Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Malaga.


GPS - 36.68, -4.49


Malaga Costa del Sol Airport on the map
Airport Malaga - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:05 IB8261 Melilla Iberia Landed
09:10 JAF1071 Ostend TUI fly Landed
09:10 JAF1011 Brussels TUI fly Landed
09:10 FR6386 Barcelona Ryanair Landed
09:30 FR590 Vienna Ryanair Landed
09:30 FR8804 Cologne Ryanair Landed
09:45 FR5007 Prague Ryanair Landed
09:45 SK6201 Copenhagen SAS Landed
09:45 FR1928 Brussels Ryanair Landed
09:50 HV6115 Amsterdam Transavia Landed
09:50 DL7481 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Landed
09:50 KL2649 Amsterdam KLM Landed
09:50 TP1134 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
09:50 AD7332 Lisbon Azul
09:50 EY1451 Lisbon Etihad Airways
09:50 S48690 Lisbon Azores Airlines
10:05 FR4458 Leicestershire Ryanair Landed
10:10 U26051 Bristol easyJet Landed
10:10 FR2525 Gothenburg Ryanair Landed
10:10 U21067 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse easyJet En Route
10:10 FR3682 Lisbon Ryanair Landed
10:20 HV5021 Rotterdam Transavia En Route
10:20 HV6653 Eindhoven Transavia En Route
10:20 FR7054 Dublin Ryanair En Route
10:35 TK1305 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
10:40 D8*3670 Copenhagen Norwegian Air International En Route
10:50 U22403 London easyJet En Route
10:55 BA2712 London British Airways En Route
10:55 AA6420 London American Airlines En Route
10:55 IB7645 London Iberia En Route
11:00 BT677 Riga Air Baltic En Route
11:10 EI582 Dublin Aer Lingus En Route
11:10 BA8956 Dublin British Airways En Route
11:15 U26861 Glasgow easyJet En Route
11:15 FR8162 London Ryanair
11:25 DY1800 Oslo Norwegian Air Shuttle En Route
11:30 U25913 Berlin easyJet En Route
11:35 UX5035 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
11:35 AM6890 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
11:35 EY7584 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:35 BA2714 London British Airways En Route
11:35 AA6496 London American Airlines En Route
11:35 IB7647 London Iberia En Route
11:40 VY3147 Puerto del Rosario Vueling En Route
11:40 IB5288 Puerto del Rosario Iberia En Route
11:40 AY1671 Helsinki Finnair En Route
11:45 SU2530 Moscow Aeroflot En Route
11:50 AF9420 Paris Air France En Route
11:50 DL8310 Paris Delta Air Lines En Route
11:55 IB8263 Melilla Iberia Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:20 VY3274 Tenerife Vueling
09:20 IB5333 Tenerife Iberia
09:20 IB491 Madrid Iberia En Route
09:20 AA8623 Madrid American Airlines En Route
09:35 IB8262 Melilla Iberia En Route
09:45 FR6387 Barcelona Ryanair En Route
09:45 JAF1012 Brussels TUI fly En Route
09:45 JAF1052 Brussels TUI fly En Route
10:05 FR591 Vienna Ryanair Scheduled
10:10 FR8803 Cologne Ryanair Scheduled
10:25 FR1929 Brussels Ryanair Scheduled
10:30 TP1137 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
10:30 AD7210 Lisbon Azul
10:30 EY1536 Lisbon Etihad Airways
10:30 S48737 Lisbon Azores Airlines
10:30 FR5006 Prague Ryanair Scheduled
10:35 SK6202 Copenhagen SAS Scheduled
10:40 HV6654 Eindhoven Transavia Scheduled
10:40 FR4459 Leicestershire Ryanair Scheduled
10:45 U21068 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse easyJet Scheduled
10:45 FR3535 Naples Ryanair Scheduled
10:45 U26052 Bristol easyJet Scheduled
10:50 FR2524 Gothenburg Ryanair Scheduled
10:55 FR7055 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
10:55 IB8268 Melilla Iberia Scheduled
11:10 HV6116 Amsterdam Transavia Scheduled
11:10 DL7480 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Scheduled
11:10 KL2648 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
11:10 HV5022 Rotterdam Transavia Scheduled
11:10 VY3072 Las Palmas Vueling Scheduled
11:10 IB5261 Las Palmas Iberia Scheduled
11:25 D8*3671 Copenhagen Norwegian Air International Scheduled
11:25 U22404 London easyJet Scheduled
11:35 TK1306 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:40 BT678 Riga Air Baltic Scheduled
11:50 U26862 Glasgow easyJet Scheduled
11:50 FR8163 London Ryanair Scheduled

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