Moskow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Russia

City - Moskow.


GPS - 55.97, 37.41


Moskow Sheremetyevo Airport on the map
Airport Moskow Sheremetyevo - Map

Destinations and timetables (+3 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
12:10 SU11 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot Landed
12:10 SU1001 Kaliningrad Aeroflot Landed
12:10 AF7291 Kaliningrad Air France Landed
12:10 DL7586 Kaliningrad Delta Air Lines Landed
12:10 KL2866 Kaliningrad KLM Landed
12:15 SU6086 Krasnodar Aeroflot
12:15 SU1483 Krasnojarsk Aeroflot Landed
12:15 AF4421 Krasnojarsk Air France Landed
12:15 KL3224 Krasnojarsk KLM Landed
12:25 SU6466 Voronezh Aeroflot Landed
12:25 KL2883 Voronezh KLM Landed
12:25 SU103 New York Aeroflot
12:30 RU688 Zhengzhou AirBridgeCargo Scheduled
12:30 SU1277 Kazan Aeroflot
12:30 AF4933 Kazan Air France
12:30 LO4464 Kazan LOT - Polish Airlines
12:35 SU1159 Rostov Aeroflot En Route
12:35 AF4907 Rostov Air France En Route
12:35 KL3284 Rostov KLM En Route
12:35 LO4470 Rostov LOT - Polish Airlines En Route
12:35 SU6284 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Aeroflot Landed
12:35 KL2880 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk KLM Landed
12:40 SU1247 Orenburg Aeroflot En Route
12:40 KL3634 Orenburg KLM En Route
12:40 SU6288 Khabarovsk Aeroflot En Route
12:40 KL2870 Khabarovsk KLM En Route
12:45 AY715 Helsinki Finnair En Route
12:45 SU3967 Helsinki Aeroflot En Route
12:45 SU1525 Gorno-Altaysk Aeroflot En Route
12:45 JU650 Belgrade Air Serbia En Route
12:45 SU3741 Belgrade Aeroflot En Route
12:50 DP*6808 Cheboksary Pobeda En Route
12:50 SU5031 Cheboksary Aeroflot En Route
12:50 SU13 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot En Route
12:50 JL8454 Saint Petersburg JAL En Route
12:50 SU1831 Minsk Aeroflot En Route
12:55 SU6226 Nizhniy Novgorod Aeroflot En Route
12:55 AF4860 Nizhniy Novgorod Air France En Route
12:55 KL3255 Nizhniy Novgorod KLM En Route
13:00 SU6378 Izhevsk Aeroflot En Route
13:00 SU6374 Murmansk Aeroflot En Route
13:00 SU1411 Yekaterinburg Aeroflot En Route
13:00 AF4923 Yekaterinburg Air France En Route
13:00 JL8458 Yekaterinburg JAL En Route
13:00 KL3241 Yekaterinburg KLM En Route
13:00 LO4454 Yekaterinburg LOT - Polish Airlines En Route
13:10 SU1731 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Aeroflot En Route
13:10 SU2203 Helsinki Aeroflot En Route
13:10 AY6841 Helsinki Finnair En Route
13:30 SU6416 Volgograd Aeroflot En Route
13:30 AF4967 Volgograd Air France En Route
13:30 LO675 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines En Route
13:30 SU3701 Warsaw Aeroflot En Route
13:30 SU1421 Chelyabinsk Aeroflot En Route
13:30 AF4852 Chelyabinsk Air France En Route
13:30 KL3252 Chelyabinsk KLM En Route
13:30 SU6546 Penza Aeroflot En Route
13:40 D2332 Ukhta Severstal Aircompany En Route
13:40 SU1153 Adler/Sochi Aeroflot En Route
13:40 AF4426 Adler/Sochi Air France En Route
13:40 JL8462 Adler/Sochi JAL En Route
13:45 SU1273 Krasnodar Aeroflot
13:45 AF4951 Krasnodar Air France
13:45 JL8464 Krasnodar JAL
13:45 KL2908 Krasnodar KLM
13:45 SU6294 Magnitogorsk Aeroflot En Route
13:45 SU523 Dubai Aeroflot En Route
13:50 SU6406 Syktyvkar Aeroflot En Route
13:50 KE9509 Seoul Korean Air En Route
13:55 SU1547 Anapa Aeroflot
13:55 SU15 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot Scheduled
13:55 JL8473 Saint Petersburg JAL Scheduled
13:55 JU7003 Saint Petersburg Air Serbia Scheduled
14:00 SU1637 Simferopol Aeroflot En Route
14:05 SU6240 Belgorod Aeroflot Scheduled
14:25 EY63 Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways En Route
