Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Madrid.


GPS - 40.47, -3.57


Madrid Barajas Airport on the map
Airport Madrid - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:05 IB3489 Geneva Iberia Landed
09:05 AA8828 Geneva American Airlines Landed
09:05 JL6952 Geneva JAL Landed
09:05 VY5153 Geneva Vueling Landed
09:10 IB3239 Rome Iberia Landed
09:10 AA8823 Rome American Airlines Landed
09:10 JL6948 Rome JAL Landed
09:10 LA7042 Rome LATAM Airlines Landed
09:10 VY5107 Rome Vueling Landed
09:10 AF1000 Paris Air France Landed
09:10 CZ7181 Paris China Southern Airlines Landed
09:10 DL8463 Paris Delta Air Lines Landed
09:10 MK9562 Paris Air Mauritius Landed
09:10 MU1711 Paris China Eastern Airlines Landed
09:10 UU8000 Paris Air Austral Landed
09:10 UX2233 Paris Air Europa Landed
09:10 VS6425 Paris Virgin Atlantic Landed
09:25 UX6012 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa Landed
09:25 AF4848 Palma de Mallorca Air France Landed
09:25 AM6833 Palma de Mallorca Aeromexico Landed
09:25 AZ2441 Palma de Mallorca ITA S.p.A. Landed
09:25 DL6740 Palma de Mallorca Delta Air Lines Landed
09:25 EY4322 Palma de Mallorca Etihad Airways Landed
09:25 KL3342 Palma de Mallorca KLM Landed
09:25 SU3665 Palma de Mallorca Aeroflot Landed
09:25 TK9389 Palma de Mallorca Turkish Airlines Landed
09:30 FR101 Bordeaux Ryanair
09:35 UX7158 Bilbao Air Europa En Route
09:35 AM6986 Bilbao Aeromexico En Route
09:35 AR7353 Bilbao Aerolineas Argentinas En Route
09:35 AZ2465 Bilbao ITA S.p.A. En Route
09:35 DL6742 Bilbao Delta Air Lines En Route
09:35 EY4306 Bilbao Etihad Airways En Route
09:35 KL3387 Bilbao KLM En Route
09:35 SU3653 Bilbao Aeroflot En Route
09:35 TK8580 Bilbao Turkish Airlines En Route
09:35 IB3417 Paris Iberia En Route
09:35 AA8699 Paris American Airlines En Route
09:35 AV6063 Paris SA AVIANCA En Route
09:35 LA5417 Paris LATAM Airlines En Route
09:35 VY5135 Paris Vueling En Route
09:40 UX1144 Porto Air Europa En Route
09:40 DL6776 Porto Delta Air Lines En Route
09:45 IB6166 Boston Iberia En Route
09:45 AA8640 Boston American Airlines En Route
09:45 AY5648 Boston Finnair En Route
09:45 BA4264 Boston British Airways En Route
09:45 QR6887 Boston Qatar Airways En Route
09:50 IB3055 Amsterdam Iberia En Route
09:50 AA8631 Amsterdam American Airlines En Route
09:50 VY5211 Amsterdam Vueling En Route
09:50 IB8829 Venice Iberia En Route
09:50 AA8561 Venice American Airlines En Route
09:50 UX4064 Valencia Air Europa En Route
09:50 AM6861 Valencia Aeromexico En Route
09:50 AZ2417 Valencia ITA S.p.A. En Route
09:50 EY7593 Valencia Etihad Airways En Route
09:50 IB3207 Brussels Iberia En Route
09:50 AA8697 Brussels American Airlines En Route
09:50 VY5232 Brussels Vueling En Route
09:55 UX1150 Lisbon Air Europa Scheduled
09:55 AR7345 Lisbon Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
09:55 DL6750 Lisbon Delta Air Lines Scheduled
09:55 IB3475 Zurich Iberia En Route
09:55 AA8826 Zurich American Airlines En Route
09:55 VY5257 Zurich Vueling En Route
10:00 FR7256 Dublin Ryanair En Route
10:05 IB3137 Dusseldorf Iberia En Route
10:05 AA8556 Dusseldorf American Airlines En Route
10:10 IB3107 Lisbon Iberia En Route
10:10 AA8694 Lisbon American Airlines En Route
10:10 AY5564 Lisbon Finnair En Route
10:10 LA1533 Lisbon LATAM Airlines En Route
10:10 QR6933 Lisbon Qatar Airways En Route
10:10 VY5214 Lisbon Vueling En Route
10:10 FR9471 Pisa Ryanair En Route
10:10 I23743 Paris Iberia Express En Route
10:10 IB3743 Paris Iberia En Route
10:15 IB6252 New York Iberia En Route
10:15 AA8644 New York American Airlines En Route
10:15 AY5656 New York Finnair En Route
10:15 BA4268 New York British Airways En Route
10:15 QR6904 New York Qatar Airways En Route
10:15 IB6586 Bogota Iberia En Route
10:15 BA4232 Bogota British Airways En Route
10:15 LA7111 Bogota LATAM Airlines En Route
