London Heathrow Airport (LHR) - arrivals and departures

Country - Great Britain

City - London.


GPS - 51.47, -0.45


London Heathrow Airport on the map
Airport London Heathrow - Map

Destinations and timetables (0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
06:20 TG910 Bangkok Thai Airways International Landed
06:20 AC6123 Bangkok Air Canada Landed
06:20 UA918 Dulles United Airlines Landed
06:20 AC5346 Dulles Air Canada Landed
06:20 CM2293 Dulles Copa Airlines Landed
06:20 LH9259 Dulles Lufthansa Landed
06:20 LX3061 Dulles SWISS Landed
06:20 OS7806 Dulles Austrian Landed
06:20 QR9 Doha Qatar Airways Landed
06:20 BA7009 Doha British Airways Landed
06:20 VS4 New York Virgin Atlantic
06:20 AF6753 New York Air France
06:20 AM7666 New York Aeromexico
06:20 DL5994 New York Delta Air Lines
06:20 KL4826 New York KLM
06:20 AA20 Dallas American Airlines Landed
06:20 AY4176 Dallas Finnair Landed
06:20 BA1589 Dallas British Airways Landed
06:20 GF4183 Dallas Gulf Air Landed
06:20 IB4916 Dallas Iberia Landed
06:20 LY8012 Dallas EL AL Landed
06:20 QR2560 Dallas Qatar Airways Landed
06:25 BA262 Riyadh British Airways Landed
06:25 IB7426 Riyadh Iberia Landed
06:30 BA64 Nairobi British Airways
06:30 AA6654 Nairobi American Airlines
06:30 IB7322 Nairobi Iberia
06:30 BA112 New York British Airways Landed
06:30 AA6925 New York American Airlines Landed
06:30 AY5512 New York Finnair Landed
06:30 EI8812 New York Aer Lingus Landed
06:30 IB7350 New York Iberia Landed
06:35 VS118 Miami Virgin Atlantic Landed
06:35 AF9909 Miami Air France Landed
06:35 AM7657 Miami Aeromexico Landed
06:35 DL5969 Miami Delta Air Lines Landed
06:35 KL4813 Miami KLM Landed
06:35 SQ2528 Miami Singapore Airlines Landed
06:35 AI161 Delhi Air India Landed
06:35 ET700 Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines Landed
06:35 AC6023 Addis Ababa Air Canada Landed
06:35 NH5354 Addis Ababa ANA Landed
06:35 TP8984 Addis Ababa TAP Air Portugal Landed
06:35 UA7210 Addis Ababa United Airlines Landed
06:35 EY11 Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Landed
06:35 AC6671 Abu Dhabi Air Canada Landed
06:35 GA9056 Abu Dhabi Garuda Indonesia Landed
06:35 JU7585 Abu Dhabi Air Serbia Landed
06:35 KM2134 Abu Dhabi Air Malta Landed
06:35 NZ4291 Abu Dhabi Air New Zealand Landed
06:35 TP6899 Abu Dhabi TAP Air Portugal Landed
06:35 GF7 Bahrain Gulf Air Landed
06:35 MK42 Mauritius Air Mauritius Landed
06:40 BA92 Toronto British Airways
06:40 AA6917 Toronto American Airlines
06:40 AY5992 Toronto Finnair
06:40 EI8792 Toronto Aer Lingus
06:40 IB7336 Toronto Iberia
06:40 BA206 Miami British Airways Landed
06:40 AA6957 Miami American Airlines Landed
06:40 AY5506 Miami Finnair Landed
06:40 EI8906 Miami Aer Lingus Landed
06:40 IB7396 Miami Iberia Landed
06:40 BA246 Sao Paulo British Airways Landed
06:40 IB7420 Sao Paulo Iberia Landed
06:40 VS132 Bridgetown Virgin Atlantic
06:45 VS92 Orlando Virgin Atlantic
06:45 AF9277 Orlando Air France
06:45 AM7681 Orlando Aeromexico
06:45 DL5970 Orlando Delta Air Lines
06:45 KL2509 Orlando KLM
06:50 AA100 New York American Airlines Landed
06:50 AY4012 New York Finnair Landed
06:50 B64460 New York JetBlue Airways Landed
06:50 BA1511 New York British Airways Landed
06:50 GF6654 New York Gulf Air Landed
06:50 IB4218 New York Iberia Landed
06:50 LY8051 New York EL AL Landed
06:50 QR2654 New York Qatar Airways Landed
