Riga Airport (RIX) - arrivals and departures

Country - Latvia

City - Riga.


GPS - 56.92, 23.98

WWW - www.riga-airport.com

Riga Airport on the map
Airport Riga - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
21:35 AY1077 Helsinki HEL Finnair Estimated 21:27
21:35 AF4629 Helsinki HEL Air France Estimated 21:27
21:35 QR6795 Helsinki HEL Qatar Airways Estimated 21:27
21:40 6Y206 Sharm el Sheikh SSH SmartLynx Airlines Estimated 21:19
21:45 FR2599 Berlin BER Ryanair Scheduled
21:45 FR452 Newcastle NCL Ryanair Estimated 23:07
21:50 LW2642 London STN Lauda Europe Estimated 21:43
22:00 BT654 London LGW Air Baltic Scheduled
22:00 BA2242 London LGW British Airways Scheduled
22:00 TP6420 London LGW TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:05 BT694 Paris CDG Air Baltic Estimated 22:52
22:05 AF7984 Paris CDG Air France Estimated 22:52
22:05 RO9259 Paris CDG TAROM Estimated 22:52
22:10 BT234 Dusseldorf DUS Air Baltic Scheduled
22:10 TP6433 Dusseldorf DUS TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:15 BT214 Berlin BER Air Baltic Scheduled
22:15 A33229 Berlin BER Aegean Airlines Scheduled
22:15 BT274 Vienna VIE Air Baltic Estimated 22:12
22:15 A33277 Vienna VIE Aegean Airlines Estimated 22:12
22:15 JU7679 Vienna VIE Air Serbia Estimated 22:12
22:15 OS7029 Vienna VIE Austrian Estimated 22:12
22:15 BT292 Zurich ZRH Air Baltic Scheduled
22:15 A33278 Zurich ZRH Aegean Airlines Scheduled
22:15 JU7680 Zurich ZRH Air Serbia Scheduled
22:15 TP6406 Zurich ZRH TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:20 BT246 Frankfurt FRA Air Baltic Scheduled
22:20 A33264 Frankfurt FRA Aegean Airlines Scheduled
22:20 BT308 Helsinki HEL Air Baltic Scheduled
22:20 EK3500 Helsinki HEL Emirates Scheduled
22:20 BT604 Brussels BRU Air Baltic Scheduled
22:20 IB1477 Brussels BRU Iberia Scheduled
22:20 SN4011 Brussels BRU Brussels Airlines Scheduled
22:20 TP6426 Brussels BRU TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:20 BT620 Amsterdam AMS Air Baltic Scheduled
22:20 KL3093 Amsterdam AMS KLM Scheduled
22:20 TP6436 Amsterdam AMS TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:25 BT110 Stockholm ARN Air Baltic Scheduled
22:25 FI7180 Stockholm ARN Icelandair Scheduled
22:25 SK9606 Stockholm ARN SAS Scheduled
22:25 TP6388 Stockholm ARN TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:25 BT762 Tenerife TFS Air Baltic Estimated 23:33
22:25 X9140 Copenhagen CPH JSC Avion Express Scheduled
22:25 FI7174 Copenhagen CPH Icelandair Scheduled
22:25 SK9612 Copenhagen CPH SAS Scheduled
22:25 TP6428 Copenhagen CPH TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:30 BT224 Munich MUC Air Baltic Cancelled
22:30 A33255 Munich MUC Aegean Airlines Cancelled
22:30 LH4454 Munich MUC Lufthansa Cancelled
22:30 BT318 Tallinn TLL Air Baltic Scheduled
22:30 EK3502 Tallinn TLL Emirates Scheduled

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Source - www.riga-airport.com (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
20:45 FR3283 Modlin WMI Ryanair Departure 20:54
22:00 AY1078 Helsinki HEL Finnair Estimated 22:07
22:00 AF4624 Helsinki HEL Air France Estimated 22:07
22:10 FR2600 Berlin BER Ryanair Estimated 23:30
22:10 FR453 Newcastle NCL Ryanair Estimated 23:37
22:20 LW2643 London STN Lauda Europe Estimated 22:20
23:15 BT349 Vilnius VNO Air Baltic Estimated 23:44
23:15 AF7980 Vilnius VNO Air France Estimated 23:44
23:15 AZ4094 Vilnius VNO Alitalia Estimated 23:44
23:15 TP6408 Vilnius VNO TAP Air Portugal Estimated 23:44
23:15 BT361 Tallinn TLL Air Baltic Estimated 01:03
23:15 AF7971 Tallinn TLL Air France Estimated 01:03
23:15 AZ4100 Tallinn TLL Alitalia Estimated 01:03
23:15 TP6411 Tallinn TLL TAP Air Portugal Estimated 01:03
23:15 BT375 Palanga PLQ Air Baltic Estimated 00:43
23:15 AF7978 Palanga PLQ Air France Estimated 00:43
23:15 AZ4102 Palanga PLQ Alitalia Estimated 00:43
23:15 FI7111 Palanga PLQ Icelandair Estimated 00:43
23:15 TP6402 Palanga PLQ TAP Air Portugal Estimated 00:43
23:20 BT325 Helsinki HEL Air Baltic Departure 00:22
23:20 BT724 Tbilisi TBS Air Baltic Estimated 23:29
23:25 BT357 Tampere TMP Air Baltic Estimated 23:30
23:25 AF7976 Tampere TMP Air France Estimated 23:30
23:25 AZ4096 Tampere TMP Alitalia Estimated 23:30
23:25 BT359 Turku TKU Air Baltic Estimated 00:24
23:25 AZ4098 Turku TKU Alitalia Estimated 00:24
00:15 FR3269 Gothenburg GOT Ryanair Estimated 00:24
00:20 BT791 Dubai DXB Air Baltic Estimated 00:28
00:20 EK3506 Dubai DXB Emirates Estimated 00:28
00:35 BT9803 Vilnius VNO Air Baltic Estimated 00:43

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Source - www.riga-airport.com (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)