10:15 LY9206 Bogota EL AL En Route
10:15 QR5051 Bogota Qatar Airways En Route
10:20 IB8713 Frankfurt Iberia En Route
10:20 AA8525 Frankfurt American Airlines En Route
10:25 IB8827 Munich Iberia En Route
10:25 AA8557 Munich American Airlines En Route
10:25 IB499 San Sebastian Iberia Scheduled
10:25 AA8682 San Sebastian American Airlines Scheduled
10:25 AV6027 San Sebastian SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:25 BT5181 San Sebastian Air Baltic Scheduled
10:25 QR5082 San Sebastian Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:25 VY5205 San Sebastian Vueling Scheduled
10:25 FR5355 Ibiza Ryanair Scheduled
10:25 WFL3504 Punta Cana World 2 Fly
10:25 W63171 Bucharest Wizz Air En Route
10:25 EVE802 Punta Cana Iberojet Airlines En Route
10:30 FR2064 Palma de Mallorca Ryanair Scheduled
10:30 IB553 Santander Iberia Scheduled
10:30 AA8835 Santander American Airlines Scheduled
10:30 QR5084 Santander Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:30 I23673 Berlin Iberia Express En Route
10:30 AA8722 Berlin American Airlines En Route
10:30 IB3673 Berlin Iberia En Route
10:30 I23835 Las Palmas Iberia Express
10:30 AA8676 Las Palmas American Airlines
10:30 AV6015 Las Palmas SA AVIANCA
10:30 BA7143 Las Palmas British Airways
10:30 FB1498 Las Palmas Bulgaria Air
10:30 IB3835 Las Palmas Iberia
10:30 JL6970 Las Palmas JAL
10:30 NT7835 Las Palmas Binter Canarias
10:30 QR6865 Las Palmas Qatar Airways
10:30 IB3257 Milan Iberia En Route
10:30 AA8755 Milan American Airlines En Route
10:30 VY5121 Milan Vueling En Route
10:30 IB3317 Tel Aviv-Yafo Iberia En Route
10:30 LY8397 Tel Aviv-Yafo EL AL En Route
10:35 IB423 Bilbao Iberia
10:35 AA8656 Bilbao American Airlines
10:35 AV6010 Bilbao SA AVIANCA
10:35 BA7243 Bilbao British Airways
10:35 BT5139 Bilbao Air Baltic
10:35 JL6942 Bilbao JAL
10:35 LA5412 Bilbao LATAM Airlines
10:35 QR6979 Bilbao Qatar Airways
10:35 IB8291 Melilla Iberia En Route
10:35 AA8500 Melilla American Airlines En Route
10:35 BA7204 Melilla British Airways En Route
10:35 QR5346 Melilla Qatar Airways En Route
10:35 I23859 Lanzarote Iberia Express En Route
10:35 AA8869 Lanzarote American Airlines En Route
10:35 IB3859 Lanzarote Iberia En Route
10:35 I23877 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Express Scheduled
10:35 AA8772 Santiago De Compostela American Airlines Scheduled
10:35 AT9997 Santiago De Compostela Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
10:35 AV6139 Santiago De Compostela SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:35 BA7129 Santiago De Compostela British Airways Scheduled
10:35 IB3877 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Scheduled
10:35 JL6972 Santiago De Compostela JAL Scheduled
10:35 QR6989 Santiago De Compostela Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:35 IB415 Jerez De La Frontera Iberia Scheduled
10:35 AA8702 Jerez De La Frontera American Airlines Scheduled
10:35 QR6953 Jerez De La Frontera Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:40 IB8773 Porto Iberia Scheduled
10:40 AA8757 Porto American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 IB479 Asturias Iberia Scheduled
10:40 AA8714 Asturias American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 AT9995 Asturias Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
10:40 AV6079 Asturias SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:40 BA7171 Asturias British Airways Scheduled
10:40 JL6960 Asturias JAL Scheduled
10:40 LA5464 Asturias LATAM Airlines Scheduled
10:40 QR6899 Asturias Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:40 IB8873 Valencia Iberia Scheduled
10:40 AA8524 Valencia American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 AV6095 Valencia SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:40 QR6922 Valencia Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:40 IB531 Vigo Iberia Scheduled
