Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Madrid.


GPS - 40.47, -3.57


Madrid Barajas Airport on the map
Airport Madrid - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:05 I23937 Tenerife Iberia Express Landed
18:05 AV6133 Tenerife SA AVIANCA Landed
18:05 IB3937 Tenerife Iberia Landed
18:05 LA1567 Tenerife LATAM Airlines Landed
18:10 UX6066 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa Landed
18:10 AF4807 Palma de Mallorca Air France Landed
18:10 AM6969 Palma de Mallorca Aeromexico Landed
18:10 AR7329 Palma de Mallorca Aerolineas Argentinas Landed
18:10 EY4325 Palma de Mallorca Etihad Airways Landed
18:10 JU7460 Palma de Mallorca Air Serbia Landed
18:10 KL3319 Palma de Mallorca KLM Landed
18:10 IB3027 Barcelona Iberia Landed
18:10 LA1581 Barcelona LATAM Airlines Landed
18:10 VY5068 Barcelona Vueling Landed
18:10 LA706 Santiago LATAM Airlines Cancelled
18:10 IB7109 Santiago Iberia Cancelled
18:10 UX1140 Porto Air Europa Landed
18:10 AM6853 Porto Aeromexico Landed
18:10 JU7413 Porto Air Serbia Landed
18:20 FR7023 Cagliari Ryanair Landed
18:20 UX1156 Lisbon Air Europa
18:20 AM6828 Lisbon Aeromexico
18:20 AR7337 Lisbon Aerolineas Argentinas
18:20 JU7412 Lisbon Air Serbia
18:35 AT970 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc Landed
18:35 IB1971 Casablanca Iberia Landed
18:35 QR4532 Casablanca Qatar Airways Landed
18:35 AC7212 Halifax Air Canada Landed
18:35 IB3497 Oslo Iberia
18:35 VY5201 Oslo Vueling
18:40 I23843 Santa Cruz De La Palma Iberia Express Landed
18:40 IB3843 Santa Cruz De La Palma Iberia Landed
18:40 IB3271 Hamburg Iberia
18:40 VY5247 Hamburg Vueling
18:45 I23951 Sevilla Iberia Express
18:45 IB3951 Sevilla Iberia
18:45 IB3367 Ponta Delgada (Azores Iberia Landed
18:45 VY5296 Ponta Delgada (Azores Vueling Landed
18:50 I23731 Copenhagen Iberia Express
18:50 IB3731 Copenhagen Iberia
18:50 LA1672 Copenhagen LATAM Airlines
18:50 IB8877 Valencia Iberia Landed
18:50 AA8682 Valencia American Airlines Landed
18:50 AV6140 Valencia SA AVIANCA Landed
18:50 LA1719 Valencia LATAM Airlines Landed
18:50 IB3149 Prague Iberia
18:50 AA8766 Prague American Airlines
18:50 OK4704 Prague CSA
18:50 VY5173 Prague Vueling
18:50 IB8969 Santander Iberia
18:50 AA8774 Santander American Airlines
18:50 I23879 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Express
18:50 AA8773 Santiago De Compostela American Airlines
18:50 AV6126 Santiago De Compostela SA AVIANCA
18:50 IB3879 Santiago De Compostela Iberia
18:50 LA1562 Santiago De Compostela LATAM Airlines
18:50 IB3155 Dubrovnik Iberia Landed
18:50 AA8541 Dubrovnik American Airlines Landed
18:50 LA1650 Dubrovnik LATAM Airlines Landed
18:50 VY5163 Dubrovnik Vueling Landed
18:55 IB8741 Toulouse Iberia Landed
18:55 IB8907 Jerez De La Frontera Iberia
18:55 BA7213 Jerez De La Frontera British Airways
18:55 IB3095 Porto Iberia
18:55 VY5309 Porto Vueling
18:55 IB8949 Malaga Iberia
18:55 AA8504 Malaga American Airlines
18:55 AV6014 Malaga SA AVIANCA
18:55 BA7165 Malaga British Airways
18:55 LA1717 Malaga LATAM Airlines
18:55 QR6577 Malaga Qatar Airways
18:55 IB449 Bilbao Iberia Landed
18:55 AA8528 Bilbao American Airlines Landed
18:55 AV6022 Bilbao SA AVIANCA Landed
18:55 BA7257 Bilbao British Airways Landed
