Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Palma-de-Mallorca.


GPS - 39.55, 2.73


Palma de Mallorca Airport on the map
Airport Palma-de-Mallorca - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
15:15 U21057 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse easyJet
15:40 FR218 Berlin Ryanair
16:00 U25807 Berlin easyJet
16:00 FR5402 Nuremberg Ryanair
16:05 IB8493 Menorca Iberia
16:10 IB8401 Valencia Iberia
16:10 IB8519 Ibiza Iberia
16:15 UX6071 Barcelona Air Europa
16:50 FR7206 Rome Ryanair
16:55 FR488 Vienna Ryanair
17:10 I23912 Madrid Iberia Express
17:15 LH1152 Frankfurt Lufthansa
17:15 UX4530 Menorca Air Europa
17:20 VY3912 Barcelona Vueling
17:25 IB8403 Valencia Iberia
17:30 EW2592 Stuttgart Eurowings
17:30 LX2150 Zurich SWISS
17:35 FR5182 Karlsruhe/Baden Baden Ryanair
17:45 IB8491 Menorca Iberia
18:00 UX4027 Alicante Air Europa
18:05 UX4014 Valencia Air Europa

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
15:55 U21058 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse easyJet
16:00 SWT7775 Ibiza Swiftair
16:00 VY3923 Barcelona Vueling
16:00 FR2295 Las Palmas Ryanair
16:05 VY3939 Alicante Vueling
16:15 FR7850 Barcelona Ryanair
16:25 FR5729 Malaga Ryanair
16:35 FR4213 Hahn Ryanair
16:35 VY3978 Zaragoza Vueling
16:40 U25808 Berlin easyJet
16:45 UX6066 Madrid Air Europa
16:45 IB8322 Alguaire Iberia
16:45 IB8518 Ibiza Iberia
17:05 UX6072 Barcelona Air Europa
17:10 IB8484 Menorca Iberia
17:45 FR7185 Hamburg Ryanair
17:45 I23925 Madrid Iberia Express
17:55 VY3913 Barcelona Vueling

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