Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL) - arrivals and departures

Country - Finland

City - Helsinki.


GPS - 60.32, 24.96


Helsinki Vantaa Airport on the map
Airport Helsinki - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Status
13:15 AY122 Delhi Landed
13:15 AY010 Chicago Landed
BA6090 Landed
AA8988 Landed
IB355 Landed
13:30 AY2058 Kos Landed
13:35 AY1512 Zurich Landed
13:40 D82769 London Gatwick Landed
13:45 AY1222 Prague Landed
BA6096 Landed
JL6834 Landed
JU7915 Landed
13:45 AY631 Kemi/Tornio, Kokkola-Pietarsaari Landed
QR6174 Landed
13:50 AY1532 Geneva Landed
JL6846 Landed
13:50 BT303 Riga Landed
13:50 AY1856 Chania Landed
13:50 AY1572 Paris Charles de Gaulle Landed
AA9010 Landed
CX1441 Landed
CZ7408 Landed
JL6906 Landed
13:50 AY1832 Dubrovnik Landed
JL6882 Landed
13:55 AY966 Copenhagen Landed
QR6793 Landed
JL6884 Landed
13:55 AY1412 Frankfurt Landed
AA8998 Landed
CX1423 Landed
VN3692 Landed
JL6878 Landed
13:55 OJ686 Savonlinna Landed
W26686 Landed
13:55 BPS694 Pori Landed
W25694 Landed
14:00 AY1362 Manchester Landed
BA6004 Landed
CX1481 Landed
JL6838 Landed
14:00 AY1472 Vienna Landed
JL6836 Landed
JU7923 Landed
BA6016 Landed
14:05 AY1934 Gazipasa Landed
TK4764 Landed
14:05 AY1862 Rhodos Landed
14:05 AY286 Jyväskylä Landed
14:05 AY1752 Milan Landed
CX1461 Landed
JL6850 Landed
JU7928 Landed
14:10 AY1654 Barcelona Landed
IB383 Landed
JL6854 Landed
LA5323 Landed
14:10 AY942 Bergen Landed
QR6787 Landed
14:15 AY1542 Brussels Landed
14:15 AY1982 Doha Landed
QR6122 Landed
MH4840 Landed
14:15 AY366 Kuopio Landed
TK4766 Landed
AF4869 Landed
QR6189 Landed
HO3229 Landed
IB386 Landed
14:15 AY1302 Amsterdam Landed
CZ7401 Landed
CX1431 Landed
JL6818 Landed
14:15 AY1332 London Heathrow Landed
AA9000 Landed
QF3803 Landed
MH9150 Landed
CX1413 Landed
BA6032 Landed
UL3201 Landed
14:15 TF3920 Stockholm Bromma Cancelled
14:20 AY1252 Budapest Landed
BA6064 Landed
JL6858 Landed
14:20 AY1382 Dublin Landed
14:20 AY1424 Hamburg Landed
JL6824 Landed
14:25 AY314 Vaasa Landed
QR6179 Landed
AF4665 Landed
TK8463 Landed
14:25 AY1662 Madrid Landed
JL6852 Landed
IB385 Landed
14:30 AY864 Gothenburg Landed
14:30 AY438 Oulu Landed
14:30 AY808 Stockholm Arlanda Landed
BA6050 Landed
JL6896 Landed
AA8996 Landed
QR6781 Landed
14:30 AY1074 Riga Landed
QR6131 Landed
JL6870 Landed
AA8979 Landed
AF4876 Landed
14:30 AY534 Rovaniemi Landed
14:30 AY1108 Vilnius Landed
14:35 AY142 Bangkok Landed
14:35 AY914 Oslo Landed
JL6810 Landed
FI7324 Landed
AA8989 Landed
QR6785 Landed
14:35 AY1762 Rome Landed
JL6848 Landed
14:35 AY1602 Nice Landed
14:40 D82977 Larnaca Landed
14:40 AY1144 Warsaw Landed
BA6076 Landed
JL6830 Landed
AA9029 Landed
14:45 AY1402 Munich Landed
JL6826 Landed
14:50 AY1020 Tallinn Landed
IB390 Landed
AA9025 Landed
AF4623 Landed
BA6012 Landed
JL6868 Landed
QR6143 Landed
14:50 AY992 Reykjavik Landed
JL6892 Landed
TK4770 Landed
14:55 AY954 Copenhagen Landed
15:00 AY1872 Heraklion Landed
15:05 AY1434 Berlin Landed
JL6898 Landed
15:15 SK1712 Copenhagen Estimated
A33354 Estimated
LH6276 Estimated
OU5692 Estimated
SQ2728 Estimated
TG7432 Estimated
AC9989 Estimated
15:25 D82883 Malaga Landed
15:30 AY440 Oulu Landed
AF4222 Landed
BA6021 Landed
AA9017 Landed
JL9362 Landed
15:45 AF1070 Paris Charles de Gaulle Estimated
KQ3954 Estimated
DL8492 Estimated
15:45 JTD968 Kos Estimated
15:50 AY1726 Alicante Estimated
16:05 SK716 Stockholm Arlanda Delayed
LG1801 Delayed
A33302 Delayed
OS7501 Delayed
LH6036 Delayed
LX4762 Delayed
16:05 AY810 Stockholm Arlanda Estimated
BA6045 Estimated
JL6812 Estimated
16:25 LH850 Frankfurt Estimated
A31438 Estimated
SN7103 Estimated
OS7435 Estimated
TP7906 Estimated
UA9022 Estimated
AC9171 Estimated
16:25 KL1169 Amsterdam Estimated
17:00 AY1024 Tallinn
17:20 D82617 Stockholm Arlanda
17:35 AY814 Stockholm Arlanda
17:35 AY442 Oulu
17:40 AY316 Vaasa
17:50 TK1763 Istanbul Estimated
SK3422 Estimated
AY3304 Estimated
17:55 LH2464 Munich Delayed
AC9203 Delayed
UA9448 Delayed
TP7924 Delayed
OS7429 Delayed
17:55 AY1076 Riga
17:55 AY370 Kuopio

