Paris Orly Airport (ORY) - arrivals and departures

Country - France

City - Paris-Orly.


GPS - 48.73, 2.36


Paris Orly Airport on the map
Airport Paris-Orly - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:05 AT770 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc Landed
18:10 T787 Le Puy Twin Jet Landed
18:20 AF6137 Toulouse Air France Landed
18:25 IB3444 Madrid Iberia Landed
18:25 AA8768 Madrid American Airlines Landed
18:25 LA7100 Madrid LATAM Airlines Landed
18:25 VY5140 Madrid Vueling Landed
18:30 UX1025 Madrid Air Europa
18:30 AM6936 Madrid Aeromexico
18:30 U26235 Bristol easyJet
18:30 VY6935 Copenhagen Vueling
18:30 IB5939 Copenhagen Iberia
18:35 LH2214 Munich Lufthansa
18:35 AF6023 Marseille Air France Landed
18:40 AH1006 Algiers Air Algerie
18:40 AZ352 Milan ITA Airways
18:45 TU654 Djerba Tunisair
18:45 TO4229 Zadar Transavia France
18:45 AF6229 Nice Air France
18:50 AF6139 Toulouse Air France Landed
18:55 TP432 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
18:55 AD7241 Lisbon Azul
18:55 S48920 Lisbon Azores Airlines
19:00 TU722 Tunis Tunisair Landed
19:05 TO7617 Porto Transavia France Landed
19:10 AIA1928 Brive-La-Gaillarde AMELIA Landed
19:10 AF4052 Brive-La-Gaillarde Air France Landed
19:10 TO4731 Tenerife Transavia France
19:15 AF6231 Nice Air France
19:20 CE124 Limoges Route de Caen Landed
19:25 VY8012 Barcelona Vueling Landed
19:25 IB5792 Barcelona Iberia Landed
19:25 QR3629 Barcelona Qatar Airways Landed
19:25 AF6141 Toulouse Air France Landed
19:30 AIA1228 Rodez AMELIA Landed
19:30 AF4029 Rodez Air France Landed
19:30 AF7605 Aurillac Air France Landed
19:35 AF7619 Castres Air France Landed
19:40 AF6025 Marseille Air France Landed
19:40 CE295 Quimper Route de Caen Landed
19:45 TO7017 Biarritz Transavia France Landed
19:45 TO7027 Toulon Transavia France
19:50 AF6143 Toulouse Air France Landed
19:55 U25539 Berlin easyJet
20:05 IB3440 Madrid Iberia Landed
20:05 VY5145 Madrid Vueling Landed
20:10 AF7359 Tunis Air France
20:10 KL2445 Tunis KLM
20:15 AF6235 Nice Air France
20:15 TP438 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
20:15 AD7503 Lisbon Azul
20:15 S48922 Lisbon Azores Airlines
20:20 AT740 Marrakech Royal Air Maroc Landed
20:20 XK786 Bastia Air Corsica
20:20 AF4461 Bastia Air France
20:25 AF6145 Toulouse Air France En Route
20:25 VY8174 Malaga Vueling
20:25 IB5817 Malaga Iberia
20:25 TO7137 Montpellier Transavia France Landed
20:25 JAF7551 Agadir TUI fly Landed
20:25 U24072 Nice easyJet Cancelled
20:30 TU720 Tunis Tunisair
20:30 XK776 Ajaccio Air Corsica
20:30 AF4449 Ajaccio Air France
20:40 AF6027 Marseille Air France Cancelled
20:45 VY6945 London Vueling
20:45 BA8103 London British Airways
20:45 IB5949 London Iberia
20:50 AF6195 Toulouse Air France En Route
20:55 AT664 Agadir Royal Air Maroc En Route
20:55 W62367 Budapest Wizz Air En Route

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:05 VY8616 Cork Vueling Landed
18:10 SS982 Bamako Corsair
18:20 TO4758 Barcelona Transavia France Landed
18:30 TO3440 Tel Aviv-Yafo Transavia France
18:30 AF6232 Nice Air France
18:30 U24295 Venice easyJet Landed
18:30 VY6950 Palma de Mallorca Vueling Landed
18:30 IB5954 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Landed
18:45 TO3124 Marrakech Transavia France En Route
18:45 TO3650 Athens Transavia France
18:45 VY9434 Milan Vueling
18:45 IB5928 Milan Iberia
18:50 KM467 Malta Air Malta Scheduled
18:50 AF3043 Malta Air France Scheduled
18:50 U24043 Montpellier easyJet En Route
18:50 T788 Le Puy Twin Jet En Route
19:00 U26236 Bristol easyJet
19:00 AF6234 Nice Air France
19:00 AF6142 Toulouse Air France
19:10 IB3445 Madrid Iberia En Route
19:10 AV6081 Madrid SA AVIANCA En Route
19:10 LA5441 Madrid LATAM Airlines En Route
19:10 VY5141 Madrid Vueling En Route
19:15 AT773 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc
19:15 LH2215 Munich Lufthansa
19:15 AF6028 Marseille Air France Landed
19:25 TO7000 Biarritz Transavia France En Route
19:25 TO7070 Montpellier Transavia France En Route
19:25 AT771 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc En Route
19:30 TO7030 Perpignan Transavia France
19:30 AF6144 Toulouse Air France
19:30 AF6236 Nice Air France En Route
19:30 TO7060 Toulon Transavia France En Route
19:30 AZ353 Milan ITA Airways
19:30 UX1026 Madrid Air Europa Cancelled
19:30 AM6856 Madrid Aeromexico Cancelled
19:45 TP431 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
19:45 AD7520 Lisbon Azul
19:45 S48266 Lisbon Azores Airlines
19:45 TU655 Djerba Tunisair
19:45 AIA1929 Brive-La-Gaillarde AMELIA En Route
19:45 AF4053 Brive-La-Gaillarde Air France En Route
19:55 CE125 Limoges Route de Caen En Route
19:55 B2F700 Saint Denis de la Reunion French Bee En Route
19:55 TX6700 Saint Denis de la Reunion Air Caraibes En Route
20:00 TO4790 Malaga Transavia France En Route
20:00 TO7126 Pau Transavia France En Route
20:05 VY8013 Barcelona Vueling
20:05 IB5793 Barcelona Iberia
20:05 AF7604 Aurillac Air France En Route
20:10 AIA1229 Rodez AMELIA Scheduled
20:10 AF4028 Rodez Air France Scheduled
20:10 AH1007 Algiers Air Algerie Scheduled
20:10 AF7618 Castres Air France En Route
20:15 TO3120 Agadir Transavia France Scheduled
20:15 AF6030 Marseille Air France
20:20 CE296 Quimper Route de Caen En Route
20:30 U25540 Berlin easyJet
20:30 AF6148 Toulouse Air France
20:30 AF6238 Nice Air France En Route
20:30 TU723 Tunis Tunisair Scheduled
20:50 TO3492 Djerba Transavia France Scheduled
20:50 TO4720 Palma de Mallorca Transavia France Scheduled
20:50 IB3441 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
20:50 LA1627 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
20:50 VY5146 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
20:55 U24071 Nice easyJet Cancelled

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