06:50 UL2026 New York SriLankan Airlines Landed
06:50 QF9 Darwin Qantas
06:50 BA200 Saint Lucia British Airways
06:50 QR5968 Saint Lucia Qatar Airways
06:55 BA294 Chicago British Airways
06:55 AA7003 Chicago American Airlines
06:55 AY5534 Chicago Finnair
06:55 EI8994 Chicago Aer Lingus
06:55 IB7450 Chicago Iberia
07:00 AA108 Boston American Airlines Landed
07:00 AY4185 Boston Finnair Landed
07:00 B64468 Boston JetBlue Airways Landed
07:00 BA1540 Boston British Airways Landed
07:00 GF4137 Boston Gulf Air Landed
07:00 IB4027 Boston Iberia Landed
07:00 LY8017 Boston EL AL Landed
07:00 QR2683 Boston Qatar Airways Landed
07:10 BA66 Philadelphia British Airways Landed
07:10 AA6911 Philadelphia American Airlines Landed
07:10 AY5466 Philadelphia Finnair Landed
07:10 EI8766 Philadelphia Aer Lingus Landed
07:10 IB7324 Philadelphia Iberia Landed
07:10 VS138 New York Virgin Atlantic Landed
07:10 AF9917 New York Air France Landed
07:10 AM7667 New York Aeromexico Landed
07:10 DL5988 New York Delta Air Lines Landed
07:10 KL4829 New York KLM Landed
07:10 SQ2588 New York Singapore Airlines Landed
07:10 EK7 Dubai Emirates Landed
07:10 AA730 Charlotte American Airlines Landed
07:10 AY5669 Charlotte Finnair Landed
07:10 BA1595 Charlotte British Airways Landed
07:10 IB4666 Charlotte Iberia Landed
07:10 LY8185 Charlotte EL AL Landed
07:10 MH9532 Charlotte Malaysia Airlines Landed
07:10 QR2635 Charlotte Qatar Airways Landed
07:15 BA138 Mumbai British Airways Landed
07:15 AA6658 Mumbai American Airlines Landed
07:15 IB7364 Mumbai Iberia Landed
07:15 BA176 New York British Airways Landed
07:15 AA6937 New York American Airlines Landed
07:15 AY5476 New York Finnair Landed
07:15 EI8876 New York Aer Lingus Landed
07:15 IB7375 New York Iberia Landed
07:20 SQ306 Singapore Singapore Airlines Landed
07:20 FJ5949 Singapore Fiji Airways Landed
07:20 NZ3306 Singapore Air New Zealand Landed
07:20 SK8036 Singapore SAS Landed
07:20 TP8400 Singapore TAP Air Portugal Landed
07:20 VS7975 Singapore Virgin Atlantic Landed
07:25 UA14 Newark United Airlines Landed
07:25 AC5878 Newark Air Canada Landed
07:25 LH7626 Newark Lufthansa Landed
07:25 LX3047 Newark SWISS Landed
07:25 OS7796 Newark Austrian Landed
07:25 BA124 Bahrain British Airways Landed
07:25 AA6442 Bahrain American Airlines Landed
07:25 IB7360 Bahrain Iberia Landed
07:25 VS379 Islamabad Virgin Atlantic Landed
07:30 BA709 Zurich British Airways Landed
07:30 AA6483 Zurich American Airlines Landed
07:30 JL6506 Zurich JAL Landed
07:30 MH9927 Zurich Malaysia Airlines Landed
07:30 AC864 Montreal Air Canada Landed
07:30 A33089 Montreal Aegean Airlines Landed
07:30 LH6839 Montreal Lufthansa Landed
07:30 ME4506 Montreal Middle East Airlines Landed
07:30 MS9601 Montreal EgyptAir Landed
07:30 OS8240 Montreal Austrian Landed
07:30 UA8296 Montreal United Airlines Landed
07:30 BA1371 Manchester British Airways Landed
07:30 AA6488 Manchester American Airlines Landed
07:30 QR6251 Manchester Qatar Airways Landed
07:30 DL30 Atlanta Delta Air Lines Landed
07:30 AF3555 Atlanta Air France Landed
07:30 KL6043 Atlanta KLM Landed
07:30 VS4044 Atlanta Virgin Atlantic Landed
07:30 SV111 Riyadh Saudia Landed
07:35 BA54 Johannesburg British Airways Landed
07:35 AA6444 Johannesburg American Airlines Landed
07:35 AY5944 Johannesburg Finnair Landed
07:35 IB7316 Johannesburg Iberia Landed