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Source - (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Term. Status
13:10 SK709 Stockholm Arlanda T2 Departure
13:15 AY1019 Tallinn T2 Departure
BA6011 T2 Departure
TK9525 T2 Departure
13:25 AY809 Stockholm Arlanda T2 Departure
14:05 FI343 Reykjavik T2 Departure
14:30 BT304 Riga T2 Go to Gate
FI7194 T2 Go to Gate
14:40 AY955 Copenhagen T2 Departure
14:45 D82616 Stockholm Arlanda T2 Departure
14:45 TF3921 Stockholm Bromma T2 Cancelled
14:45 AY1859 Chania T2 Departure
14:50 AY441 Oulu T2 Departure
BA6040 T2 Departure
QR6193 T2 Departure
AA8977 T2 Departure
HO3221 T2 Departure
14:50 AY1863 Rhodos T2 Departure
14:55 AY813 Stockholm Arlanda T2 Departure
AA8974 T2 Departure
BA6043 T2 Departure
15:00 AY1305 Amsterdam T2 Departure
IB372 T2 Departure
TP8346 T2 Departure
CZ7407 T2 Departure
15:00 AY1337 London Heathrow T2 Departure
AA9005 T2 Departure
MH9153 T2 Departure
LA5334 T2 Departure
CX1414 T2 Departure
BA6033 T2 Departure
JL6841 T2 Departure
15:00 AY535 Rovaniemi T2 Departure
HO3215 T2 Departure
IB364 T2 Departure
BA6057 T2 Departure
QR6154 T2 Departure
TK8146 T2 Departure
15:00 AY001 Los Angeles T2 Departure
AA8975 T2 Departure
BA6000 T2 Departure
IB356 T2 Departure
15:05 AY1365 Manchester T2 Departure
BA6007 T2 Departure
15:05 AY915 Oslo T2 Departure
BA6069 T2 Departure
JU7909 T2 Departure
AA8990 T2 Departure
QR6136 T2 Departure
15:05 AY1577 Paris Charles de Gaulle T2 Departure
15:05 AY941 Bergen T2 Departure
QR6173 T2 Departure
15:10 AY1075 Riga T2 Departure
BA6028 T2 Departure
QR6130 T2 Departure
AA8978 T2 Departure
15:10 AY1533 Geneva T2 Departure
15:10 AY1755 Milan T2 Departure
LA5342 T2 Departure
TP8359 T2 Departure
JU7929 T2 Departure
15:15 AY1405 Munich T2 Departure
15:15 AY865 Gothenburg T2 Gate closed
AA8994 T2 Gate closed
BA6083 T2 Gate closed
QR6134 T2 Gate closed
15:20 AY315 Vaasa T2 Departure
QR6149 T2 Departure
15:20 AY1763 Rome T2 Gate closed
JU7931 T2 Gate closed
15:20 AY1105 Vilnius T2 Gate closed
15:25 AY1023 Tallinn T2 Departure
AA8971 T2 Departure
BA6013 T2 Departure
QR6139 T2 Departure
IB369 T2 Departure
15:25 AY415 Kajaani T2 Departure
QR6172 T2 Departure
15:25 AY1793 Naples T2 Departure
15:25 D82886 Malaga T2 Departure
15:25 AY639 Ivalo, Kittilä T2
QR6133 T2
HO3209 T2
15:30 AY1773 Bologna T2 Gate closed
15:30 AY1513 Zurich T2 Gate closed
JU7927 T2 Gate closed