10:40 AA8708 Vigo American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 AT9960 Vigo Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
10:40 AV6091 Vigo SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:40 BA7205 Vigo British Airways Scheduled
10:40 JL6964 Vigo JAL Scheduled
10:40 LA5470 Vigo LATAM Airlines Scheduled
10:40 QR6985 Vigo Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:40 IB8859 Alicante Iberia Scheduled
10:40 AA8584 Alicante American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 AV6051 Alicante SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:40 BT5174 Alicante Air Baltic Scheduled
10:40 QR6856 Alicante Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:40 I23945 Tenerife Iberia Express
10:40 AA8707 Tenerife American Airlines
10:40 AV6145 Tenerife SA AVIANCA
10:40 BA7093 Tenerife British Airways
10:40 FB1404 Tenerife Bulgaria Air
10:40 IB3945 Tenerife Iberia
10:40 JL6976 Tenerife JAL
10:40 LA5460 Tenerife LATAM Airlines
10:40 QR6963 Tenerife Qatar Airways
10:40 IB3073 Toulouse Iberia Scheduled
10:40 AA8732 Toulouse American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 IB519 La Coruna Iberia Scheduled
10:40 AA8813 La Coruna American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 AT9991 La Coruna Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
10:40 AV6012 La Coruna SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:40 BA7105 La Coruna British Airways Scheduled
10:40 JL6954 La Coruna JAL Scheduled
10:40 LA5467 La Coruna LATAM Airlines Scheduled
10:40 QR5094 La Coruna Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:40 I23947 Sevilla Iberia Express Scheduled
10:40 AA8832 Sevilla American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 AT9983 Sevilla Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
10:40 AV6113 Sevilla SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:40 AY5586 Sevilla Finnair Scheduled
10:40 BA7189 Sevilla British Airways Scheduled
10:40 IB3947 Sevilla Iberia Scheduled
10:40 JL6974 Sevilla JAL Scheduled
10:40 LA7032 Sevilla LATAM Airlines Scheduled
10:40 QR6913 Sevilla Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:40 IB491 Malaga Iberia Scheduled
10:40 AA8623 Malaga American Airlines Scheduled
10:45 I23913 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Express Scheduled
10:45 AA8681 Palma de Mallorca American Airlines Scheduled
10:45 AT9989 Palma de Mallorca Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
10:45 AV6111 Palma de Mallorca SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:45 BA7159 Palma de Mallorca British Airways Scheduled
10:45 IB3913 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Scheduled
10:45 LA5443 Palma de Mallorca LATAM Airlines Scheduled
10:45 QR6945 Palma de Mallorca Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:50 TK1857 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
10:50 AV6611 Istanbul SA AVIANCA
10:50 NZ4867 Istanbul Air New Zealand
10:50 UX3902 Istanbul Air Europa
10:55 EI592 Dublin Aer Lingus En Route
10:55 BA8958 Dublin British Airways En Route
10:55 IB1458 Dublin Iberia En Route
11:00 UX9018 Las Palmas Air Europa En Route
11:00 AF4821 Las Palmas Air France En Route
11:00 AM6818 Las Palmas Aeromexico En Route
11:00 AR7331 Las Palmas Aerolineas Argentinas En Route
11:00 AZ2433 Las Palmas ITA S.p.A. En Route
11:00 EY4314 Las Palmas Etihad Airways En Route
11:00 KL3339 Las Palmas KLM En Route
11:00 RO9448 Las Palmas TAROM En Route
11:00 TK9399 Las Palmas Turkish Airlines En Route
11:10 IB3011 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
11:10 AA8667 Barcelona American Airlines Scheduled
11:10 AV6000 Barcelona SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:10 LA1515 Barcelona LATAM Airlines Scheduled