18:55 LA5406 Bilbao LATAM Airlines Landed
18:55 VY5015 Bilbao Vueling Landed
18:55 IB3315 Stockholm Iberia Landed
18:55 AA8509 Stockholm American Airlines Landed
18:55 AY5637 Stockholm Finnair Landed
18:55 LA5475 Stockholm LATAM Airlines Landed
18:55 VY5129 Stockholm Vueling Landed
18:55 IB8901 Asturias Iberia
18:55 AA8759 Asturias American Airlines
19:00 IB523 La Coruna Iberia
19:00 AA8572 La Coruna American Airlines
19:00 AV6182 La Coruna SA AVIANCA
19:00 BA7115 La Coruna British Airways
19:00 LA5469 La Coruna LATAM Airlines
19:00 VY5042 La Coruna Vueling
19:00 LX2032 Zurich SWISS Landed
19:00 LA8795 Zurich LATAM Airlines Landed
19:00 FR2016 Lanzarote Ryanair Landed
19:00 IB8863 Alicante Iberia
19:00 AA8508 Alicante American Airlines
19:00 AV6003 Alicante SA AVIANCA
19:00 LA1725 Alicante LATAM Airlines
19:00 IB535 Vigo Iberia
19:00 AV6117 Vigo SA AVIANCA
19:00 BA7221 Vigo British Airways
19:00 LA5471 Vigo LATAM Airlines
19:00 VY5049 Vigo Vueling
19:05 I23803 Ibiza Iberia Express
19:05 AA8565 Ibiza American Airlines
19:05 IB3803 Ibiza Iberia
19:05 I23825 Las Palmas Iberia Express Landed
19:05 AV6026 Las Palmas SA AVIANCA Landed
19:05 IB3825 Las Palmas Iberia Landed
19:05 LA1559 Las Palmas LATAM Airlines Landed
19:05 NT7825 Las Palmas Binter Canarias Landed
19:05 IB8775 Lisbon Iberia
19:05 AA8590 Lisbon American Airlines
19:05 LA1631 Lisbon LATAM Airlines
19:10 I23925 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Express Landed
19:10 AV6116 Palma de Mallorca SA AVIANCA Landed
19:10 IB3925 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Landed
19:10 LA1566 Palma de Mallorca LATAM Airlines Landed
19:10 FR1330 Naples Ryanair
19:15 W68333 Rome Wizz Air
19:20 AF1100 Paris Air France Landed
19:20 DL8408 Paris Delta Air Lines Landed
19:20 G35212 Paris Gol Landed
19:20 KE6379 Paris Korean Air Landed
19:20 KQ3160 Paris Kenya Airways Landed
19:20 UX2230 Paris Air Europa Landed
19:20 IB3177 London Iberia Landed
19:20 AA8580 London American Airlines Landed
19:20 BA7067 London British Airways Landed
19:20 JL6989 London JAL Landed
19:20 LA1542 London LATAM Airlines Landed
19:20 VY5186 London Vueling Landed
19:20 TP1020 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
19:20 AD7284 Lisbon Azul
19:20 S48033 Lisbon Azores Airlines
19:25 IB3443 Paris Iberia Landed
19:25 LA1554 Paris LATAM Airlines Landed
19:25 VY5254 Paris Vueling Landed
19:25 LG3837 Luxembourg Luxair Landed
19:25 FR5383 Malta Ryanair Landed
19:30 IB3031 Barcelona Iberia En Route
19:30 AA8689 Barcelona American Airlines En Route
19:30 AV6019 Barcelona SA AVIANCA En Route
19:30 LA1585 Barcelona LATAM Airlines En Route
19:30 OB5007 Barcelona BoA En Route
19:30 QR6562 Barcelona Qatar Airways En Route
19:30 VY5082 Barcelona Vueling En Route
19:30 FR107 Alghero Ryanair
19:35 I23797 Menorca Iberia Express
19:35 IB3797 Menorca Iberia
19:40 IB8701 Bordeaux Iberia En Route
19:40 FR5375 Bologna Ryanair
19:50 TO4638 Paris Transavia France
19:50 FR7156 Dublin Ryanair
19:50 LH1122 Frankfurt Lufthansa
19:50 AV6509 Frankfurt SA AVIANCA
19:50 OS7457 Frankfurt Austrian
19:50 UA9359 Frankfurt United Airlines
19:55 FR9601 Rome Ryanair
20:00 BA464 London British Airways En Route
