Inverness Airport (INV) - arrivals and departures

Country - Scotland

City - Inverness.


GPS - 57.54, -4.06


Inverness Airport on the map
Airport Inverness - Map

Destinations and timetables (0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Status
19:25 LM583 Birmingham
21:00 LM138 Orkney Kirkwall Scheduled
21:35 TWY591 Dallas Love Field
22:25 LM162 Belfast City Scheduled
22:40 U2155 London Luton Scheduled
23:00 BA1466 London Heathrow Scheduled
23:25 U2867 London Gatwick Scheduled
11:00 LM152 Stornoway Scheduled
11:20 U2329 Manchester Scheduled
11:50 LM592 Manchester Scheduled
11:55 LM138 Sumburgh Shetland Scheduled
13:10 U2153 London Luton Scheduled
14:05 KL923 Amsterdam Scheduled
14:15 U2393 Bristol Scheduled
14:55 LM162 Belfast City Scheduled
15:30 LM130 Orkney Kirkwall Scheduled
16:10 U2863 London Gatwick Scheduled
16:40 BA1470 London Heathrow Scheduled
17:20 KL925 Amsterdam Scheduled
19:25 LM583 Birmingham Scheduled
20:20 U2155 London Luton Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
19:55 LM161 Belfast City Loganair Expected
23:10 U2156 London Luton easyJet Scheduled
08:40 LM591 Manchester Loganair Scheduled
08:45 U2860 London Gatwick easyJet Scheduled
09:00 BA1467 London Heathrow British Airways Scheduled
09:00 LM151 Stornoway Loganair Scheduled
11:30 LM131 Orkney Kirkwall Loganair Scheduled
11:50 U2330 Manchester easyJet Scheduled
12:25 LM161 Belfast City Loganair Scheduled
13:40 U2154 London Luton easyJet Scheduled
14:40 KL924 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
14:50 U2394 Bristol easyJet Scheduled
16:10 LM582 Birmingham Loganair Scheduled
16:55 U2864 London Gatwick easyJet Scheduled
17:25 BA1471 London Heathrow British Airways Scheduled
17:50 KL926 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
19:20 LM155 Stornoway Loganair Scheduled
19:55 LM597 Manchester Loganair Scheduled

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