A Coruna Airport (LCG) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - La.


GPS - 43.3, -8.38

WWW - www.aena.es

A Coruna Airport on the map
Airport La Coruna - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
08:40 VY1292 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
08:40 IB5030 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
08:40 IB514 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
08:40 AA8840 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
08:40 VY5037 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
09:25 VY6018 London Vueling Scheduled
09:25 BA8092 London British Airways Scheduled
09:25 IB5958 London Iberia Scheduled
11:45 UX7231 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
11:45 AF4805 Madrid Air France Scheduled
11:45 AM6963 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
11:45 EY4362 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:45 JU7399 Madrid Air Serbia Scheduled
11:45 KL3332 Madrid KLM Scheduled
12:55 IB512 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
12:55 AA8841 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
12:55 AV6038 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
12:55 BA7104 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
12:55 QR6890 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
12:55 VY5035 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
16:20 UX7235 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
16:20 AF4812 Madrid Air France Scheduled
16:20 AM6984 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
16:20 AZ2434 Madrid ITA Airways Scheduled
16:20 DL6763 Madrid Delta Air Lines Scheduled
16:20 EY4312 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
16:20 KL3364 Madrid KLM Scheduled
16:20 RO9417 Madrid TAROM Scheduled
16:20 TK4585 Madrid Turkish Airlines Scheduled
18:55 NT5200 Las Palmas Binter Canarias Scheduled
19:15 VY8090 Paris Vueling Scheduled
21:00 IB522 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
21:00 AA8842 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
21:00 AT9990 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
21:00 AV6035 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
21:00 BA7108 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
21:00 BT5153 Madrid Air Baltic Scheduled
21:00 LA7051 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
21:00 QR6966 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
21:00 VY5041 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
22:10 VY1290 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
22:10 IB5028 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
22:10 QR3526 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
23:25 IB516 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
23:25 AA8619 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
23:25 AY5607 Madrid Finnair Scheduled
23:25 QR5350 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled

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Source - www.aena.es (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:15 VY1293 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
09:15 IB5031 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
09:15 QR3523 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
09:20 IB519 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
09:20 AA8569 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
09:20 AT9991 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
09:20 AV6012 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
09:20 BA7105 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
09:20 JL6954 Madrid JAL Scheduled
09:20 LA5467 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
09:20 QR5094 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:00 VY6019 London Vueling Scheduled
10:00 BA8093 London British Airways Scheduled
10:00 IB5959 London Iberia Scheduled
12:30 UX7234 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
12:30 AF4847 Madrid Air France Scheduled
12:30 AM6964 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
12:30 AZ2437 Madrid ITA Airways Scheduled
12:30 DL6745 Madrid Delta Air Lines Scheduled
12:30 EY4311 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
12:30 KL3369 Madrid KLM Scheduled
12:30 SV6126 Madrid Saudia Scheduled
12:30 TK4584 Madrid Turkish Airlines Scheduled
13:35 IB513 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
13:35 AA8571 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
13:35 AV6011 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
13:35 BA7109 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
13:35 BT5152 Madrid Air Baltic Scheduled
13:35 LA5479 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
13:35 QR6891 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
13:35 VY5036 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
17:10 UX7236 Madrid Air Europa Scheduled
17:10 AF4790 Madrid Air France Scheduled
17:10 AM6980 Madrid Aeromexico Scheduled
17:10 AR7349 Madrid Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
17:10 EY4319 Madrid Etihad Airways Scheduled
17:10 JU7441 Madrid Air Serbia Scheduled
17:10 KL3370 Madrid KLM Scheduled
19:35 NT5201 Las Palmas Binter Canarias Scheduled
19:55 VY8091 Paris Vueling Scheduled
21:40 IB521 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
21:40 LA5468 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
21:40 VY5040 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
22:45 VY1291 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
22:45 IB5029 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled

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Source - www.aena.es (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)