Minsk International Airport (MSQ) - arrivals and departures

Country - Belarus

City - Minsk.


GPS - 53.89, 28.03

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Minsk International Airport on the map
Airport Minsk - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:25 B2982 Moscow VKO Belavia Landed 18:43
18:30 B2938 Kazan KZN Belavia Landed 18:23
20:00 B2988 Moscow DME Belavia Scheduled
20:10 SU1832 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Scheduled
21:15 DP967 Moscow VKO Pobeda Scheduled
21:20 B2956 Moscow DME Belavia Scheduled
21:20 S74203 Moscow DME S7 Airlines Scheduled
21:30 B2786 Istanbul IST Belavia Estimated 21:20
21:40 B2946 Saint Petersburg LED Belavia Scheduled
21:40 S74219 Saint Petersburg LED S7 Airlines Scheduled
21:40 B2978 Moscow SVO Belavia Scheduled
21:40 SU4572 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Scheduled
23:10 B2994 Moscow DME Belavia Scheduled
23:55 FZ1715 Dubai DXB flydubai Estimated 23:39
00:45 SU1834 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Scheduled
03:55 B2784 Istanbul IST Belavia Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:10 B2977 Moscow SVO Belavia Departure 18:05
18:10 SU4573 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Departure 18:05
19:30 B2725 Doha DOH Belavia Scheduled
19:30 B2993 Moscow DME Belavia Scheduled
20:15 B2775 Astana NQZ Belavia Estimated 20:15
21:10 SU1833 Moscow SVO Aeroflot Estimated 21:10
21:55 DP968 Moscow VKO Pobeda Estimated 21:55
22:40 B2733 Yerevan EVN Belavia Estimated 22:50
22:45 B2953 Moscow DME Belavia Scheduled
22:50 B2735 Tbilisi TBS Belavia Estimated 22:50
23:00 B2739 Baku GYD Belavia Estimated 23:00
23:00 J26739 Baku GYD AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines Estimated 23:00
23:20 B2737 Batumi BUS Belavia Estimated 23:20
00:55 FZ1716 Dubai DXB flydubai Scheduled

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