11:10 QR5092 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:10 VY5030 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
11:10 BA458 London British Airways En Route
11:10 AA6802 London American Airlines En Route
11:10 IB7460 London Iberia En Route
11:15 RO415 Bucharest TAROM En Route
11:15 UX3702 Bucharest Air Europa En Route
11:15 W63691 Iasi Wizz Air En Route
11:15 UX24 Asuncion Air Europa En Route
11:15 EY4381 Asuncion Etihad Airways En Route
11:15 CA1027 Hangzhou Air China LTD Scheduled
11:20 AA36 Dallas American Airlines En Route
11:20 AY4002 Dallas Finnair En Route
11:20 BA1512 Dallas British Airways En Route
11:20 IB4607 Dallas Iberia En Route
11:20 RJ7021 Dallas Royal Jordanian En Route
11:20 TP1026 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
11:20 A31727 Lisbon Aegean Airlines Scheduled
11:20 AV2496 Lisbon SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:20 EY1600 Lisbon Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:20 MS9420 Lisbon EgyptAir Scheduled
11:20 S48143 Lisbon Azores Airlines Scheduled
11:20 IB8687 Nantes Iberia
11:20 AA8790 Nantes American Airlines
11:30 IB8747 Marseille Iberia Scheduled
11:30 AA8566 Marseille American Airlines Scheduled
11:35 AF1300 Paris Air France Scheduled
11:35 CZ7170 Paris China Southern Airlines Scheduled
11:35 DL8374 Paris Delta Air Lines Scheduled
11:35 G35153 Paris Gol Scheduled
11:35 KQ3046 Paris Kenya Airways Scheduled
11:35 MK9422 Paris Air Mauritius Scheduled
11:35 MU1709 Paris China Eastern Airlines Scheduled
11:35 SQ1862 Paris Singapore Airlines Scheduled
11:35 UU8300 Paris Air Austral Scheduled
11:35 UX2224 Paris Air Europa Scheduled
11:35 VN3136 Paris Vietnam Airlines Scheduled
11:35 VS6427 Paris Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
11:50 UX88 Santo Domingo Air Europa
11:50 EY4380 Santo Domingo Etihad Airways
11:50 TK9385 Santo Domingo Turkish Airlines
11:55 IB6502 Santo Domingo Iberia
11:55 BA4203 Santo Domingo British Airways
11:55 QR6900 Santo Domingo Qatar Airways
11:55 SU2500 Moscow Aeroflot En Route
11:55 AM7038 Moscow Aeromexico En Route
11:55 AR7383 Moscow Aerolineas Argentinas En Route
11:55 UX3286 Moscow Air Europa En Route

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:05 IB8660 Venice Iberia
09:05 AA8748 Venice American Airlines
09:10 3O392 Tangier Air Arabia Maroc Cancelled
09:20 FR5482 Porto Ryanair Scheduled
09:35 IB8756 Bologna Iberia Scheduled
09:35 LA1714 Bologna LATAM Airlines Scheduled
09:40 IB8292 Melilla Iberia Scheduled
09:40 QR6940 Melilla Qatar Airways Scheduled
09:40 CA1028 Hangzhou Air China LTD Scheduled
09:45 IB3436 Paris Iberia Scheduled
09:45 VY5137 Paris Vueling Scheduled
09:50 IB3480 Geneva Iberia Scheduled
09:50 VY5148 Geneva Vueling Scheduled
10:00 AF1001 Paris Air France Scheduled
10:00 CZ7484 Paris China Southern Airlines Scheduled
10:00 DL8541 Paris Delta Air Lines Scheduled
10:00 KE6380 Paris Korean Air Scheduled
10:00 MK9427 Paris Air Mauritius Scheduled
10:00 UU8001 Paris Air Austral Scheduled
10:00 UX2227 Paris Air Europa Scheduled
10:00 VS6561 Paris Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
10:05 IB3314 Stockholm Iberia Scheduled
10:05 AA8680 Stockholm American Airlines Scheduled
10:05 AY5634 Stockholm Finnair Scheduled
10:05 VY5128 Stockholm Vueling Scheduled
10:15 UX6013 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa Scheduled
10:15 AF4800 Palma de Mallorca Air France Scheduled
10:15 AM6952 Palma de Mallorca Aeromexico Scheduled
10:15 AR7328 Palma de Mallorca Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
10:15 DL6756 Palma de Mallorca Delta Air Lines Scheduled
10:15 EY4363 Palma de Mallorca Etihad Airways Scheduled
10:20 AY1662 Helsinki Finnair Scheduled
10:20 IB385 Helsinki Iberia Scheduled
10:20 JL6852 Helsinki JAL Scheduled
