Moskow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Russia

City - Moskow.


GPS - 55.97, 37.41


Moskow Sheremetyevo Airport on the map
Airport Moskow Sheremetyevo - Map

Destinations and timetables (+3 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
01:00 SU6536 Almaty Aeroflot
01:15 SU45 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot
01:20 JU658 Belgrade Air Serbia
01:25 SU1419 Yekaterinburg Aeroflot
01:40 SU2145 Antalya Aeroflot
02:00 SU1131 Adler/Sochi Aeroflot
02:15 WZ5080 Antalya Red Wings
02:20 SU1119 Adler/Sochi Aeroflot
02:25 SU63 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot
02:55 SU6040 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot
03:05 SU6616 Yerevan Aeroflot

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
00:50 SU46 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot
01:00 SU1482 Krasnojarsk Aeroflot
01:00 SU1382 Khanty-Mansiysk Aeroflot
01:05 SU1306 Novosibirsk Aeroflot
01:25 SU6531 Almaty Aeroflot
01:25 SU1562 Irkutsk Aeroflot
01:30 SU1508 Tyumen Aeroflot
01:30 SU36 Saint Petersburg Aeroflot
01:35 SU1512 Surgut Aeroflot
01:40 SU1656 Perm Aeroflot
01:40 SU1898 Osh Aeroflot
01:45 SU1110 Adler/Sochi Aeroflot
01:45 WZ5081 Antalya Red Wings
01:50 SU1472 Nizhnevartovsk Aeroflot
01:50 SU1536 Tomsk Aeroflot
01:55 SU1436 Yekaterinburg Aeroflot
02:05 SU6533 Karaganda Aeroflot
02:10 JU659 Belgrade Air Serbia
02:10 SU2148 Antalya Aeroflot
02:20 SU1522 Novyj Urengoj Aeroflot
02:25 SU6521 Kostanay Aeroflot
02:30 5N293 Yekaterinburg Smartavia
02:30 5N231 Orenburg Smartavia
02:55 SU1686 Adler/Sochi Aeroflot

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