Rhodes Airport (RHO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Greece

City - Rhodes.


GPS - 36.4, 28.09

WWW - www.rhodes-airport.org

Rhodes Airport on the map
Airport Rhodes - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
08:00 GQ100 Heraklion Sky Express Landed
09:50 A3202 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
09:50 OA6202 Athens Olympic Air Landed
12:10 OA97 Kastellorizo Olympic Air Cancelled
12:10 A37097 Kastellorizo Aegean Airlines Cancelled
15:25 OA580 Thessaloniki Olympic Air Scheduled
15:25 A37580 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines Scheduled
17:30 A3210 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled
17:30 OA6210 Athens Olympic Air Scheduled
17:55 GQ71 Kos Sky Express Scheduled
21:30 GQ284 Athens Sky Express Scheduled
22:50 A3218 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled
22:50 OA6218 Athens Olympic Air Scheduled

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Source - www.rhodes-airport.org (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:45 A3201 Athens Aegean Airlines Landed
06:45 OA6201 Athens Olympic Air Landed
08:30 GQ70 Kos Sky Express En Route
10:30 OA96 Kastellorizo Olympic Air Cancelled
10:30 A37096 Kastellorizo Aegean Airlines Cancelled
14:40 A3205 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled
14:40 OA6205 Athens Olympic Air Scheduled
16:00 OA581 Thessaloniki Olympic Air Scheduled
16:00 A37581 Thessaloniki Aegean Airlines Scheduled
18:25 GQ101 Heraklion Sky Express Scheduled
19:55 A3211 Athens Aegean Airlines Scheduled
19:55 OA6211 Athens Olympic Air Scheduled
22:10 GQ285 Athens Sky Express Scheduled

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Source - www.rhodes-airport.org (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)