10:20 UX5035 Malaga Air Europa Scheduled
10:20 AM6890 Malaga Aeromexico Scheduled
10:20 EY7584 Malaga Etihad Airways Scheduled
10:25 UX7233 La Coruna Air Europa Scheduled
10:25 AF4833 La Coruna Air France Scheduled
10:25 AM6906 La Coruna Aeromexico Scheduled
10:25 AR7354 La Coruna Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
10:25 DL6762 La Coruna Delta Air Lines Scheduled
10:25 EY4352 La Coruna Etihad Airways Scheduled
10:25 KL3315 La Coruna KLM Scheduled
10:30 FR2913 Tenerife Ryanair Scheduled
10:35 FR7257 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
10:40 IB3150 Athens Iberia Scheduled
10:40 VY5174 Athens Vueling Scheduled
10:45 UX7308 Vigo Air Europa Scheduled
10:45 AF4791 Vigo Air France Scheduled
10:45 AM6978 Vigo Aeromexico Scheduled
10:45 AR7348 Vigo Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
10:45 EY4360 Vigo Etihad Airways Scheduled
10:45 KL3367 Vigo KLM Scheduled
10:45 FR9472 Pisa Ryanair Scheduled
10:45 DL127 New York Delta Air Lines Scheduled
10:45 AF3668 New York Air France Scheduled
10:45 KL6127 New York KLM Scheduled
10:45 UX3391 New York Air Europa Scheduled
10:45 VS3891 New York Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
10:55 AM2 Mexico City Aeromexico Scheduled
10:55 LY8205 Mexico City EL AL Scheduled
10:55 SU4412 Mexico City Aeroflot Scheduled
10:55 UX2453 Mexico City Air Europa Scheduled
11:00 FR5468 Puerto del Rosario Ryanair Scheduled
11:05 FR4066 Catania Ryanair Scheduled
11:10 W63172 Bucharest Wizz Air Scheduled
11:15 IB8962 Menorca Iberia Scheduled
11:15 AA8564 Menorca American Airlines Scheduled
11:15 QR6584 Menorca Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:25 I23856 Lanzarote Iberia Express Scheduled
11:25 AA8770 Lanzarote American Airlines Scheduled
11:25 BA7226 Lanzarote British Airways Scheduled
11:25 IB3856 Lanzarote Iberia Scheduled
11:25 QR6561 Lanzarote Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:25 I23914 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Express Scheduled
11:25 AA8687 Palma de Mallorca American Airlines Scheduled
11:25 AV6112 Palma de Mallorca SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:25 BA7158 Palma de Mallorca British Airways Scheduled
11:25 IB3914 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Scheduled
11:25 QR6997 Palma de Mallorca Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:25 IB8698 Bordeaux Iberia Scheduled
11:25 AA8522 Bordeaux American Airlines Scheduled
11:25 I23950 Sevilla Iberia Express Scheduled
11:25 AA8704 Sevilla American Airlines Scheduled
11:25 AV6090 Sevilla SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:25 IB3950 Sevilla Iberia Scheduled
11:25 QR6580 Sevilla Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:25 IB3092 Porto Iberia Scheduled
11:25 AA8795 Porto American Airlines Scheduled
11:25 QR6930 Porto Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:25 IB3110 Lisbon Iberia Scheduled
11:25 AA8695 Lisbon American Airlines Scheduled
11:25 QR5093 Lisbon Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:25 VY5071 Lisbon Vueling Scheduled
11:25 IB3270 Hamburg Iberia Scheduled
11:25 VY5246 Hamburg Vueling Scheduled
11:30 IB3252 Milan Iberia Scheduled
11:30 AA8801 Milan American Airlines Scheduled
11:30 LA1608 Milan LATAM Airlines Scheduled
11:30 VY5190 Milan Vueling Scheduled
11:30 IB3012 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
11:30 AA8693 Barcelona American Airlines Scheduled
11:30 AV6089 Barcelona SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:30 QR5095 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:30 VY5031 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
11:30 IB3490 Geneva Iberia Scheduled
11:30 AA8673 Geneva American Airlines Scheduled
11:30 VY5262 Geneva Vueling Scheduled
11:30 I23822 Las Palmas Iberia Express Scheduled
