Podgorica Airport (TGD) - arrivals and departures

Country - Montenegro

City - Podgorica.


GPS - 42.36, 19.25

WWW - www.montenegroairports.com

Podgorica Airport on the map
Airport Podgorica - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
07:50 JU170 Belgrade Air Serbia
07:55 W61271 Katowice Wizz Air Landed
08:20 TK1085 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
09:40 W21501 Belgrade FlexFlight Scheduled
10:45 W64904 Memmingen Wizz Air Landed
12:20 W21545 Istanbul FlexFlight Scheduled
12:45 W61579 Warsaw Wizz Air
13:10 FR2878 Krakow Ryanair
13:30 FR5120 Wroclaw Ryanair
13:50 W9A5761 London Wizz Air UK
14:15 OS727 Vienna Austrian
14:15 LH6449 Vienna Lufthansa
14:35 JU172 Belgrade Air Serbia
14:35 AF5321 Belgrade Air France
14:35 AZ2489 Belgrade ITA Airways
15:55 W62231 Budapest Wizz Air Landed
16:10 LO585 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines Landed
18:15 W21534 Paris FlexFlight Scheduled
20:00 JU174 Belgrade Air Serbia Scheduled
20:00 AZ2488 Belgrade ITA Airways Scheduled
20:00 FB1856 Belgrade Bulgaria Air Scheduled
20:40 W21503 Belgrade FlexFlight Scheduled
21:00 FR8797 Zagreb Ryanair Scheduled
23:30 OS729 Vienna Austrian Scheduled
23:30 LH6388 Vienna Lufthansa Scheduled
23:30 TP8719 Vienna TAP Air Portugal Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
07:00 OS730 Vienna Austrian Landed
07:00 LH6389 Vienna Lufthansa Landed
07:30 W21500 Belgrade FlexFlight Scheduled
08:00 W21544 Istanbul FlexFlight Scheduled
08:25 W61580 Warsaw Wizz Air
08:35 JU171 Belgrade Air Serbia
08:35 FB1855 Belgrade Bulgaria Air
09:10 TK1086 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
11:15 W64903 Memmingen Wizz Air
12:30 W21533 Paris FlexFlight Scheduled
13:15 W61272 Katowice Wizz Air
13:35 FR2879 Krakow Ryanair
13:55 FR5121 Wroclaw Ryanair
14:25 W9A5762 London Wizz Air UK
15:00 OS728 Vienna Austrian
15:00 LH6450 Vienna Lufthansa
15:00 TP8728 Vienna TAP Air Portugal
15:20 JU173 Belgrade Air Serbia
15:20 AF9720 Belgrade Air France
15:20 AZ2490 Belgrade ITA Airways
16:30 W62232 Budapest Wizz Air Landed
16:50 LO586 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines
18:30 W21502 Belgrade FlexFlight Scheduled
20:35 JU175 Belgrade Air Serbia Scheduled
21:25 FR8798 Zagreb Ryanair Scheduled

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Source - www.montenegroairports.com (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)