07:35 BA158 Bermuda British Airways Landed
07:35 IB7621 Bermuda Iberia Landed
07:35 QR6218 Bermuda Qatar Airways Landed
07:40 KL1001 Amsterdam KLM Landed
07:40 CZ1371 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines Landed
07:40 DL9640 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Landed
07:40 KQ1001 Amsterdam Kenya Airways Landed
07:40 MF9301 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Landed
07:40 MU1617 Amsterdam China Eastern Airlines Landed
07:40 VS6992 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Landed
07:40 BA981 Berlin British Airways Landed
07:40 AA6828 Berlin American Airlines Landed
07:40 MH9901 Berlin Malaysia Airlines Landed
07:40 QF3536 Berlin Qantas Landed
07:40 BA142 Delhi British Airways
07:40 AA6662 Delhi American Airlines
07:45 CA567 Beijing Air China LTD Landed
07:45 AA86 Chicago American Airlines Landed
07:45 AY5760 Chicago Finnair Landed
07:45 BA1543 Chicago British Airways Landed
07:45 GF6686 Chicago Gulf Air Landed
07:45 IB4208 Chicago Iberia Landed
07:45 LY8045 Chicago EL AL Landed
07:45 MH9424 Chicago Malaysia Airlines Landed
07:45 QR2672 Chicago Qatar Airways Landed
07:45 UL2016 Chicago SriLankan Airlines Landed
07:50 AA50 Dallas American Airlines Landed
07:50 AY5780 Dallas Finnair Landed
07:50 BA1505 Dallas British Airways Landed
07:50 GF6650 Dallas Gulf Air Landed
07:50 IB4192 Dallas Iberia Landed
07:50 LY8028 Dallas EL AL Landed
07:50 MH9414 Dallas Malaysia Airlines Landed
07:50 QR2646 Dallas Qatar Airways Landed
07:55 DL1 New York Delta Air Lines Landed
07:55 AF8991 New York Air France Landed
07:55 KL6101 New York KLM Landed
07:55 VS4000 New York Virgin Atlantic Landed
07:55 UA931 Chicago United Airlines Landed
07:55 AC5364 Chicago Air Canada Landed
07:55 LH9349 Chicago Lufthansa Landed
07:55 LX3041 Chicago SWISS Landed
07:55 OS7852 Chicago Austrian Landed
07:55 SN9086 Chicago Brussels Airlines Landed
08:00 BA42 Cape Town British Airways Landed
08:00 AA6518 Cape Town American Airlines Landed
08:00 AY5950 Cape Town Finnair Landed
08:00 IB7310 Cape Town Iberia Landed
08:00 AF1680 Paris Air France Landed
08:00 CZ7179 Paris China Southern Airlines Landed
08:00 DL8718 Paris Delta Air Lines Landed
08:00 KQ3218 Paris Kenya Airways Landed
08:00 MK9412 Paris Air Mauritius Landed
08:00 MU1767 Paris China Eastern Airlines Landed
08:00 UU8680 Paris Air Austral Landed
08:00 VS6700 Paris Virgin Atlantic Landed
08:00 BA1431 Belfast British Airways Landed
08:00 AA6715 Belfast American Airlines Landed
08:00 EI8319 Belfast Aer Lingus Landed
08:00 QR5997 Belfast Qatar Airways Landed
08:00 EI152 Dublin Aer Lingus Landed
08:00 AA8032 Dublin American Airlines Landed
08:00 AC6922 Dublin Air Canada Landed
08:00 BA5952 Dublin British Airways Landed
08:00 UA7652 Dublin United Airlines Landed
08:00 BA1475 Glasgow British Airways Landed
08:00 AA6431 Glasgow American Airlines Landed
08:00 AY5974 Glasgow Finnair Landed
08:00 IB7585 Glasgow Iberia Landed
08:00 QR5962 Glasgow Qatar Airways Landed
08:00 BA204 Orlando British Airways
08:00 AA6906 Orlando American Airlines
08:00 AY5454 Orlando Finnair
08:00 EI8904 Orlando Aer Lingus
08:05 BA811 Copenhagen British Airways Landed
08:05 AA6532 Copenhagen American Airlines Landed
08:05 JL7774 Copenhagen JAL Landed
08:05 MH9801 Copenhagen Malaysia Airlines Landed
08:05 LX316 Zurich SWISS Landed
08:05 AC6829 Zurich Air Canada Landed
