Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME) - arrivals and departures

Country - Russia

City - Moscow.


GPS - 55.44, 37.77


Moscow Domodedovo Airport on the map
Airport Moscow Domodedovo - Map

Destinations and timetables (+3 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
12:05 S71052 Kazan S7 Airlines
12:05 A33509 Kazan Aegean Airlines
12:05 B2162 Kazan Belavia
12:05 BA8788 Kazan British Airways
12:05 EK7821 Kazan Emirates
12:05 J26052 Kazan AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines
12:05 KC1452 Kazan Air Astana
12:05 SQ1916 Kazan Singapore Airlines
12:20 S72042 Adler/Sochi S7 Airlines En Route
12:20 EK7886 Adler/Sochi Emirates En Route
12:20 J26042 Adler/Sochi AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines En Route
12:20 KC1491 Adler/Sochi Air Astana En Route
12:20 U6350 Blagoveschensk Ural Airlines
12:25 PC1582 Antalya Pegasus En Route
12:30 U6274 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines En Route
12:30 S72508 Novosibirsk S7 Airlines
12:30 A33537 Novosibirsk Aegean Airlines
12:30 B2158 Novosibirsk Belavia
12:30 BA8794 Novosibirsk British Airways
12:30 EK7936 Novosibirsk Emirates
12:30 J26508 Novosibirsk AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines
12:30 KC1711 Novosibirsk Air Astana
12:30 SQ1938 Novosibirsk Singapore Airlines
12:45 WZ388 Belgorod Red Wings En Route
12:50 J2181 Baku AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines En Route
12:50 S74362 Baku S7 Airlines En Route
13:00 WZ390 Saransk Red Wings En Route
13:05 S73062 Blagoveschensk S7 Airlines
13:05 EK7858 Blagoveschensk Emirates
13:15 S72142 Volgograd S7 Airlines En Route
13:15 BA8819 Volgograd British Airways En Route
13:15 EK7922 Volgograd Emirates En Route
13:15 KC1572 Volgograd Air Astana En Route
13:15 SQ1978 Volgograd Singapore Airlines En Route
13:25 5N278 Saratov Smartavia Scheduled
13:35 G9954 Sharjah Air Arabia PJSC En Route
13:35 5N274 Rostov Smartavia En Route
13:40 S72072 Krasnodar S7 Airlines
13:40 BA8772 Krasnodar British Airways
13:40 EK7898 Krasnodar Emirates
13:40 KC1698 Krasnodar Air Astana
13:40 SQ1972 Krasnodar Singapore Airlines
13:40 U6280 Adler/Sochi Ural Airlines En Route
13:45 LX1326 Zurich SWISS En Route
13:45 UA9742 Zurich United Airlines En Route
13:45 EK133 Dubai Emirates En Route
13:45 S74164 Dubai S7 Airlines En Route
13:45 S72104 Anapa S7 Airlines
13:45 EK7908 Anapa Emirates
13:45 KC1706 Anapa Air Astana
13:45 SQ1970 Anapa Singapore Airlines
13:50 S71074 Samara S7 Airlines En Route
13:50 B2174 Samara Belavia En Route
13:50 BA8782 Samara British Airways En Route
13:50 EK7830 Samara Emirates En Route
13:50 KC1574 Samara Air Astana En Route
13:50 SQ1912 Samara Singapore Airlines En Route
13:55 S71010 Saint Petersburg S7 Airlines Scheduled
13:55 BA8787 Saint Petersburg British Airways Scheduled
13:55 KC1678 Saint Petersburg Air Astana Scheduled
13:55 SQ1904 Saint Petersburg Singapore Airlines Scheduled
14:00 S71214 Kaliningrad S7 Airlines En Route
14:00 EK7952 Kaliningrad Emirates En Route
14:00 KC1584 Kaliningrad Air Astana En Route
14:05 U61886 Sharm el Sheikh Ural Airlines
14:05 S72050 Adler/Sochi S7 Airlines En Route
14:05 AT9004 Adler/Sochi Royal Air Maroc En Route
14:05 BA8773 Adler/Sochi British Airways En Route
14:05 KC1560 Adler/Sochi Air Astana En Route
14:10 S72166 Mineralnye Vody S7 Airlines En Route
14:10 EK7934 Mineralnye Vody Emirates En Route
14:10 LY8960 Mineralnye Vody EL AL En Route
14:15 B2951 Minsk Belavia Scheduled
14:15 S74528 Minsk S7 Airlines Scheduled
14:35 PC386 Istanbul Pegasus Scheduled
14:40 S72008 Simferopol S7 Airlines En Route
14:45 OS601 Vienna Austrian En Route
14:45 UA9817 Vienna United Airlines En Route
14:55 U6372 Kaliningrad Ural Airlines Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
12:10 S71011 Saint Petersburg S7 Airlines En Route
12:10 AT9031 Saint Petersburg Royal Air Maroc En Route
12:10 EK7809 Saint Petersburg Emirates En Route
12:10 KC1451 Saint Petersburg Air Astana En Route