11:30 AA8692 Las Palmas American Airlines Scheduled
11:30 AV6120 Las Palmas SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:30 IB3822 Las Palmas Iberia Scheduled
11:35 IB512 La Coruna Iberia Scheduled
11:35 AA8717 La Coruna American Airlines Scheduled
11:35 AV6038 La Coruna SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:35 BA7104 La Coruna British Airways Scheduled
11:35 QR6890 La Coruna Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:35 VY5035 La Coruna Vueling Scheduled
11:35 IB8290 Melilla Iberia Scheduled
11:35 AA8528 Melilla American Airlines Scheduled
11:35 LA1710 Melilla LATAM Airlines Scheduled
11:35 QR5345 Melilla Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:35 IB6275 Chicago Iberia Scheduled
11:35 AA8654 Chicago American Airlines Scheduled
11:35 AY5659 Chicago Finnair Scheduled
11:35 BA4271 Chicago British Airways Scheduled
11:35 QR6907 Chicago Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:35 IB3406 Paris Iberia Scheduled
11:35 AA8698 Paris American Airlines Scheduled
11:35 AV6049 Paris SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:35 VY5134 Paris Vueling Scheduled
11:40 I23874 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Express Scheduled
11:40 AA8844 Santiago De Compostela American Airlines Scheduled
11:40 AV6124 Santiago De Compostela SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:40 BA7130 Santiago De Compostela British Airways Scheduled
11:40 IB3874 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Scheduled
11:40 QR6923 Santiago De Compostela Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:40 IB532 Vigo Iberia Scheduled
11:40 AA8711 Vigo American Airlines Scheduled
11:40 AV6088 Vigo SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:40 BA7206 Vigo British Airways Scheduled
11:40 QR6983 Vigo Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:40 VY5046 Vigo Vueling Scheduled
11:45 EI593 Dublin Aer Lingus Scheduled
11:45 BA8959 Dublin British Airways Scheduled
11:45 EY7946 Dublin Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:45 IB1457 Dublin Iberia Scheduled
11:45 I23946 Tenerife Iberia Express Scheduled
11:45 AA8658 Tenerife American Airlines Scheduled
11:45 AV6094 Tenerife SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:45 BA7090 Tenerife British Airways Scheduled
11:45 FB1409 Tenerife Bulgaria Air Scheduled
11:45 IB3946 Tenerife Iberia Scheduled
11:45 QR6546 Tenerife Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:45 I23808 Ibiza Iberia Express Scheduled
11:45 AA8720 Ibiza American Airlines Scheduled
11:45 IB3808 Ibiza Iberia Scheduled
11:45 QR6523 Ibiza Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:45 IB6501 Santo Domingo Iberia Scheduled
11:45 BA4295 Santo Domingo British Airways Scheduled
11:45 LY9213 Santo Domingo EL AL Scheduled
11:45 QR5054 Santo Domingo Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:50 IB6123 Miami Iberia Scheduled
11:50 AA8637 Miami American Airlines Scheduled
11:50 AY5643 Miami Finnair Scheduled
11:50 BA4261 Miami British Airways Scheduled
11:50 QR6863 Miami Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:50 W63692 Iasi Wizz Air Scheduled
11:50 IB6845 Buenos Aires Iberia Scheduled
11:50 BA4255 Buenos Aires British Airways Scheduled
11:50 QR6976 Buenos Aires Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:50 IB6317 San Jose Iberia Scheduled
11:50 BA4217 San Jose British Airways Scheduled
11:55 IB426 Bilbao Iberia Scheduled
11:55 AA8712 Bilbao American Airlines Scheduled
11:55 AV6032 Bilbao SA AVIANCA Scheduled
11:55 BA7238 Bilbao British Airways Scheduled
11:55 LA5421 Bilbao LATAM Airlines Scheduled
11:55 QR6965 Bilbao Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:55 VY5002 Bilbao Vueling Scheduled
11:55 AC7231 Montreal Air Canada Scheduled

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