Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL) - arrivals and departures

Country - Finland

City - Helsinki.


GPS - 60.32, 24.96


Helsinki Vantaa Airport on the map
Airport Helsinki - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Status
20:50 AY960 Copenhagen Landed
20:50 AY1146 Warsaw Landed
21:05 AY1436 Berlin Landed
21:05 AY1306 Amsterdam Landed
TP8345 Landed
21:15 AY1406 Munich Landed
21:30 AY1692 Tenerife Landed
21:30 D84289 Stockholm Arlanda Landed
21:35 AY1224 Prague Landed
21:35 AY1476 Vienna Landed
21:35 AY1366 Manchester Landed
BA6008 Landed
21:35 AY1032 Tallinn Landed
AF4649 Landed
21:45 AY1546 Brussels Landed
TP8358 Landed
IB379 Landed
21:50 AY1416 Frankfurt Landed
UL3210 Landed
LA5322 Landed
21:50 AY1514 Zurich Landed
TP8352 Landed
21:55 AY1534 Geneva Landed
IB377 Landed
TP8348 Landed
21:55 AY1578 Paris Charles de Gaulle Landed
LA5326 Landed
22:00 AY1338 London Heathrow Landed
BA6034 Landed
UL3234 Landed
CX1415 Landed
LA5333 Landed
MH9154 Landed
QF3804 Landed
22:05 AY216 Mariehamn Landed
22:05 AY1756 Milan Landed
TP8347 Landed
22:10 AY446 Oulu Landed
AF4656 Landed
22:10 AY820 Stockholm Arlanda Landed
22:15 AY868 Gothenburg Landed
22:20 AY918 Oslo Landed
JU7910 Landed
BA6078 Landed
22:35 AF1176 Paris Charles de Gaulle Landed
WS5140 Landed
22:35 AY1078 Riga Landed
AF4624 Landed
22:40 D82771 London Gatwick Landed
22:40 LH2466 Munich Estimated
TP7926 Estimated
UA8980 Estimated
OS7445 Estimated
A31468 Estimated
WY5269 Estimated
22:40 AY488 Kuusamo Landed
AF4229 Landed
22:45 D82619 Stockholm Arlanda Landed
22:45 AY1836 Dubrovnik Landed
22:55 AY1740 Lisbon Landed
JL6900 Landed
TP8355 Landed
22:55 AY1604 Nice Landed
23:05 SK728 Stockholm Arlanda Estimated
CA6808 Estimated
OS7511 Estimated
LH6068 Estimated
23:05 AY1764 Rome Estimated
23:20 SK1720 Copenhagen Landed
LH6282 Landed
LG1831 Landed
LX4768 Landed
OS7523 Landed
23:20 BT325 Riga Estimated
23:25 KL1171 Amsterdam Estimated
AZ3760 Estimated
MF9917 Estimated
CZ7713 Estimated
EY7326 Estimated
KQ1171 Estimated
SV6309 Estimated
23:35 AY1862 Rhodos Estimated
23:40 AY1860 Chania Estimated
23:55 AY1168 Krakow Estimated
00:05 LH854 Frankfurt Estimated
OS7443 Estimated
CA6099 Estimated
UA9579 Estimated
SN7107 Estimated
TP7908 Estimated
NH6173 Estimated
00:20 D82887 Malaga Estimated
00:30 AY1864 Rhodos Estimated
00:40 AY1882 Heraklion Estimated

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Term. Status
21:30 AY961 Copenhagen T2 Departure
QR6791 T2 Departure
21:35 AY1941 Antalya T2 Departure
TK4761 T2 Departure
22:00 D84290 Stockholm Arlanda T2 Departure
22:00 AY641 Kokkola-Pietarsaari, Kemi/Tornio T2 Departure
QR6778 T2 Departure
22:35 AY349 Joensuu T2 Departure
22:40 AY825 Stockholm Arlanda T2 Departure
22:45 AY379 Kuopio T2 Departure
AF4877 T2 Departure
HO3230 T2 Departure
22:50 AY1035 Tallinn T2 Departure
BA6017 T2 Departure
22:50 AY289 Jyväskylä T2 Final call
22:50 AY449 Oulu T2 Departure
BA6042 T2 Departure
HO3233 T2 Departure
23:05 AY321 Vaasa T2 Gate closed
TK8462 T2 Gate closed
AF4664 T2 Gate closed
23:35 AY099 Hong Kong T2 Go to Gate
00:25 AY131 Singapore T2
QF3874 T2

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