Malta Luqa Airport (MLA) - arrivals and departures

Country - Malta

City - Luqa.


GPS - 35.85, 14.5


Malta Luqa Airport on the map
Airport Luqa Malta - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Status
08:25 TK1369 Istanbul Airport Landed 09:06
11:00 FR5586 Rome - Ciampino On time
11:15 FR3882 London - Luton 10:59
11:30 LH1924 Munich 11:12
11:40 UG1300 Tunis-Carthage On time
12:40 BT6073 Vienna On time
12:40 KM515 Vienna On time
12:40 OS8711 Vienna On time
13:15 EK109 Larnaca via Dubai On time
14:15 FR5208 Gdansk On time
14:25 BT6066 Amsterdam On time
14:25 EY7289 Amsterdam On time
14:25 KL3399 Amsterdam On time
14:25 KM395 Amsterdam On time
14:40 FR1727 Riga Delayed
16:15 LH1310 Frankfurt On time
16:20 BA2644 London-Heathrow On time
19:00 AF3047 Lyon Saint-Exupery On time
19:00 KM455 Lyon Saint-Exupery On time
20:00 KM7307 Florence On time
20:00 KM491 Zurich On time
20:00 LX4370 Zurich On time
22:30 FR5209 Manchester On time
22:35 BT6067 Brussels On time
22:35 KM421 Brussels On time
22:35 SN4001 Brussels On time
23:10 AZ7920S Catania On time
23:10 KM643 Catania On time
23:45 AZ7924 Rome-Fiumicino On time
23:45 EY7282 Rome-Fiumicino On time
23:45 KM615 Rome-Fiumicino On time
00:05 FR2956 Brussels-Charleroi On time
09:10 FR7301 Vienna On time

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Status
07:00 FR1726 Riga Airborne
09:20 TK1370 Istanbul Airport On time
11:45 FR3883 London - Luton On time
12:25 LH1925 Munich On time
12:30 UG1301 Tunis-Carthage On time
13:50 AF3046 Lyon Saint-Exupery On time
13:50 KM454 Lyon Saint-Exupery On time
14:25 BT6070 Zurich On time
14:25 KM490 Zurich On time
14:25 LX4371 Zurich On time
14:45 EK110 Dubai via Larnaca On time
15:00 FR5210 Manchester On time
16:05 KM420 Brussels On time
16:05 SN4002 Brussels On time
17:00 LH1311 Frankfurt On time
17:10 BA2645 London-Heathrow On time
18:00 FR2955 Brussels-Charleroi On time
20:00 AZ7925 Rome-Fiumicino On time
20:00 EY7287 Rome-Fiumicino On time
20:00 KM614 Rome-Fiumicino On time
21:00 AZ7921 Catania On time
21:00 KM642 Catania On time
06:15 AF3040 Paris-Charles de Gaulle On time
06:15 KM478 Paris-Charles de Gaulle On time
07:00 FR8811 Krakow On time
07:50 AZ7913 Rome-Fiumicino On time
07:50 EY5141 Rome-Fiumicino On time
07:50 KM612 Rome-Fiumicino On time
07:55 EY7294 London-Heathrow On time
07:55 KM100 London-Heathrow On time
08:20 FR5587 Rome - Ciampino On time
09:25 EY7291 Munich On time
09:25 KM306 Munich On time
09:25 LH6307 Munich On time
09:35 FR7302 Vienna On time

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