Lamezia Terme Airport (SUF) - arrivals and departures

Country - Italy

City - Lamezia-Terme.


GPS - 38.91, 16.25


Lamezia Terme Airport on the map
Airport Lamezia-Terme - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
08:00 FR4324 Bologna Ryanair Landed
08:00 FR5092 Milan Ryanair Landed
09:30 U22861 Milan easyJet Landed
09:40 FR1434 Milan Ryanair
10:05 E3*213 Forli Ego Airways Scheduled
10:30 AZ1169 Rome ITA S.p.A. Landed
10:30 DL6642 Rome Delta Air Lines Landed
10:30 ET4021 Rome Ethiopian Airlines Landed
10:30 EY2883 Rome Etihad Airways Landed
10:30 FB1627 Rome Bulgaria Air Landed
10:30 KQ4354 Rome Kenya Airways Landed
10:35 AZ1181 Milan ITA S.p.A. Landed
14:30 W65593 Milan Wizz Air
17:25 FR5292 Milan Ryanair Scheduled
18:30 FR1436 Milan Ryanair Scheduled
18:30 AZ1167 Rome ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
18:30 AF9770 Rome Air France Scheduled
18:30 EY2882 Rome Etihad Airways Scheduled
18:30 KL3448 Rome KLM Scheduled
18:30 RO9709 Rome TAROM Scheduled
19:05 FR5050 Venice Ryanair Scheduled
20:35 AZ1187 Milan ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
23:00 AZ1173 Rome ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
23:00 AF9769 Rome Air France Scheduled
23:00 EY2885 Rome Etihad Airways Scheduled
23:00 JU7274 Rome Air Serbia Scheduled
23:00 KL3404 Rome KLM Scheduled
23:00 KM2541 Rome Air Malta Scheduled
23:00 KQ4356 Rome Kenya Airways Scheduled
23:00 TP7182 Rome TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
23:00 UX3157 Rome Air Europa Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:40 AZ1162 Rome ITA S.p.A. Landed
06:40 DL6641 Rome Delta Air Lines Landed
06:40 EY2886 Rome Etihad Airways Landed
06:40 FB1630 Rome Bulgaria Air Landed
06:40 JU7273 Rome Air Serbia Landed
06:40 KL3405 Rome KLM Landed
06:40 KM2540 Rome Air Malta Landed
06:40 KQ4355 Rome Kenya Airways Landed
06:40 RO9708 Rome TAROM Landed
06:40 TP7179 Rome TAP Air Portugal Landed
08:30 FR4325 Bologna Ryanair Landed
08:30 FR5093 Milan Ryanair Landed
10:05 FR1435 Milan Ryanair Landed
10:20 U22862 Milan easyJet Landed
10:45 E3*214 Forli Ego Airways Scheduled
11:15 AZ1168 Rome ITA S.p.A. Landed
11:15 AF9786 Rome Air France Landed
11:15 ET4020 Rome Ethiopian Airlines Landed
11:15 EY2887 Rome Etihad Airways Landed
11:15 KL3406 Rome KLM Landed
11:15 KQ4357 Rome Kenya Airways Landed
11:15 RO9710 Rome TAROM Landed
11:15 TP7141 Rome TAP Air Portugal Landed
11:15 UX3154 Rome Air Europa Landed
11:20 AZ1180 Milan ITA S.p.A. Landed
15:05 W65594 Milan Wizz Air
17:55 FR5293 Milan Ryanair Scheduled
18:55 FR1437 Milan Ryanair Scheduled
19:15 AZ1170 Rome ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
19:15 AF9781 Rome Air France Scheduled
19:15 EY2888 Rome Etihad Airways Scheduled
19:30 FR5040 Venice Ryanair Scheduled
21:20 AZ1186 Milan ITA S.p.A. Scheduled

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