14:25 GA9130 Abu Dhabi Garuda Indonesia En Route
14:25 MH5575 Abu Dhabi Malaysia Airlines En Route
14:25 PK4063 Abu Dhabi Pakistan International Airlines En Route
14:25 SV6976 Abu Dhabi Saudia En Route
14:25 UL2365 Abu Dhabi SriLankan Airlines En Route
14:30 SU6290 Magadan Aeroflot En Route
14:30 SU1563 Irkutsk Aeroflot En Route
14:30 AF4849 Irkutsk Air France En Route
14:30 KL3250 Irkutsk KLM En Route
14:30 LO4472 Irkutsk LOT - Polish Airlines En Route
14:40 N4*124 Simferopol Nordwind Airlines Scheduled
14:45 IK*230 Adler/Sochi Pegas Fly Scheduled
14:45 N4*230 Adler/Sochi Nordwind Airlines Scheduled
14:50 SU1605 Samara Aeroflot Scheduled
14:50 AF4920 Samara Air France Scheduled
14:50 KL3244 Samara KLM Scheduled
14:55 SU6362 Tyumen Aeroflot En Route
14:55 AF4884 Tyumen Air France En Route
14:55 KL3215 Tyumen KLM En Route
14:55 OK894 Prague CSA Scheduled
14:55 QS8894 Prague SmartWings Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
12:10 U69612 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines Cancelled
12:15 SU2152 Dusseldorf Aeroflot Scheduled
12:25 SU2142 Antalya Aeroflot Scheduled
12:35 CA586 Beijing Air China LTD Scheduled
12:50 SU2384 Geneva Aeroflot
12:50 SU1402 Yekaterinburg Aeroflot Scheduled
12:50 JU7105 Yekaterinburg Air Serbia Scheduled
12:55 SU18 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot Scheduled
12:55 JU7024 Saint Petersburg Air Serbia Scheduled
13:00 V8635 Cologne Atran Scheduled
13:10 SU6229 Nizhniy Novgorod Aeroflot Scheduled
13:15 RU717 Frankfurt AirBridgeCargo Scheduled
13:20 SU1004 Kaliningrad Aeroflot Scheduled
13:25 SU1124 Adler/Sochi Aeroflot Scheduled
13:25 JU7038 Adler/Sochi Air Serbia Scheduled
13:25 N4*703 Istanbul Nordwind Airlines Scheduled
13:30 DP*6901 Nalchik Pobeda Scheduled
13:30 SU5036 Nalchik Aeroflot Scheduled
13:35 N4*361 Krasnodar Nordwind Airlines Scheduled
13:35 AY716 Helsinki Finnair Scheduled
13:35 JL9303 Helsinki JAL Scheduled
13:35 SU3966 Helsinki Aeroflot Scheduled
13:45 SU1848 Chisinau Aeroflot Scheduled
13:45 SU38 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot Scheduled
13:55 SU1422 Chelyabinsk Aeroflot Scheduled
14:00 SU508 Tel Aviv-Yafo Aeroflot Scheduled
14:00 SU1624 Simferopol Aeroflot Scheduled
14:00 SU1104 Krasnodar Aeroflot
14:00 JU7061 Krasnodar Air Serbia
14:05 SU1156 Rostov Aeroflot Scheduled
14:05 JU7080 Rostov Air Serbia Scheduled
14:10 SU1212 Samara Aeroflot Scheduled
14:10 JU7054 Samara Air Serbia Scheduled
14:10 SU1506 Tyumen Aeroflot Scheduled
14:10 SU2076 Paphos Aeroflot Scheduled
14:15 SU2138 Istanbul Aeroflot Scheduled
14:15 JU7727 Istanbul Air Serbia Scheduled
14:20 SU2408 Rome Aeroflot Scheduled
14:20 SU1182 Volgograd Aeroflot Scheduled
14:20 LO676 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
14:20 SU3700 Warsaw Aeroflot Scheduled
14:25 SU1232 Ufa Aeroflot Scheduled
14:30 RU739 Krasnojarsk AirBridgeCargo Scheduled
14:30 SU1142 Anapa Aeroflot Scheduled
14:30 SU2694 Amsterdam Aeroflot Scheduled
14:30 AM7034 Amsterdam Aeromexico Scheduled
14:30 KL3179 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
14:30 SU2412 Milan Aeroflot Scheduled
14:35 SU20 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot Scheduled
14:35 JU7025 Saint Petersburg Air Serbia Scheduled
14:40 SU124 New York Aeroflot Scheduled
14:50 SU2458 Paris Aeroflot Scheduled
14:50 AF4366 Paris Air France Scheduled
14:50 AM7049 Paris Aeromexico Scheduled
14:50 SU1842 Minsk Aeroflot Scheduled
14:55 SU1680 Naberezhnye Chelny Aeroflot Scheduled
14:55 SU2656 Frankfurt Aeroflot Scheduled
14:55 SU6069 Makhachkala Aeroflot Scheduled

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