Kefalonia Airport (EFL) - arrivals and departures

Country - Greece

City - Cephalonia.


GPS - 38.12, 20.5


Kefalonia Airport on the map
Airport Cephalonia - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
11:05 U22067 Manchester MAN easyJet Estimated 10:53
11:35 LS1435 London STN Jet2 Estimated 11:21
11:55 X36770 Bristol BRS TUIfly Estimated 12:14
12:00 BY7752 Birmingham BHX TUI Airways Scheduled
12:00 G27752 Birmingham BHX GetJet Airlines Scheduled
12:30 X34714 London LGW TUIfly Scheduled
13:00 U28197 London LGW easyJet Estimated 13:25
13:20 ZT5754 London STN Titan Airways Estimated 13:18
13:55 GQ260 Athens ATH Sky Express Scheduled
14:30 OA292 Athens ATH Olympic Air Scheduled
14:30 A37292 Athens ATH Aegean Airlines Scheduled
15:35 QS1132 Prague PRG SmartWings Scheduled
15:35 OK4392 Prague PRG CSA Scheduled
15:40 FR5380 Rome FCO Ryanair Scheduled
16:35 FR7310 Vienna VIE Ryanair Scheduled
16:35 LW7310 Vienna VIE Lauda Europe Scheduled
17:45 GQ262 Athens ATH Sky Express Scheduled
19:05 U28199 London LGW easyJet Scheduled
19:35 WG7742 Leicestershire EMA Sunwing Scheduled
19:55 X32708 Manchester MAN TUIfly Scheduled
21:00 LS1819 Bristol BRS Jet2 Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
11:45 U22068 Manchester MAN easyJet Estimated 11:55
12:25 LS1436 London STN Jet2 Estimated 12:35
12:55 X36771 Bristol BRS TUIfly Estimated 13:20
13:00 BY7753 Birmingham BHX TUI Airways Estimated 13:10
13:00 G27753 Birmingham BHX GetJet Airlines Estimated 13:10
13:30 X34715 London LGW TUIfly Estimated 13:40
13:55 U28198 London LGW easyJet Estimated 14:07
14:20 ZT5755 London STN Titan Airways Estimated 14:30
14:25 GQ261 Athens ATH Sky Express Estimated 14:25
15:00 OA293 Athens ATH Olympic Air Estimated 15:10
15:00 A37293 Athens ATH Aegean Airlines Estimated 15:10
16:05 FR5381 Rome FCO Ryanair Estimated 16:05
16:25 QS1133 Prague PRG SmartWings Scheduled
16:25 OK4393 Prague PRG CSA Scheduled
17:00 LW7311 Vienna VIE Lauda Europe Estimated 17:12

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