20:00 AA6808 London American Airlines En Route
20:00 IB7466 London Iberia En Route
20:00 JL7703 London JAL En Route
20:00 LA5484 London LATAM Airlines En Route
20:00 FR5279 Tenerife Ryanair
20:10 VY3418 Ibiza Vueling En Route
20:10 IB5215 Ibiza Iberia En Route
20:10 IB3087 Lyon Iberia En Route
20:25 I23955 Tenerife Iberia Express En Route
20:25 AA8603 Tenerife American Airlines En Route
20:25 AV6199 Tenerife SA AVIANCA En Route
20:25 IB3955 Tenerife Iberia En Route
20:25 LA1572 Tenerife LATAM Airlines En Route
20:25 AY1661 Helsinki Finnair En Route
20:25 IB384 Helsinki Iberia En Route
20:25 JL6853 Helsinki JAL En Route
20:25 LA5324 Helsinki LATAM Airlines En Route
20:25 IB8241 Strasbourg Iberia Cancelled
20:25 AA8534 Strasbourg American Airlines Cancelled
20:30 IB8691 Nantes Iberia En Route
20:30 SWT8735 Casablanca Swiftair En Route
20:35 UX1062 Milan Air Europa
20:35 AM6851 Milan Aeromexico
20:35 EY7594 Milan Etihad Airways
20:35 ME2042 Milan Middle East Airlines
20:35 IB3493 Geneva Iberia En Route
20:35 LA5394 Geneva LATAM Airlines En Route
20:35 VY5155 Geneva Vueling En Route
20:40 UX6078 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa
20:40 AF4823 Palma de Mallorca Air France
20:40 AM6970 Palma de Mallorca Aeromexico
20:40 EY4338 Palma de Mallorca Etihad Airways
20:40 IB3171 London Iberia
20:40 AA8581 London American Airlines
20:40 BA7061 London British Airways
20:40 LA1541 London LATAM Airlines
20:40 VY5227 London Vueling
20:45 IB8751 Marseille Iberia
20:55 UX1672 Zurich Air Europa En Route
20:55 AM6867 Zurich Aeromexico En Route
20:55 EY7598 Zurich Etihad Airways En Route
20:55 JU7442 Zurich Air Serbia En Route
20:55 FR7753 Marrakech Ryanair Scheduled
20:55 UX1016 London Air Europa En Route
20:55 AM6913 London Aeromexico En Route
20:55 FR5433 Palma de Mallorca Ryanair Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:05 IB3440 Paris Iberia En Route
18:05 VY5145 Paris Vueling En Route
18:10 I23904 Puerto del Rosario Iberia Express En Route
18:10 IB3904 Puerto del Rosario Iberia En Route
18:10 QR6572 Puerto del Rosario Qatar Airways En Route
18:15 U26996 Edinburgh easyJet
18:15 FB472 Sofia Bulgaria Air
18:15 IB2386 Sofia Iberia
18:20 VY3834 Menorca Vueling En Route
18:20 IB5422 Menorca Iberia En Route
18:20 QR3731 Menorca Qatar Airways En Route
18:25 TK1860 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
18:25 AV6612 Istanbul SA AVIANCA
18:25 HY7290 Istanbul Uzbekistan Airways
18:25 NZ4860 Istanbul Air New Zealand
18:25 UX3903 Istanbul Air Europa
18:30 LH1805 Munich Lufthansa
18:30 FR5983 Milan Ryanair
18:35 I23718 London Iberia Express En Route
18:35 BA7198 London British Airways En Route
18:35 IB3718 London Iberia En Route
18:45 I23922 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Express
18:45 AV6106 Palma de Mallorca SA AVIANCA
18:45 IB3922 Palma de Mallorca Iberia
18:45 LA1565 Palma de Mallorca LATAM Airlines
18:45 QR6587 Palma de Mallorca Qatar Airways
19:00 UX1141 Porto Air Europa En Route
19:00 AM6918 Porto Aeromexico En Route
19:00 SV6974 Porto Saudia En Route
19:00 UX6097 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa En Route
19:00 AF4802 Palma de Mallorca Air France En Route
19:00 AM6814 Palma de Mallorca Aeromexico En Route
