Granada Airport (GRX) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Granada.


GPS - 37.18, -3.78


Granada Airport on the map
Airport Granada - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
12:00 VY2020 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
12:00 IB5161 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
12:00 QR3619 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
13:10 IB8932 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
13:10 AA8588 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
13:10 QR6874 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
17:05 IB8934 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
17:05 AA8591 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
17:05 BT5178 Madrid Air Baltic Scheduled
17:05 LA1720 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
17:05 QR6558 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
18:45 VY2014 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
18:45 IB5157 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
19:05 VY8116 Paris Vueling Scheduled
19:05 IB5796 Paris Iberia Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
12:35 VY2013 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
12:35 IB5156 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
12:35 QR3579 Barcelona Qatar Airways Scheduled
13:40 IB8933 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
13:40 AA8597 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
13:40 LA1593 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
13:40 QR6875 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled
17:35 IB8935 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
17:35 AA8626 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
17:35 LA1594 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
19:20 VY2015 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
19:20 IB5158 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
19:50 VY8117 Paris Vueling Scheduled
19:50 IB5736 Paris Iberia Scheduled

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