Malta Luqa Airport (MLA) - arrivals and departures

Country - Malta

City - Luqa.


GPS - 35.85, 14.5


Malta Luqa Airport on the map
Airport Luqa Malta - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
17:05 KM625 Milan LIN Air Malta Estimated 18:18
17:05 AZ7914 Milan LIN Alitalia Estimated 18:18
18:20 3874 Venice TSF Malta Air Estimated 18:29
19:05 TK1371 Istanbul IST Turkish Airlines Estimated 18:48
19:05 6E4024 Istanbul IST IndiGo Estimated 18:48
19:05 KM2703 Istanbul IST Air Malta Estimated 18:48
19:25 FR6703 Madrid MAD Ryanair Estimated 19:03
20:00 KM491 Zurich ZRH Air Malta Scheduled
20:00 LX4370 Zurich ZRH SWISS Scheduled
20:35 FR7642 Porto OPO Ryanair Scheduled
20:55 FR9655 Lisbon LIS Ryanair Scheduled
21:00 FR7591 Rome CIA Ryanair Scheduled
21:30 KM377 Berlin BER Air Malta Scheduled
21:30 BT6087 Berlin BER Air Baltic Scheduled
21:30 QR4819 Berlin BER Qatar Airways Scheduled
21:44 KM997 Naples NAP Air Malta Scheduled
22:00 KM615 Rome FCO Air Malta Scheduled
22:00 AZ7924 Rome FCO Alitalia Scheduled
22:35 KM421 Brussels BRU Air Malta Scheduled
22:35 BT6067 Brussels BRU Air Baltic Scheduled
22:35 SN4001 Brussels BRU Brussels Airlines Scheduled
22:50 FR7059 Nantes NTE Ryanair Scheduled
23:25 FR1414 Tallinn TLL Ryanair Scheduled
23:50 4307 Budapest BUD Malta Air Scheduled
00:40 KM103 London LHR Air Malta Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
16:55 KM102 London LHR Air Malta Departure 16:55
17:30 WT7275 Marseille MRS Swiftair Departure 17:36
18:05 KM614 Rome FCO Air Malta Estimated 18:05
18:05 AZ7925 Rome FCO Alitalia Estimated 18:05
18:55 4308 Budapest BUD Malta Air Estimated 18:55
18:55 D07923 Bologna BLQ DHL Air Estimated 19:01
19:20 FX4703 Lyon LYS FedEx Estimated 19:26
19:50 FR6704 Madrid MAD Ryanair Estimated 20:05
19:55 TK1372 Istanbul IST Turkish Airlines Estimated 19:55
19:55 6E4071 Istanbul IST IndiGo Estimated 19:55
19:55 KM2702 Istanbul IST Air Malta Estimated 19:55
21:05 FR7643 Porto OPO Ryanair Estimated 21:20
21:25 FR7592 Rome CIA Ryanair Estimated 21:25

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