08:10 BA1321 Newcastle British Airways Landed
08:10 AA6652 Newcastle American Airlines Landed
08:10 IB7538 Newcastle Iberia Landed
08:10 JL7846 Newcastle JAL Landed
08:10 MH9885 Newcastle Malaysia Airlines Landed
08:10 QR5979 Newcastle Qatar Airways Landed
08:10 BA2769 Jersey British Airways Landed
08:10 QR5887 Jersey Qatar Airways Landed
08:10 BA116 New York British Airways Landed
08:10 AA6929 New York American Airlines Landed
08:10 AY5516 New York Finnair Landed
08:10 EI8816 New York Aer Lingus Landed
08:10 IB7354 New York Iberia Landed
08:10 BA250 Santiago British Airways
08:10 IB7716 Santiago Iberia
08:10 BA571 Rome British Airways Landed
08:10 AA6675 Rome American Airlines Landed
08:15 LX352 Geneva SWISS Landed
08:15 UA9736 Geneva United Airlines Landed
08:15 CA579 Beijing Air China LTD
08:20 BA723 Geneva British Airways Landed
08:20 AA6858 Geneva American Airlines Landed
08:20 MH9851 Geneva Malaysia Airlines Landed
08:25 VS134 Antigua Virgin Atlantic
08:25 VS303 Delhi Virgin Atlantic Landed
08:25 DL5949 Delhi Delta Air Lines Landed
08:30 AC856 Toronto Air Canada Landed
08:30 A33054 Toronto Aegean Airlines Landed
08:30 ET1141 Toronto Ethiopian Airlines Landed
08:30 LH6585 Toronto Lufthansa Landed
08:30 ME4520 Toronto Middle East Airlines Landed
08:30 MS9617 Toronto EgyptAir Landed
08:30 OS8224 Toronto Austrian Landed
08:30 UA8268 Toronto United Airlines Landed
08:30 UL2856 Toronto SriLankan Airlines Landed
08:30 BA94 Montreal British Airways
08:30 AA6919 Montreal American Airlines
08:30 AY5994 Montreal Finnair
08:30 EI8794 Montreal Aer Lingus
08:30 IB7338 Montreal Iberia
08:35 BA561 Milan British Airways Landed
08:35 AA6826 Milan American Airlines Landed
08:35 BA218 Denver British Airways Landed
08:35 AA6969 Denver American Airlines Landed
08:35 AY5418 Denver Finnair Landed
08:35 EI8918 Denver Aer Lingus Landed
08:35 IB7406 Denver Iberia Landed
08:40 BA365 Lyon British Airways Landed
08:40 AA6633 Lyon American Airlines Landed
08:40 MH9871 Lyon Malaysia Airlines Landed
08:40 BA831 Dublin British Airways Landed
08:40 AA6765 Dublin American Airlines Landed
08:40 EI8331 Dublin Aer Lingus Landed
08:40 AA106 New York American Airlines Cancelled
08:40 AY4018 New York Finnair Cancelled
08:40 B64466 New York JetBlue Airways Cancelled
08:40 BA1517 New York British Airways Cancelled
08:40 GF6616 New York Gulf Air Cancelled
08:40 IB4222 New York Iberia Cancelled
08:40 LY8062 New York EL AL Cancelled
08:40 MH9410 New York Malaysia Airlines Cancelled
08:40 QR2658 New York Qatar Airways Cancelled
08:40 UL2020 New York SriLankan Airlines Cancelled
08:45 BA172 New York British Airways
08:45 AA6933 New York American Airlines
08:45 AY5472 New York Finnair
08:45 EI8872 New York Aer Lingus
08:45 IB7371 New York Iberia
08:45 CA575 Beijing Air China LTD Landed
08:45 LH900 Frankfurt Lufthansa Landed
08:45 NH6233 Frankfurt ANA Landed
08:45 UA8818 Frankfurt United Airlines Landed
08:50 BA341 Nice British Airways Landed
08:50 AA6587 Nice American Airlines Landed
08:55 SK501 Copenhagen SAS Landed
08:55 AC9936 Copenhagen Air Canada Landed
08:55 EY5763 Copenhagen Etihad Airways Landed
08:55 SQ2629 Copenhagen Singapore Airlines Landed
08:55 TG6222 Copenhagen Thai Airways International Landed
08:55 BA1443 Edinburgh British Airways Landed
08:55 AA6560 Edinburgh American Airlines Landed