19:00 AR7320 Palma de Mallorca Aerolineas Argentinas En Route
19:00 EY4372 Palma de Mallorca Etihad Airways En Route
19:00 KL3333 Palma de Mallorca KLM En Route
19:00 TK9388 Palma de Mallorca Turkish Airlines En Route
19:00 IB3026 Barcelona Iberia En Route
19:00 VY5063 Barcelona Vueling En Route
19:00 UX5047 Malaga Air Europa En Route
19:00 AM6903 Malaga Aeromexico En Route
19:00 FR3056 Menorca Ryanair En Route
19:10 UX1157 Lisbon Air Europa
19:10 AM6945 Lisbon Aeromexico
19:10 AR7336 Lisbon Aerolineas Argentinas
19:10 UX7237 La Coruna Air Europa
19:10 AF4808 La Coruna Air France
19:10 AM6961 La Coruna Aeromexico
19:10 AR7350 La Coruna Aerolineas Argentinas
19:10 EY4365 La Coruna Etihad Airways
19:10 KL3366 La Coruna KLM
19:10 SV6127 La Coruna Saudia
19:25 IB508 San Sebastian Iberia Scheduled
19:25 AA8819 San Sebastian American Airlines Scheduled
19:25 AV6024 San Sebastian SA AVIANCA Scheduled
19:25 BA7222 San Sebastian British Airways Scheduled
19:25 BT5138 San Sebastian Air Baltic Scheduled
19:25 QR5083 San Sebastian Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:25 VY5206 San Sebastian Vueling Scheduled
19:35 AT971 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
19:35 IB1970 Casablanca Iberia Scheduled
19:35 IB8744 Porto Iberia
19:35 QR7248 Porto Qatar Airways
19:35 FR5484 Porto Ryanair Scheduled
19:35 IB8864 Alicante Iberia
19:35 AA8657 Alicante American Airlines
19:35 I23920 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Express Scheduled
19:35 AA8680 Palma de Mallorca American Airlines Scheduled
19:35 AT9988 Palma de Mallorca Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
19:35 AV6002 Palma de Mallorca SA AVIANCA Scheduled
19:35 BA7160 Palma de Mallorca British Airways Scheduled
19:35 IB3920 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Scheduled
19:35 LA5446 Palma de Mallorca LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:35 QR6998 Palma de Mallorca Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:40 I23872 Malaga Iberia Express Scheduled
19:40 IB3872 Malaga Iberia Scheduled
19:40 I23640 Toulouse Iberia Express Scheduled
19:40 IB3640 Toulouse Iberia Scheduled
19:40 QR6957 Toulouse Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:40 IB8908 Jerez De La Frontera Iberia Scheduled
19:40 AA8733 Jerez De La Frontera American Airlines Scheduled
19:40 BA7212 Jerez De La Frontera British Airways Scheduled
19:40 QR6868 Jerez De La Frontera Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:40 IB8936 Granada Iberia Scheduled
19:40 AA8828 Granada American Airlines Scheduled
19:40 BA7228 Granada British Airways Scheduled
19:40 BT5141 Granada Air Baltic Scheduled
19:40 LA1716 Granada LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:40 QR6876 Granada Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:40 IB3056 Berlin Iberia Scheduled
19:40 AA8790 Berlin American Airlines Scheduled
19:40 VY5282 Berlin Vueling Scheduled
19:40 IB3106 Lisbon Iberia
19:40 AA8630 Lisbon American Airlines
19:40 JL6957 Lisbon JAL
19:40 LA7149 Lisbon LATAM Airlines
19:40 QR6975 Lisbon Qatar Airways
19:40 VY5067 Lisbon Vueling
19:40 IB522 La Coruna Iberia Scheduled
19:40 AT9990 La Coruna Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
