route
11:55 KL1601 Amsterdam KLM En Route
11:55 CZ7641 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines En Route
11:55 DL9579 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines En Route
11:55 GA9086 Amsterdam Garuda Indonesia En Route
11:55 KQ1601 Amsterdam Kenya Airways En Route
11:55 MF9347 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines En Route
11:55 MH5655 Amsterdam Malaysia Airlines En Route

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:05 AZ1731 Catania ITA S.p.A. Landed
09:05 DL6624 Catania Delta Air Lines Landed
09:05 ET4009 Catania Ethiopian Airlines Landed
09:05 EY2841 Catania Etihad Airways Landed
09:10 AZ1785 Palermo ITA S.p.A. Landed
09:10 DL6637 Palermo Delta Air Lines Landed
09:10 ET4005 Palermo Ethiopian Airlines Landed
09:10 EY2873 Palermo Etihad Airways Landed
09:20 AZ1169 Lamezia-Terme ITA S.p.A. Landed
09:20 DL6642 Lamezia-Terme Delta Air Lines Landed
09:20 ET4021 Lamezia-Terme Ethiopian Airlines Landed
09:20 EY2883 Lamezia-Terme Etihad Airways Landed
09:20 FB1627 Lamezia-Terme Bulgaria Air Landed
09:20 KQ4354 Lamezia-Terme Kenya Airways Landed
09:30 AZ582 Tirana ITA S.p.A. Landed
09:30 DL6670 Tirana Delta Air Lines Landed
09:30 KL3447 Tirana KLM Landed
09:30 AZ1617 Bari ITA S.p.A. Landed
09:30 DL6616 Bari Delta Air Lines Landed
09:30 ET4018 Bari Ethiopian Airlines Landed
09:30 EY2823 Bari Etihad Airways Landed
09:30 FB1631 Bari Bulgaria Air Landed
09:30 JU7360 Bari Air Serbia Landed
09:30 KQ4323 Bari Kenya Airways Landed
09:30 UX3109 Bari Air Europa Landed
09:40 AZ576 Geneva ITA S.p.A. Landed
09:40 DL6630 Geneva Delta Air Lines Landed
09:40 EY2852 Geneva Etihad Airways Landed
09:40 FR9673 Madrid Ryanair En Route
09:50 AZ74 Barcelona ITA S.p.A. En Route
09:50 FB1735 Barcelona Bulgaria Air En Route
09:50 UX3125 Barcelona Air Europa En Route
09:55 QR116 Doha Qatar Airways En Route
09:55 FB1911 Doha Bulgaria Air En Route
09:55 KM2355 Doha Air Malta En Route
09:55 MH9238 Doha Malaysia Airlines En Route
09:55 UL3544 Doha SriLankan Airlines En Route
09:55 WY6005 Doha Oman Air En Route
09:55 UA41 Newark United Airlines En Route
09:55 AC4992 Newark Air Canada En Route
09:55 LH7617 Newark Lufthansa En Route
09:55 LX3026 Newark SWISS En Route
09:55 SN9018 Newark Brussels Airlines En Route
09:55 LX1727 Zurich SWISS En Route
09:55 AC6787 Zurich Air Canada En Route
10:00 TU753 Venice Tunisair
10:00 TU752 Venice Tunisair Scheduled
10:00 AZ2036 Milan ITA S.p.A. En Route
10:00 DL6629 Milan Delta Air Lines En Route
10:00 FB1653 Milan Bulgaria Air En Route
10:10 LY386 Tel Aviv-Yafo EL AL En Route
10:10 AR7876 Tel Aviv-Yafo Aerolineas Argentinas En Route
10:20 FR7066 Brindisi Ryanair En Route
10:30 NO7228 Naples Neos En Route
10:30 BT632 Riga Air Baltic En Route
10:30 A33275 Riga Aegean Airlines En Route
10:35 UX1040 Madrid Air Europa En Route
10:35 AM6926 Madrid Aeromexico En Route
10:35 AZ7116 Madrid ITA S.p.A. En Route
10:35 EY4333 Madrid Etihad Airways En Route
10:35 JU7425 Madrid Air Serbia En Route
10:55 TK1862 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
10:55 WY5062 Istanbul Oman Air Scheduled
11:05 AY1762 Helsinki Finnair En Route
11:05 JL6848 Helsinki JAL En Route
11:05 AZ1779 Palermo ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
11:05 AF9765 Palermo Air France Scheduled
11:05 EY2870 Palermo Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:05 FB1641 Palermo Bulgaria Air Scheduled
11:05 JU7368 Palermo Air Serbia Scheduled
11:05 KL3430 Palermo KLM Scheduled
11:05 RO9703 Palermo TAROM Scheduled
11:05 UX3149 Palermo Air Europa Scheduled
11:10 DY1873 Oslo Norwegian Air Shuttle Scheduled
11:15 FR4929 Catania Ryanair Scheduled
11:25 NO7820 Marsa Alam Neos Scheduled
11:30 FR4904 Palermo Ryanair Scheduled
11:30 U21634 Nice easyJet Scheduled
11:40 NO648 Verona Neos Scheduled
11:45 EI403 Dublin Aer Lingus Scheduled
11:45 BA2139 Dublin British Airways Scheduled
11:45 EY7942 Dublin Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:55 IB3231 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
11:55 AA8821 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
11:55 LA5440 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
11:55 VY5099 Madrid Vueling Scheduled

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