Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH) - arrivals and departures

Country - Denmark

City - Copenhagen.


GPS - 55.63, 12.64


Copenhagen Kastrup Airport on the map
Airport Copenhagen - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:05 AF1750 Paris Air France Landed
09:05 CZ7194 Paris China Southern Airlines Landed
09:05 DL8424 Paris Delta Air Lines Landed
09:05 MK9610 Paris Air Mauritius Landed
09:05 MU1731 Paris China Eastern Airlines Landed
09:05 UU8750 Paris Air Austral Landed
09:05 VS6361 Paris Virgin Atlantic Landed
09:10 KL1125 Amsterdam KLM Landed
09:10 CZ1353 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines Landed
09:10 DL9535 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Landed
09:10 EY5823 Amsterdam Etihad Airways Landed
09:10 KE6441 Amsterdam Korean Air Landed
09:10 KQ1125 Amsterdam Kenya Airways Landed
09:10 MF9313 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Landed
09:10 MH5639 Amsterdam Malaysia Airlines Landed
09:10 MU1793 Amsterdam China Eastern Airlines Landed
09:10 VS5650 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Landed
09:45 LO463 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines Landed
09:55 PC1071 Istanbul Pegasus Scheduled
10:15 DX31 Bornholm Danish Air Landed
10:25 TK1783 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
10:25 PK5783 Istanbul Pakistan International Airlines
10:25 SK3401 Istanbul SAS
10:25 FR4019 Alicante Ryanair En Route
10:30 SK443 Gothenburg SAS En Route
10:30 A33360 Gothenburg Aegean Airlines En Route
10:30 FI7505 Gothenburg Icelandair En Route
10:30 OU5689 Gothenburg Croatia Airlines En Route
10:30 TG7163 Gothenburg Thai Airways International En Route
10:40 OU480 Zagreb Croatia Airlines
10:40 SK9328 Zagreb SAS
11:00 SK1875 Stavanger SAS En Route
11:00 LH6153 Stavanger Lufthansa En Route
11:00 LX4735 Stavanger SWISS En Route
11:00 TG7415 Stavanger Thai Airways International En Route
11:05 SK1419 Stockholm SAS En Route
11:05 TG7143 Stockholm Thai Airways International En Route
11:10 I23730 Madrid Iberia Express En Route
11:10 AA8838 Madrid American Airlines En Route
11:10 IB3730 Madrid Iberia En Route
11:10 SK1455 Oslo SAS Scheduled
11:10 A33312 Oslo Aegean Airlines Scheduled
11:10 TG7402 Oslo Thai Airways International Scheduled
11:10 SK1208 Aalborg SAS Scheduled
11:10 LH6017 Aalborg Lufthansa Scheduled
11:10 TG7165 Aalborg Thai Airways International Scheduled
11:10 FR632 Dublin Ryanair En Route
11:15 D83551 Budapest Norwegian Air International En Route
11:15 A3750 Athens Aegean Airlines En Route
11:15 SK1630 Dusseldorf SAS En Route
11:15 FI7402 Dusseldorf Icelandair En Route
11:20 KL1127 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
11:20 CZ7630 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines Scheduled
11:20 DL9360 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Scheduled
11:20 EY7302 Amsterdam Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:20 GA9470 Amsterdam Garuda Indonesia Scheduled
11:20 KQ1127 Amsterdam Kenya Airways Scheduled
11:20 MF9315 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Scheduled
11:20 MH5641 Amsterdam Malaysia Airlines Scheduled
11:20 VS5651 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
11:30 FR4047 Malaga Ryanair En Route
11:30 SK2865 Bergen SAS Scheduled
11:30 LH6197 Bergen Lufthansa Scheduled
11:30 TG7173 Bergen Thai Airways International Scheduled
11:30 FR7384 London Ryanair En Route
11:55 SK2889 Trondheim SAS Scheduled
11:55 TG7133 Trondheim Thai Airways International Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:10 SK1207 Aalborg SAS Landed
09:10 SQ2707 Aalborg Singapore Airlines Landed
09:10 TG7424 Aalborg Thai Airways International Landed
09:10 FR200 Brussels Ryanair
09:25 SK953 Miami SAS
09:35 LX1267 Zurich SWISS En Route
09:35 AC6860 Zurich Air Canada En Route
09:35 SK3503 Zurich SAS En Route
09:35 UA9785 Zurich United Airlines En Route
09:50 AF1751 Paris Air France En Route
09:50 AZ3619 Paris ITA S.p.A. En Route
09:50 DL8425 Paris Delta Air Lines En Route
09:50 JL5324 Paris JAL En Route
09:50 KQ3985 Paris Kenya Airways En Route
09:50 MK9615 Paris Air Mauritius En Route
09:50 SV6093 Paris Saudia En Route
09:50 VN3639 Paris Vietnam Airlines En Route
09:50 VS6496 Paris Virgin Atlantic En Route
09:55 KL1126 Amsterdam KLM En Route
09:55 AM6529 Amsterdam Aeromexico En Route
09:55 AZ3757 Amsterdam ITA S.p.A. En Route
09:55 CZ7633 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines En Route
09:55 DL9434 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines En Route
09:55 EY7016 Amsterdam Etihad Airways En Route
09:55 G35689 Amsterdam Gol En Route
09:55 KQ1126 Amsterdam Kenya Airways En Route
09:55 MF9314 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines En Route
09:55 MH5672 Amsterdam Malaysia Airlines En Route
09:55 MU1795 Amsterdam China Eastern Airlines En Route
09:55 PS9426 Amsterdam UIA En Route
09:55 VS5842 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic En Route
10:30 LO464 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
10:30 SQ2364 Warsaw Singapore Airlines Scheduled
10:45 PC1072 Istanbul Pegasus Cancelled
10:50 FR4020 Alicante Ryanair Scheduled
10:50 D8*3084 Aalborg Norwegian Air International Scheduled
11:00 DX36 Bornholm Danish Air Scheduled
11:05 D8*3656 Barcelona Norwegian Air International Scheduled
11:10 SK1213 Aalborg SAS Scheduled
11:20 OU481 Zagreb Croatia Airlines
11:20 SK9329 Zagreb SAS
11:20 SQ2401 Zagreb Singapore Airlines
11:20 TK1784 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
11:20 PK5784 Istanbul Pakistan International Airlines
11:20 SK3402 Istanbul SAS
11:35 FR633 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
11:45 SK1420 Stockholm SAS Scheduled
11:45 OU5688 Stockholm Croatia Airlines Scheduled
11:45 SQ2652 Stockholm Singapore Airlines Scheduled
11:50 SK1458 Oslo SAS Scheduled
11:50 OU5686 Oslo Croatia Airlines Scheduled
11:50 I23731 Madrid Iberia Express Scheduled
11:50 AA8840 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
11:50 IB3731 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
11:55 FR7383 London Ryanair Scheduled
11:55 FR4048 Malaga Ryanair Scheduled

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