19:40 AV6035 La Coruna SA AVIANCA Scheduled
19:40 BA7108 La Coruna British Airways Scheduled
19:40 BT5153 La Coruna Air Baltic Scheduled
19:40 LA7051 La Coruna LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:40 QR6966 La Coruna Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:40 VY5041 La Coruna Vueling Scheduled
19:40 IB538 Vigo Iberia Scheduled
19:40 AT9959 Vigo Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
19:40 AV6008 Vigo SA AVIANCA Scheduled
19:40 BA7210 Vigo British Airways Scheduled
19:40 JL6965 Vigo JAL Scheduled
19:40 LA7052 Vigo LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:40 QR6984 Vigo Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:40 VY5052 Vigo Vueling Scheduled
19:40 I23812 Ibiza Iberia Express Scheduled
19:40 BT5151 Ibiza Air Baltic Scheduled
19:40 IB3812 Ibiza Iberia Scheduled
19:40 QR5353 Ibiza Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:45 IB440 Bilbao Iberia Scheduled
19:45 AA8799 Bilbao American Airlines Scheduled
19:45 AT9986 Bilbao Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
19:45 AV6080 Bilbao SA AVIANCA Scheduled
19:45 BA7252 Bilbao British Airways Scheduled
19:45 BT5142 Bilbao Air Baltic Scheduled
19:45 JL6943 Bilbao JAL Scheduled
19:45 LA7058 Bilbao LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:45 QR6977 Bilbao Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:45 LX2033 Zurich SWISS Scheduled
19:45 IB3134 Dusseldorf Iberia Scheduled
19:45 AA8816 Dusseldorf American Airlines Scheduled
19:45 VY5103 Dusseldorf Vueling Scheduled
19:50 I23720 Amsterdam Iberia Express Scheduled
19:50 IB3720 Amsterdam Iberia Scheduled
19:50 JL6969 Amsterdam JAL Scheduled
19:50 LA1613 Amsterdam LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:50 IB8922 Almeria Iberia Scheduled
19:50 AA8776 Almeria American Airlines Scheduled
19:50 BT5161 Almeria Air Baltic Scheduled
19:50 QR6553 Almeria Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:50 IB480 Asturias Iberia Scheduled
19:50 AT9969 Asturias Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
19:50 AV6052 Asturias SA AVIANCA Scheduled
19:50 BA7184 Asturias British Airways Scheduled
19:50 BT5148 Asturias Air Baltic Scheduled
19:50 JL9411 Asturias JAL Scheduled
19:50 LA7050 Asturias LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:50 QR6575 Asturias Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:50 VY5021 Asturias Vueling Scheduled
19:50 FR1332 Naples Ryanair Scheduled
19:50 IB558 Santander Iberia Scheduled
19:50 AA8695 Santander American Airlines Scheduled
19:50 QR5363 Santander Qatar Airways Scheduled
19:50 VY5240 Santander Vueling Scheduled
19:50 UX6027 Ibiza Air Europa Scheduled
19:50 AF4801 Ibiza Air France Scheduled
19:50 AM6863 Ibiza Aeromexico Scheduled
19:50 KL3327 Ibiza KLM Scheduled
19:55 IB3400 Paris Iberia Scheduled
19:55 AV6071 Paris SA AVIANCA Scheduled
19:55 LA1550 Paris LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:55 VY5130 Paris Vueling Scheduled
19:55 IB3124 Vienna Iberia Scheduled
19:55 LA1635 Vienna LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:55 VY5220 Vienna Vueling Scheduled
19:55 IB8712 Frankfurt Iberia Scheduled
20:00 FR5382 Malta Ryanair Scheduled
