Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL) - arrivals and departures

Country - Finland

City - Helsinki.


GPS - 60.32, 24.96


Helsinki Vantaa Airport on the map
Airport Helsinki - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Status
10:20 SU2202 Moscow Sheremetyevo Landed
AY6842 Landed
11:25 AY572 Kittilä Landed
11:25 AY802 Stockholm Arlanda Landed
11:35 AY602 Ivalo Landed
11:50 AY532 Rovaniemi Landed
HO3204 Landed
BA6056 Landed
11:50 AY434 Oulu Landed
HO3212 Landed
12:35 AY314 Vaasa
12:35 TK1761 Istanbul Estimated
AY3302 Estimated
SK3408 Estimated
12:45 AY912 Oslo Estimated
12:55 FR5976 Bergamo Estimated
12:55 AY1432 Berlin Estimated
13:15 LH2460 Munich Estimated
UA9098 Estimated
OS7437 Estimated
13:35 6B772 Cancun Estimated

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Term. Status
09:40 D82882 Malaga T1 Departure
10:00 AY313 Vaasa T2-500 Departure
10:05 AY1541 Brussels Zaventem T2-500 Departure
IB378 T2-500 Departure
TP8341 T2-500 Departure
10:15 SK703 Stockholm Arlanda T1 Departure
A33376 T1 Departure
10:15 AY1401 Munich T2-500 Departure
10:20 AY715 Moscow Sheremetyevo T2-500 Departure
SU3967 T2-500 Departure
10:30 AY1251 Budapest T2-500 Departure
11:10 QR304 Doha T2-500 Departure
AY6003 T2-500 Departure
11:15 HP320 Joensuu T1 Departure
W27320 T1 Departure
11:20 SU2203 Moscow Sheremetyevo T2-500 Departure
AY6841 T2-500 Departure
11:35 AY1423 Hamburg T2-500 Departure
12:05 AY701 St. Petersburg T2-500 Go to Gate
12:20 AY965 Copenhagen T2-500
12:25 AY573 Kittilä T2-500
12:30 AY2059 Fuerteventura T2-500
12:30 AY1107 Vilnius T2-500
12:30 AY603 Ivalo T2-500 Boarding
12:45 AY1143 Warsaw Chopin T2-500
13:00 AY533 Rovaniemi T2-500
BA6055 T2-500
13:20 FR5977 Bergamo T2-500
13:25 AY485 Kuusamo T2-500
13:30 TK1762 Istanbul T2-500
AY3301 T2-500
SK3423 T2-500
13:35 AY707 St. Petersburg T2-500
13:35 AY807 Stockholm Arlanda T2-500
13:45 AY437 Oulu T2-500
TK4767 T2-500
13:55 LH2461 Munich T1 Estimated

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Source - (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)