Ponta Delgada Airport (PDL) - arrivals and departures

Country - Portugal

City - Ponta-Delgada-Azores.


GPS - 37.75, -25.71

WWW - www.ana.pt

Ponta Delgada Airport on the map
Airport Ponta-Delgada-Azores - Map

Destinations and timetables (-1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
07:25 S4121 Lisboa AZORES AIRLINES Cancelled
07:40 SP401 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES Arrived
07:50 FR2637 Lisboa RYANAIR Arrived
08:40 TP1869 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
10:25 SP501 Flores SATA AIR AÇORES
12:55 SP6409 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES
14:00 S4171 Porto AZORES AIRLINES
14:05 SP403 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES
14:40 SP405 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES
15:35 S4125 Lisboa AZORES AIRLINES
15:50 SP543 Flores SATA AIR AÇORES
17:50 TP1861 Porto TAP PORTUGAL
18:15 TP1867 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
18:30 SP7447 Horta SATA AIR AÇORES
18:30 SP407 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES
19:15 FR6482 Lisboa RYANAIR
19:15 S4127 Lisboa AZORES AIRLINES
19:25 SP106 Santa Maria SATA AIR AÇORES
20:25 S46248 Bermuda AZORES AIRLINES
23:45 TP1865 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL

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Source - www.ana.pt (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
07:00 SP500 Flores SATA AIR AÇORES Departure
07:55 SP400 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES Departure
08:10 SP402 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES Departure
08:15 FR2636 Lisboa RYANAIR Departure
08:30 S4172 Porto AZORES AIRLINES Departure
08:35 S4120 Lisboa AZORES AIRLINES Departure
09:00 S46249 Bermuda AZORES AIRLINES Departure
09:30 TP1868 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
10:35 SP542 Flores SATA AIR AÇORES
10:55 SP6404 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES
12:00 SP7444 Horta SATA AIR AÇORES
14:35 SP406 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES
17:55 S4225 Boston AZORES AIRLINES
18:00 SP107 Santa Maria SATA AIR AÇORES
18:45 TP1866 Porto TAP PORTUGAL
19:10 TP1860 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
19:40 FR6483 Lisboa RYANAIR
20:00 SP408 Terceira SATA AIR AÇORES
20:10 S4128 Lisboa AZORES AIRLINES

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Source - www.ana.pt (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)