12:10 LY8879 Saint Petersburg EL AL En Route
12:10 LY612 Tel Aviv-Yafo EL AL Scheduled
12:10 S74483 Tel Aviv-Yafo S7 Airlines Scheduled
12:20 S73567 Vienna S7 Airlines Scheduled
12:20 S71243 Belgorod S7 Airlines En Route
12:20 KC1443 Belgorod Air Astana En Route
12:30 U6521 Simferopol Ural Airlines Scheduled
12:30 U6143 Anapa Ural Airlines Scheduled
12:40 U6115 Gelendzik Ural Airlines Cancelled
12:40 OZ793 London Asiana Airlines Scheduled
12:45 U61887 Sharm el Sheikh Ural Airlines
12:45 S71115 Voronezh S7 Airlines Scheduled
12:45 EK7845 Voronezh Emirates Scheduled
12:45 KC1465 Voronezh Air Astana Scheduled
12:50 S72105 Anapa S7 Airlines Scheduled
12:50 EK7926 Anapa Emirates Scheduled
12:50 KC1505 Anapa Air Astana Scheduled
12:50 LY8893 Anapa EL AL Scheduled
12:55 S71229 Murmansk S7 Airlines Scheduled
12:55 KC1691 Murmansk Air Astana Scheduled
13:00 U6447 Adler/Sochi Ural Airlines Scheduled
13:00 U67021 Eilat Ural Airlines Cancelled
13:05 S72135 Stavropol S7 Airlines
13:05 EK7919 Stavropol Emirates
13:05 KC1535 Stavropol Air Astana
13:05 SQ1988 Stavropol Singapore Airlines
13:15 PC1583 Antalya Pegasus Scheduled
13:15 S72123 Rostov S7 Airlines Scheduled
13:15 AT9017 Rostov Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
13:15 BA8818 Rostov British Airways Scheduled
13:15 EK7915 Rostov Emirates Scheduled
13:15 KC1467 Rostov Air Astana Scheduled
13:15 LY8917 Rostov EL AL Scheduled
13:15 SQ1995 Rostov Singapore Airlines Scheduled
13:15 S72011 Simferopol S7 Airlines
13:20 U6269 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines Cancelled
13:30 U659 Saint Petersburg Ural Airlines Scheduled
13:35 U6299 Yekaterinburg Ural Airlines Scheduled
13:35 S72073 Krasnodar S7 Airlines Scheduled
13:35 AT9003 Krasnodar Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
13:35 KC1473 Krasnodar Air Astana Scheduled
13:35 LY8903 Krasnodar EL AL Scheduled
13:35 S72157 Makhachkala S7 Airlines Scheduled
13:35 EK7869 Makhachkala Emirates Scheduled
13:35 KC1657 Makhachkala Air Astana Scheduled
13:35 S73513 Varna S7 Airlines Scheduled
13:40 S72507 Novosibirsk S7 Airlines Scheduled
13:40 AT9009 Novosibirsk Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
13:40 B2157 Novosibirsk Belavia Scheduled
13:40 KC1607 Novosibirsk Air Astana Scheduled
13:40 LY8961 Novosibirsk EL AL Scheduled
13:45 S72045 Adler/Sochi S7 Airlines Scheduled
13:45 AT9005 Adler/Sochi Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
13:45 EK7889 Adler/Sochi Emirates Scheduled
13:45 KC1485 Adler/Sochi Air Astana Scheduled
13:45 LY8923 Adler/Sochi EL AL Scheduled
13:50 TYA1031 Adler/Sochi NordStar Airlines Scheduled
14:00 S71193 Penza S7 Airlines Scheduled
14:00 J2182 Baku AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines Scheduled
14:00 S74361 Baku S7 Airlines Scheduled
14:10 5N253 Kaliningrad Smartavia Scheduled
14:25 G9955 Sharjah Air Arabia PJSC Scheduled
14:35 LX1327 Zurich SWISS Scheduled
14:35 S71145 Chelyabinsk S7 Airlines Scheduled
14:35 EK7855 Chelyabinsk Emirates Scheduled
14:35 LY8957 Chelyabinsk EL AL Scheduled
14:35 SQ1903 Chelyabinsk Singapore Airlines Scheduled
14:40 S71053 Kazan S7 Airlines Scheduled
14:40 AT9045 Kazan Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
14:40 B2163 Kazan Belavia Scheduled
14:40 EK7822 Kazan Emirates Scheduled
14:40 J26053 Kazan AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines Scheduled
14:40 KC1453 Kazan Air Astana Scheduled
14:40 LY8965 Kazan EL AL Scheduled
14:40 U6377 Adler/Sochi Ural Airlines Scheduled
14:40 S72099 Gelendzik S7 Airlines Scheduled
14:45 5N207 Makhachkala Smartavia Scheduled
14:45 WZ127 Adler/Sochi Red Wings Scheduled
14:45 U61889 Sharm el Sheikh Ural Airlines Cancelled
14:50 WZ135 Mineralnye Vody Red Wings Scheduled
14:50 S71211 Kaliningrad S7 Airlines Scheduled
14:50 EK7877 Kaliningrad Emirates Scheduled
14:50 KC1471 Kaliningrad Air Astana Scheduled
14:50 LY8895 Kaliningrad EL AL Scheduled

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