Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Palma-de-Mallorca.


GPS - 39.55, 2.73


Palma de Mallorca Airport on the map
Airport Palma-de-Mallorca - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
06:10 EW6851 Hanover Eurowings Landed
06:50 DE1772 Frankfurt Condor
06:50 DE1502 Frankfurt Condor
07:00 EW584 Cologne Eurowings
07:15 SDR2412 Kassel SundAir Landed
07:25 EW3590 Hanover Eurowings Landed
07:25 EW6809 Paderborn Eurowings Landed
07:25 VY3900 Barcelona Vueling Landed
07:25 IB5516 Barcelona Iberia Landed
07:40 FR4239 Toulouse Ryanair Landed
07:45 IB8481 Menorca Iberia Landed
07:45 VOE2830 Nantes Volotea En Route
07:45 IB8511 Ibiza Iberia Landed
07:55 DE1526 Leipzig/Halle Condor Landed
07:55 EW580 Cologne Eurowings
07:55 LG601 Luxembourg Luxair En Route
08:00 VY3902 Barcelona Vueling En Route
08:00 IB5518 Barcelona Iberia En Route
08:05 X32128 Frankfurt TUIfly En Route
08:05 DE1512 Munich Condor
08:05 U24845 Naples easyJet Landed
08:10 VY3934 Alicante Vueling En Route
08:10 IB5542 Alicante Iberia En Route
08:10 SWT7770 Ibiza Swiftair En Route
08:10 W2500 Ibiza FlexFlight En Route
08:15 DE1514 Dusseldorf Condor En Route
08:15 EW2580 Stuttgart Eurowings En Route
08:15 X32312 Dusseldorf TUIfly En Route
08:15 DE1774 Dusseldorf Condor
08:30 DE1524 Stuttgart Condor En Route
08:30 HV5623 Amsterdam Transavia En Route
08:30 KL2675 Amsterdam KLM En Route
08:30 EW9584 Dusseldorf Eurowings
08:35 VY6938 Paris Vueling En Route
08:35 IB5942 Paris Iberia En Route
08:35 CXI2211 Nuremberg Corendon Airlines Europe
08:35 FR8835 Valencia Ryanair Scheduled
08:40 I23918 Madrid Iberia Express En Route
08:40 IB3918 Madrid Iberia En Route
08:45 U24501 Berlin easyJet En Route
08:45 SWT8168 Barcelona Swiftair Scheduled
08:45 EW9588 Dusseldorf Eurowings En Route
08:45 LX2152 Zurich SWISS En Route
08:50 SDR2800 Bremen SundAir En Route
08:50 JAF1411 Brussels TUI fly En Route
08:55 EW7588 Hamburg Eurowings En Route
08:55 X32714 Stuttgart TUIfly

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:10 FR8834 Valencia Ryanair Landed
06:15 U21514 Geneva easyJet Landed
06:20 FR2158 Nuremberg Ryanair En Route
06:25 I23917 Madrid Iberia Express Landed
06:25 AA8760 Madrid American Airlines Landed
06:25 AT9957 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Landed
06:25 AV6023 Madrid SA AVIANCA Landed
06:25 BA7156 Madrid British Airways Landed
06:25 IB3917 Madrid Iberia Landed
06:25 LA7028 Madrid LATAM Airlines Landed
06:25 QR5344 Madrid Qatar Airways Landed
06:25 FR9168 Hamburg Ryanair En Route
06:25 FR2052 Madrid Ryanair Landed
06:30 FR277 Berlin Ryanair
06:30 FR6363 Barcelona Ryanair Landed
06:35 FR2346 Newcastle Ryanair En Route
06:45 FR7376 Dresden Ryanair En Route
06:45 U21056 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse easyJet En Route
06:45 FR9105 Tenerife Ryanair En Route
06:45 VY3940 Sevilla Vueling En Route
06:45 IB5548 Sevilla Iberia En Route
06:50 VY3905 Barcelona Vueling Landed
06:50 IB5521 Barcelona Iberia Landed
06:50 QR3655 Barcelona Qatar Airways Landed
06:55 FR489 Vienna Ryanair En Route
06:55 FR8498 Billund Ryanair En Route
07:00 VY3954 Valencia Vueling En Route
07:00 IB5558 Valencia Iberia En Route
07:00 U28622 London easyJet En Route
07:00 VY3945 Bilbao Vueling En Route
07:00 IB5553 Bilbao Iberia En Route
07:00 EW6802 Dresden Eurowings En Route
07:05 UX6006 Barcelona Air Europa Landed
07:05 AF4819 Barcelona Air France Landed
07:05 AZ2407 Barcelona ITA Airways Landed
07:05 DL6747 Barcelona Delta Air Lines Landed
07:05 EY4388 Barcelona Etihad Airways Landed
07:05 JU7450 Barcelona Air Serbia Landed
07:05 KL3350 Barcelona KLM Landed
07:05 TK4586 Barcelona Turkish Airlines Landed
07:10 U23122 Newcastle easyJet En Route
07:10 U25800 Berlin easyJet En Route
07:15 FR5943 Bournemouth Ryanair En Route
07:15 U21668 Nice easyJet En Route
07:20 U23110 Birmingham easyJet En Route
07:20 EW6818 Saarbruecken Eurowings En Route
07:30 UX1702 Ibiza Air Europa En Route
07:30 FR2295 Las Palmas Ryanair En Route
07:35 FR2880 Copenhagen Ryanair Scheduled
07:40 VY3907 Barcelona Vueling En Route
07:40 IB5523 Barcelona Iberia En Route
07:40 QR3733 Barcelona Qatar Airways En Route
07:45 EW6822 Muenster Eurowings
07:50 DE1521 Hamburg Condor Scheduled
07:50 DE1773 Frankfurt Condor
08:00 UX6012 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
08:00 AF4848 Madrid Air France Scheduled
08:00 AM6833 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
08:00 AZ2441 Madrid ITA Airways Scheduled
08:00 DL6740 Madrid Delta Air Lines Scheduled
08:00 EY4322 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
08:00 KL3342 Madrid KLM Scheduled
08:00 RO9414 Madrid TAROM Scheduled
08:00 TK9389 Madrid Turkish Airlines Scheduled
08:00 VY3901 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
08:00 IB5517 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
08:00 QR3732 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
08:00 UX7506 Bilbao Air Europa En Route
08:05 SDR2413 Kassel SundAir Scheduled
08:10 EW1993 Munich Eurowings Scheduled
08:10 LH5077 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
08:15 VOE2809 Lille Volotea
08:15 EW6810 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse Eurowings Scheduled
08:15 FR4240 Toulouse Ryanair Scheduled
08:20 IB8510 Ibiza Iberia Scheduled
08:20 IB8494 Menorca Iberia Scheduled
08:20 EW6836 Zurich Eurowings Scheduled
08:40 VY3903 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
08:40 IB5519 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
08:40 QR3661 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
08:40 EW6812 Dortmund Eurowings
08:45 DE1527 Leipzig/Halle Condor Scheduled
08:45 VY3935 Alicante Vueling Scheduled
08:45 IB5543 Alicante Iberia Scheduled
08:45 U24846 Naples easyJet Scheduled
08:50 LG602 Luxembourg Luxair Scheduled
08:55 DE1163 Zurich Condor Scheduled

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