Porto Airport (OPO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Portugal

City - Porto.


GPS - 41.24, -8.67

WWW - aeroportoporto.pt

Porto Airport on the map
Airport Porto - Map

Destinations and timetables (+0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
20:50 EZY6147 Bristol EASYJET AIRLINES Arrived
21:00 FR8347 London, Stansted RYANAIR Arrived
21:15 FR6603 Edinburgh RYANAIR Arrived
21:25 EZY2097 London, Luton EASYJET AIRLINES Estimated
21:40 FR4545 Barcelona RYANAIR Arrived
21:40 TP1866 Ponta Delgada TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
S48276 TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
21:45 0B1057 Bucharest, Otopeni BLUE AIR Arrived
21:45 TO7622 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE Arrived
22:10 TP1932 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
22:15 KL1715 Amsterdam KLM Arrived
22:15 FR5489 Dusseldorf Weeze RYANAIR Arrived
22:20 FR2864 Dortmund RYANAIR Arrived
22:25 BA2790 London, Heathrow BRITISH AIRWAYS Arrived
22:30 EJU1459 Geneva EASYJET EUROPE Arrived
22:35 EJU7596 Ibiza EASYJET EUROPE Arrived
22:35 TO7620 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE Arrived
22:40 FR4018 Milan, Malpensa RYANAIR Arrived
22:45 LH1180 Frankfurt LUFTHANSA Arrived
LG1519 LUFTHANSA Arrived
TP6684 LUFTHANSA Arrived
22:55 EJU7580 Milan, Malpensa EASYJET EUROPE Estimated
22:55 EJU3775 Paris, Ch. de Gaulle EASYJET EUROPE Estimated
23:00 EJU7584 Luxembourg EASYJET EUROPE Arrived
23:05 EJU7594 Zurich EASYJET EUROPE Estimated
23:10 FR7475 Paris, Beauvais RYANAIR Arrived
23:10 FR2161 Venice, Treviso RYANAIR Arrived
23:25 LH1788 Munich LUFTHANSA Estimated
TP6694 LUFTHANSA Estimated
23:25 FR6038 Terceira RYANAIR Arrived
23:30 TP1335 London, Gatwick TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
S48051 TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
23:35 FR4533 Warsaw, Modlin RYANAIR Estimated
23:40 A3724 Athens AEGEAN AIRLINES Estimated
23:40 FR6531 Marseille RYANAIR Estimated
23:45 FR9205 Hamburg RYANAIR Estimated
23:55 FR1988 Toulouse, Blagnac RYANAIR Estimated

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Source - aeroportoporto.pt (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
21:10 FR7073 Dublin RYANAIR Departure
21:10 FR9203 Liverpool RYANAIR Departure
21:30 EZY6148 Bristol EASYJET AIRLINES Departure
21:30 TP1961 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Departure
S48011 TAP PORTUGAL Departure
21:35 FR8348 London, Stansted RYANAIR Departure
21:40 FR6606 Edinburgh RYANAIR Departure
21:50 VY8481 Barcelona VUELING AIRLINES Departure
21:50 FR5486 Faro RYANAIR Departure
21:55 EZY2096 London, Luton EASYJET AIRLINES
22:20 FR4546 Barcelona RYANAIR Departure
22:30 TP1971 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Departure
S48425 TAP PORTUGAL Departure
22:35 0B1058 Bucharest, Otopeni BLUE AIR Departure

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Source - aeroportoporto.pt (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)