20:00 AR1133 Buenos Aires Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
20:00 KE6326 Buenos Aires Korean Air Scheduled
20:00 LY8835 Buenos Aires EL AL Scheduled
20:00 UX3043 Buenos Aires Air Europa Scheduled
20:00 W68334 Rome Wizz Air
20:00 IB3194 Munich Iberia Scheduled
20:00 AA8653 Munich American Airlines Scheduled
20:00 VY5124 Munich Vueling Scheduled
20:00 I23948 Sevilla Iberia Express Scheduled
20:00 AV6162 Sevilla SA AVIANCA Scheduled
20:00 IB3948 Sevilla Iberia Scheduled
20:00 JL6975 Sevilla JAL Scheduled
20:00 LA1569 Sevilla LATAM Airlines Scheduled
20:00 QR6593 Sevilla Qatar Airways Scheduled
20:00 IB3476 Zurich Iberia Scheduled
20:00 AA8769 Zurich American Airlines Scheduled
20:00 JL6967 Zurich JAL Scheduled
20:00 LA1601 Zurich LATAM Airlines Scheduled
20:00 VY5258 Zurich Vueling Scheduled
20:05 FR100 Bordeaux Ryanair Scheduled
20:10 IB3208 Brussels Iberia Scheduled
20:10 AA8810 Brussels American Airlines Scheduled
20:10 JL6945 Brussels JAL Scheduled
20:10 LA1544 Brussels LATAM Airlines Scheduled
20:10 VY5233 Brussels Vueling Scheduled
20:10 TP1025 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
20:10 AD7308 Lisbon Azul
20:10 AV2502 Lisbon SA AVIANCA
20:10 MS9425 Lisbon EgyptAir
20:10 S48034 Lisbon Azores Airlines
20:10 LG3838 Luxembourg Luxair Scheduled
20:15 FR2084 Ibiza Ryanair Scheduled
20:15 IB3030 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
20:15 JL9402 Barcelona JAL Scheduled
20:15 VY5079 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
20:15 I23938 Tenerife Iberia Express Scheduled
20:15 AV6163 Tenerife SA AVIANCA Scheduled
20:15 IB3938 Tenerife Iberia Scheduled
20:15 JL6977 Tenerife JAL Scheduled
20:15 LA1568 Tenerife LATAM Airlines Scheduled
20:15 QR6591 Tenerife Qatar Airways Scheduled
20:15 AF1101 Paris Air France Scheduled
20:15 AR7830 Paris Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
20:15 G35145 Paris Gol Scheduled
20:15 MK9563 Paris Air Mauritius Scheduled
20:15 UX2235 Paris Air Europa Scheduled
20:20 IB8878 Valencia Iberia Scheduled
20:20 AV6188 Valencia SA AVIANCA Scheduled
20:20 BA7152 Valencia British Airways Scheduled
20:20 LA1731 Valencia LATAM Airlines Scheduled
20:20 QR6884 Valencia Qatar Airways Scheduled
20:25 IB3482 Geneva Iberia Scheduled
20:25 JL6953 Geneva JAL Scheduled
20:25 LA1597 Geneva LATAM Airlines Scheduled
20:25 VY5149 Geneva Vueling Scheduled
20:25 I23818 Menorca Iberia Express Scheduled
20:25 IB3818 Menorca Iberia Scheduled
20:25 IB8850 Pamplona Iberia Scheduled
20:25 AA8684 Pamplona American Airlines Scheduled
20:25 AV6158 Pamplona SA AVIANCA Scheduled
20:25 QR6867 Pamplona Qatar Airways Scheduled
20:30 FR2061 Palma de Mallorca Ryanair Scheduled
20:35 TO4639 Paris Transavia France Scheduled
20:35 AC7213 Toronto Air Canada Scheduled
20:50 FR7157 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
20:50 VY3417 Ibiza Vueling Scheduled
20:50 IB5214 Ibiza Iberia Scheduled
20:50 QR3540 Ibiza Qatar Airways Scheduled
20:50 IB3256 Milan Iberia Scheduled
20:50 VY5120 Milan Vueling Scheduled
20:50 BA465 London British Airways Scheduled
20:50 AA6809 London American Airlines Scheduled
20:50 IB7467 London Iberia Scheduled

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