08:55 AY5968 Edinburgh Finnair Landed
08:55 IB7726 Edinburgh Iberia Landed
08:55 QR6284 Edinburgh Qatar Airways Landed
08:55 BA3598 Bangkok British Airways Landed
03:00 W8985 Hamilton Cargojet En Route

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:20 BA2780 Funchal British Airways En Route
06:20 QR5995 Funchal Qatar Airways En Route
06:25 AF1381 Paris Air France Landed
06:25 AM6021 Paris Aeromexico Landed
06:25 DL8619 Paris Delta Air Lines Landed
06:25 G35113 Paris Gol Landed
06:25 KQ3059 Paris Kenya Airways Landed
06:25 MK9413 Paris Air Mauritius Landed
06:25 VN3653 Paris Vietnam Airlines Landed
06:25 VS6714 Paris Virgin Atlantic Landed
06:30 KL1000 Amsterdam KLM Landed
06:30 CI9362 Amsterdam China Airlines Landed
06:30 CZ7660 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines Landed
06:30 DL9490 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Landed
06:30 G35539 Amsterdam Gol Landed
06:30 GA9491 Amsterdam Garuda Indonesia Landed
06:30 KQ1000 Amsterdam Kenya Airways Landed
06:30 MF9652 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Landed
06:30 VS6914 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Landed
06:35 CX2252 Hong Kong Cathay Pacific En Route
06:50 BA2712 Malaga British Airways En Route
06:50 AA6420 Malaga American Airlines En Route
06:50 IB7645 Malaga Iberia En Route
06:50 SN2104 Brussels Brussels Airlines Landed
06:50 AC6330 Brussels Air Canada Landed
06:50 HU8540 Brussels Hainan Airlines Landed
06:50 LH5599 Brussels Lufthansa Landed
06:50 UA9900 Brussels United Airlines Landed
06:55 LX345 Zurich SWISS Landed
06:55 BA664 Larnaca British Airways En Route
06:55 AA6761 Larnaca American Airlines En Route
06:55 BA724 Geneva British Airways Landed
06:55 AA6859 Geneva American Airlines Landed
07:00 LX359 Geneva SWISS Landed
07:00 UA9735 Geneva United Airlines Landed
07:05 BA2730 Tenerife British Airways En Route
07:05 IB7654 Tenerife Iberia En Route
07:10 BA2732 Lanzarote British Airways En Route
07:10 IB7656 Lanzarote Iberia En Route
07:15 BA2652 Salzburg British Airways En Route
07:20 BA2770 Jersey British Airways Landed
07:20 QR6241 Jersey Qatar Airways Landed
07:25 BA1324 Newcastle British Airways Landed
07:25 MH9886 Newcastle Malaysia Airlines Landed
07:25 QR5974 Newcastle Qatar Airways Landed
07:25 AZ201 Rome ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
07:25 BA478 Barcelona British Airways En Route
07:25 AA6816 Barcelona American Airlines En Route
07:25 IB7479 Barcelona Iberia En Route
07:25 JL6505 Barcelona JAL En Route
07:30 LH923 Frankfurt Lufthansa En Route
07:30 A31607 Frankfurt Aegean Airlines En Route
07:30 OU5491 Frankfurt Croatia Airlines En Route
07:30 UA8812 Frankfurt United Airlines En Route
07:30 BA1474 Glasgow British Airways Landed
07:30 QR5945 Glasgow Qatar Airways Landed
07:35 BA458 Madrid British Airways En Route
07:35 AA6802 Madrid American Airlines En Route
07:35 IB7460 Madrid Iberia En Route
07:35 BA2736 Geneva British Airways En Route
07:35 AA6424 Geneva American Airlines En Route
07:45 BA1370 Manchester British Airways Landed
07:45 QR6019 Manchester Qatar Airways Landed
07:45 BA640 Athens British Airways En Route
07:45 AA6855 Athens American Airlines En Route
07:45 BA2714 Malaga British Airways En Route
07:45 AA6496 Malaga American Airlines En Route
07:45 IB7647 Malaga Iberia En Route
07:45 BA772 Zurich British Airways En Route
