Nuremberg Airport (NUE) - arrivals and departures

Country - Germany

City - Nuremberg.


GPS - 49.49, 11.08


Nuremberg Airport on the map
Airport Nuremberg - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
16:25 FR7587 Naples NAP Ryanair Estimated 16:36
16:25 FR854 Venice VCE Ryanair Scheduled
17:15 LH3806 Munich MUC Lufthansa Scheduled
17:40 TK1505 Istanbul IST Turkish Airlines Estimated 17:44
18:05 LH148 Frankfurt FRA Lufthansa Scheduled
18:05 LA8683 Frankfurt FRA LATAM Airlines Scheduled
18:05 TP7784 Frankfurt FRA TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
18:05 UA8732 Frankfurt FRA United Airlines Scheduled
18:41 4761 London STN United Nations Scheduled
18:50 FR7903 Dublin DUB Ryanair Scheduled
19:10 OS139 Vienna VIE Austrian Scheduled
19:10 LH7353 Vienna VIE Lufthansa Scheduled
19:45 264 Belgrade BEG Just Us Air Scheduled
19:45 FB1849 Belgrade BEG Bulgaria Air Scheduled
20:30 FR8813 Malaga AGP Ryanair Scheduled
21:05 AF1310 Paris CDG Air France Scheduled
21:05 AM6062 Paris CDG Aeromexico Scheduled
21:50 FR3940 Bologna BLQ Ryanair Scheduled
22:05 KL1891 Amsterdam AMS KLM Scheduled
22:05 AM6536 Amsterdam AMS Aeromexico Scheduled
22:05 EY7423 Amsterdam AMS Etihad Airways Scheduled
22:05 MF9735 Amsterdam AMS Xiamen Airlines Scheduled
22:05 MU1587 Amsterdam AMS China Eastern Airlines Scheduled
22:08 3V4790 Timisoara TSR ASL Airlines Belgium Scheduled
22:08 AG4790 Timisoara TSR ASL Airlines Ireland Scheduled
22:25 EW150 Frankfurt FRA Eurowings Scheduled
22:35 FR7930 London STN Ryanair Scheduled
22:35 LW7930 London STN Lauda Europe Scheduled
23:00 CX2160 Marsa Alam RMF Corendon Airlines Europe Scheduled
23:10 FR7571 Alicante ALC Ryanair Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
15:35 W63370 Cluj-Napoca CLJ Wizz Air Departure 15:35
15:40 FR5789 Faro FAO Ryanair Departure 15:55
17:20 FR7570 Alicante ALC Ryanair Estimated 17:20
17:45 6430 Faro FAO FAI rent-a-jet Estimated 17:55
18:30 TK1506 Istanbul IST Turkish Airlines Estimated 18:30
19:05 LH153 Frankfurt FRA Lufthansa Estimated 19:13
19:05 SQ2059 Frankfurt FRA Singapore Airlines Estimated 19:13
19:05 TG7683 Frankfurt FRA Thai Airways International Estimated 19:13
19:05 TP7785 Frankfurt FRA TAP Air Portugal Estimated 19:13
19:15 FR7902 Dublin DUB Ryanair Estimated 19:30
19:50 OS140 Vienna VIE Austrian Estimated 19:50
19:50 LH7352 Vienna VIE Lufthansa Estimated 19:50
20:30 265 Belgrade BEG Just Us Air Estimated 20:30
20:30 FB1850 Belgrade BEG Bulgaria Air Estimated 20:30
20:55 FR8814 Malaga AGP Ryanair Estimated 20:55

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