Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Madrid.


GPS - 40.47, -3.57


Madrid Barajas Airport on the map
Airport Madrid - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
15:00 IB8707 Frankfurt Iberia
17:10 TP1016 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
17:25 U27615 Lisbon easyJet
18:00 UX7154 Bilbao Air Europa
18:10 UX6066 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa
18:10 UX7317 Vigo Air Europa
18:15 IB3271 Hamburg Iberia
18:15 UX5050 Malaga Air Europa
18:15 UX1140 Porto Air Europa
18:20 UX9049 Tenerife Air Europa
18:20 BA462 London British Airways
18:20 IB3027 Barcelona Iberia
18:20 UX1156 Lisbon Air Europa
18:20 UX7236 La Coruna Air Europa
18:25 I23911 Tenerife Iberia Express
18:25 FR6732 Naples Ryanair
18:25 I23907 Puerto del Rosario Iberia Express
18:45 IB3315 Stockholm Iberia
18:45 I23937 Tenerife Iberia Express
18:45 IB495 San Sebastian Iberia
18:50 IB3497 Oslo Iberia
18:50 I23731 Copenhagen Iberia Express
18:50 IB3149 Prague Iberia
18:50 IB8877 Valencia Iberia
18:55 I23825 Las Palmas Iberia Express
18:55 IB8741 Toulouse Iberia
18:55 IB8921 Almeria Iberia
18:55 IB487 Asturias Iberia
18:55 IB405 Jerez De La Frontera Iberia
18:55 IB8863 Alicante Iberia
18:55 I23803 Ibiza Iberia Express
18:55 I23951 Sevilla Iberia Express
18:55 IB449 Bilbao Iberia
18:55 I23879 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Express
19:00 LX2032 Zurich SWISS
19:25 TU606 Tunis Tunisair
19:00 IB3095 Porto Iberia
19:00 IB523 La Coruna Iberia
19:00 IB535 Vigo Iberia
19:05 UX1222 Paris Air Europa
19:10 IB3103 Lisbon Iberia
19:10 I23925 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Express
19:15 IB3177 London Iberia
19:15 FR9471 Pisa Ryanair
19:15 AF1100 Paris Air France
19:20 U28281 London easyJet
19:25 IB3443 Paris Iberia
19:30 W63171 Bucharest Wizz Air
19:30 FR2018 Lanzarote Ryanair
19:30 IB3031 Barcelona Iberia
19:35 KL1705 Amsterdam KLM
19:40 W62371 Budapest Wizz Air
19:40 IB8701 Bordeaux Iberia
19:45 LG3837 Luxembourg Luxair
19:45 IB8691 Nantes Iberia
19:55 TK6415 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
19:55 BA464 London British Airways
20:00 U21417 Geneva easyJet

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:00 IB3328 Dakar Iberia
18:00 U27616 Lisbon easyJet
18:00 TK1860 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
18:05 IB3440 Paris Iberia
18:05 AZ63 Rome ITA Airways
18:20 AF1801 Paris Air France
18:25 VY1007 Barcelona Vueling
18:35 I23812 Ibiza Iberia Express
18:50 AT971 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc
18:50 AR1133 Buenos Aires Aerolineas Argentinas
19:00 IB3026 Barcelona Iberia
19:00 FR6723 Marseille Ryanair
19:00 UX6097 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa
19:00 UX7159 Bilbao Air Europa
19:05 UX1157 Lisbon Air Europa
19:05 BA463 London British Airways
19:05 UX5047 Malaga Air Europa
19:05 UX1141 Porto Air Europa
19:10 UX7237 La Coruna Air Europa
19:10 UX9057 Tenerife Air Europa
19:10 UX7306 Vigo Air Europa
19:35 I23920 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Express
19:40 IB8742 Toulouse Iberia
19:40 IB3194 Munich Iberia
19:40 IB8936 Granada Iberia
19:40 IB522 La Coruna Iberia
19:40 IB3272 Hamburg Iberia
19:40 IB3106 Lisbon Iberia
19:40 IB8744 Porto Iberia
19:45 I23674 Berlin Iberia Express
19:45 IB480 Asturias Iberia
19:45 IB440 Bilbao Iberia
19:45 IB3134 Dusseldorf Iberia
19:45 LX2033 Zurich SWISS
19:50 IB558 Santander Iberia
19:50 I23938 Tenerife Iberia Express
19:50 I23902 Puerto del Rosario Iberia Express
19:50 IB3124 Vienna Iberia
19:50 FR2063 Palma de Mallorca Ryanair
19:55 I23948 Sevilla Iberia Express
19:55 IB3476 Zurich Iberia
19:55 I23880 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Express
19:55 I23710 Naples Iberia Express
19:55 I23742 Paris Iberia Express
19:55 IB8712 Frankfurt Iberia
20:00 IB3030 Barcelona Iberia
20:00 UX9172 Las Palmas Air Europa
20:00 TU607 Tunis Tunisair
20:00 U28282 London easyJet
20:00 IB3238 Rome Iberia
20:00 I23750 Malaga Iberia Express

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