07:45 BA165 Tel Aviv-Yafo British Airways En Route
07:55 BA2572 Turin British Airways En Route
08:00 EY12 Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways En Route
08:00 AC6672 Abu Dhabi Air Canada En Route
08:00 JU7586 Abu Dhabi Air Serbia En Route
08:00 KM2160 Abu Dhabi Air Malta En Route
08:00 NZ4292 Abu Dhabi Air New Zealand En Route
08:00 TP6928 Abu Dhabi TAP Air Portugal En Route
08:00 VS505 Brussels Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
08:00 VS165 Montego Bay Virgin Atlantic En Route
08:10 BA2546 Algiers British Airways En Route
08:10 BA894 Reykjavik British Airways En Route
08:10 AA6570 Reykjavik American Airlines En Route
08:15 BA764 Innsbruck British Airways En Route
08:15 AA6400 Innsbruck American Airlines En Route
08:15 BA342 Nice British Airways En Route
08:15 AA6586 Nice American Airlines En Route
08:15 BA430 Amsterdam British Airways
08:15 AA6502 Amsterdam American Airlines
08:15 JL6517 Amsterdam JAL
08:20 BA880 Moscow British Airways
08:20 S74002 Moscow S7 Airlines
08:20 BA846 Warsaw British Airways En Route
08:20 AA6692 Warsaw American Airlines En Route
08:20 JL6521 Warsaw JAL En Route
08:25 BA830 Dublin British Airways
08:25 AA6764 Dublin American Airlines
08:25 EI8330 Dublin Aer Lingus
08:25 JL6511 Dublin JAL
08:25 QR5953 Dublin Qatar Airways
08:25 QR6 Doha Qatar Airways En Route
08:25 BA7006 Doha British Airways En Route
08:25 BA117 New York British Airways
08:25 AA6930 New York American Airlines
08:25 AY5517 New York Finnair
08:25 EI8817 New York Aer Lingus
08:25 IB7355 New York Iberia
08:30 BA992 Berlin British Airways En Route
08:30 AA6403 Berlin American Airlines En Route
08:30 JL6525 Berlin JAL En Route
08:30 MH9910 Berlin Malaysia Airlines En Route
08:30 QF3523 Berlin Qantas En Route
08:30 BA1372 Manchester British Airways Scheduled
08:30 AA6621 Manchester American Airlines Scheduled
08:30 QR6240 Manchester Qatar Airways Scheduled
08:35 BA2690 Innsbruck British Airways Scheduled
08:35 AA6437 Innsbruck American Airlines Scheduled
08:35 BA306 Paris British Airways Scheduled
08:35 AA6554 Paris American Airlines Scheduled
08:40 KL1002 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
08:40 CZ7661 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines Scheduled
08:40 DL9491 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Scheduled
08:40 G35557 Amsterdam Gol Scheduled
08:40 KQ1002 Amsterdam Kenya Airways Scheduled
08:40 MF9302 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Scheduled
08:40 MU1618 Amsterdam China Eastern Airlines Scheduled
08:40 VS6915 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
08:40 BA726 Geneva British Airways Scheduled
08:40 AA6861 Geneva American Airlines Scheduled
08:40 JL6519 Geneva JAL Scheduled
08:40 MH9852 Geneva Malaysia Airlines Scheduled
08:40 QR5874 Geneva Qatar Airways Scheduled
08:45 AI148 Hyderabad Air India Scheduled
08:50 EI153 Dublin Aer Lingus Scheduled
08:50 AA8035 Dublin American Airlines Scheduled
08:50 AC6905 Dublin Air Canada Scheduled
08:50 BA5953 Dublin British Airways Scheduled
08:50 UA7653 Dublin United Airlines Scheduled
08:50 LX317 Zurich SWISS Scheduled
08:50 AC6818 Zurich Air Canada Scheduled
08:50 UA9761 Zurich United Airlines Scheduled
08:55 LX353 Geneva SWISS Scheduled
08:55 UA9743 Geneva United Airlines Scheduled

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