Oviedo Asturias Airport (OVD) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Asturias.


GPS - 43.56, -6.03

WWW - www.aena.es

Oviedo Asturias Airport on the map
Airport Asturias - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
08:40 IB8898 Madrid Iberia Landed
08:40 AA8672 Madrid American Airlines Landed
09:05 VY1570 Barcelona Vueling Landed
09:05 IB5102 Barcelona Iberia Landed
11:35 VY3202 Tenerife Vueling En Route
11:35 IB5368 Tenerife Iberia En Route
12:25 NT5460 Tenerife Binter Canarias En Route
12:50 IB488 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
12:50 AA8610 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
12:50 AV6054 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
12:50 BA7172 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
12:50 QR6598 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
12:50 VY5027 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
13:20 VY1578 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
13:20 IB5106 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
13:20 QR3641 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
13:35 VY2516 Sevilla Vueling Scheduled
13:35 IB5244 Sevilla Iberia Scheduled
13:45 MS3916 Cairo EgyptAir En Route
13:50 VY1629 Malaga Vueling Scheduled
13:50 IB5115 Malaga Iberia Scheduled
14:10 VOE3830 Sevilla Volotea Scheduled
14:40 VOE3924 Malaga Volotea
17:00 IB476 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
17:00 AA8674 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
17:00 AT9994 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
17:00 AV6056 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
17:00 BA7182 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
17:00 BT5144 Madrid Air Baltic Scheduled
17:00 LA7041 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
17:00 QR6594 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
17:00 VY5018 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
17:40 VY3864 Palma de Mallorca Vueling Scheduled
17:40 IB5514 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Scheduled
21:00 IB480 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
21:00 AT9969 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
21:00 AV6052 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
21:00 BA7184 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
21:00 BT5148 Madrid Air Baltic Scheduled
21:00 JL9411 Madrid JAL Scheduled
21:00 LA7050 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
21:00 QR6575 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
21:00 VY5021 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
21:20 VY6626 London Vueling Scheduled
21:20 BA8108 London British Airways Scheduled
21:20 VY1572 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
21:20 IB5104 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
21:20 QR3596 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
22:35 VOE3585 Alicante Volotea Scheduled
23:10 VOE3583 Valencia Volotea Scheduled

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Source - www.aena.es (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:45 VOE3925 Malaga Volotea Landed
07:00 IB471 Madrid Iberia Landed
07:00 AA8688 Madrid American Airlines Landed
07:00 AY5604 Madrid Finnair Landed
07:00 BA7177 Madrid British Airways Landed
07:00 LA7035 Madrid LATAM Airlines Landed
07:00 QR5382 Madrid Qatar Airways Landed
07:00 VY5016 Madrid Vueling Landed
07:15 VOE3831 Sevilla Volotea Landed
09:20 IB8899 Madrid Iberia En Route
09:20 AA8757 Madrid American Airlines En Route
09:40 VY1571 Barcelona Vueling En Route
09:40 IB5103 Barcelona Iberia En Route
09:40 QR4700 Barcelona Qatar Airways En Route
12:15 VY3203 Tenerife Vueling Scheduled
12:15 IB5369 Tenerife Iberia Scheduled
13:10 NT5461 Tenerife Binter Canarias Scheduled
13:35 IB475 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
13:35 AA8692 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
13:35 AT9961 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
13:35 AV6187 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
13:35 BA7175 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
13:35 BT5147 Madrid Air Baltic Scheduled
13:35 LA5478 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
13:35 QR6898 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
13:35 VY5017 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
13:55 VY1579 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
13:55 IB5107 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
14:10 VY2517 Sevilla Vueling Scheduled
14:10 IB5245 Sevilla Iberia Scheduled
14:25 VY1628 Malaga Vueling Scheduled
14:25 IB5114 Malaga Iberia Scheduled
14:30 MS3916 Alicante EgyptAir Scheduled
15:00 VOE3584 Alicante Volotea Scheduled
15:30 VOE3582 Valencia Volotea Scheduled
17:40 IB487 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
17:40 AA8759 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
17:40 AV6065 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
17:40 LA1513 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
17:40 VY5026 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
18:15 VY3865 Palma de Mallorca Vueling Scheduled
18:15 IB5515 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Scheduled
21:55 VY6627 London Vueling Scheduled
21:55 BA8109 London British Airways Scheduled
21:55 VY1573 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
21:55 IB5105 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled

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Source - www.aena.es (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)