15:30 AY369 Kuopio T2 Gate closed
HO3225 T2 Gate closed
QR6190 T2 Gate closed
TK4765 T2 Gate closed
IB360 T2 Gate closed
15:30 AY1395 Dusseldorf T2 Departure
JU7917 T2 Departure
15:30 AY1425 Hamburg T2 Gate closed
15:40 AY1545 Brussels T2 Gate closed
15:40 AY1661 Madrid T2 Gate closed
IB384 T2 Gate closed
JL6853 T2 Gate closed
LA5324 T2 Gate closed
15:40 JL048 Tokyo Haneda T2 Final call
BA4625 T2 Final call
AY5073 T2 Final call
15:45 AY1255 Budapest T2 Boarding
15:45 OJ687 Savonlinna T2 Gate closed
W26687 T2 Gate closed
15:50 AY443 Oulu T2 Gate closed
15:50 AY815 Stockholm Arlanda T2 Go to Gate
JU7905 T2 Go to Gate
BA6049 T2 Go to Gate
QR6782 T2 Go to Gate
15:55 SK1713 Copenhagen T2 Estimated
LG1830 T2 Estimated
LH6281 T2 Estimated
LX4781 T2 Estimated
OS7522 T2 Estimated
15:55 HO1608 Shanghai T2 Final call
15:55 AY1415 Frankfurt T2 Boarding
AA8972 T2 Boarding
JL6817 T2 Boarding
LA5321 T2 Boarding
JU7919 T2 Boarding
15:55 AY345 Joensuu T2 Go to Gate
16:05 AY1653 Barcelona T2 Boarding
IB391 T2 Boarding
JL6855 T2 Boarding
16:10 AY1475 Vienna T2 Go to Gate
16:10 AY1163 Krakow T2 Go to Gate
16:10 AY1981 Doha T2 Boarding
QR6121 T2 Boarding
MH4841 T2 Boarding
16:20 AY015 New York T2 Go to Gate
AA8985 T2 Go to Gate
IB397 T2 Go to Gate
BA6051 T2 Go to Gate
16:25 AY033 Seattle T2 Go to Gate
IB389 T2 Go to Gate
BA6002 T2 Go to Gate
AA9023 T2 Go to Gate
16:30 AY041 Seoul T2
16:30 AY632 Kokkola-Pietarsaari, Kemi/Tornio T2
QR6175 T2
16:30 AY1843 Split T2
16:35 AY1435 Berlin T2
16:35 AY1223 Prague T2
BA6095 T2
JU7914 T2
16:40 D82846 Split T2
16:45 SK721 Stockholm Arlanda T2
OS7558 T2
LH6051 T2
CA6820 T2
16:45 AF1071 Paris Charles de Gaulle T2
KQ3344 T2
16:45 AY067 Osaka T2
JL6908 T2
BA6097 T2
16:45 AY1145 Warsaw T2
BA6073 T2
AA8995 T2
16:55 AY959 Copenhagen T2
BA6023 T2
QR6790 T2
FI7359 T2
16:55 BPS695 Pori T2
W25695 T2
17:00 JTD991 Split T2
17:10 KL1170 Amsterdam T2 Estimated
EY5808 T2 Estimated
GA9519 T2 Estimated
KQ1170 T2 Estimated
MF9916 T2 Estimated
AF3248 T2 Estimated
MH5674 T2 Estimated
17:10 LH851 Frankfurt T2 Estimated
ET1586 T2 Estimated
SQ2003 T2 Estimated
EY3795 T2 Estimated
NH6172 T2 Estimated
SN7104 T2 Estimated
OS7442 T2 Estimated
17:30 AY121 Delhi T2
17:30 AY061 Tokyo Haneda T2
BA6091 T2
JL6876 T2
17:55 AY867 Gothenburg T2
18:00 D82528 Rovaniemi T2

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Source - (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)