Genoa Airport (GOA) - arrivals and departures

Country - Italy

City - Genoa.


GPS - 44.41, 8.85


Genoa Airport on the map
Airport Genoa - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
13:30 KL1563 Amsterdam KLM En Route
13:30 DL9338 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines En Route
13:30 KQ1563 Amsterdam Kenya Airways En Route
22:40 AZ1389 Rome ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
22:40 AF9779 Rome Air France Scheduled
22:40 EY2848 Rome Etihad Airways Scheduled
22:40 FB1607 Rome Bulgaria Air Scheduled
22:40 JU7394 Rome Air Serbia Scheduled
22:40 KL3413 Rome KLM Scheduled
22:40 KM2521 Rome Air Malta Scheduled
22:40 KQ4346 Rome Kenya Airways Scheduled
22:40 TP7154 Rome TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
22:40 UX3136 Rome Air Europa Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
07:00 AZ1380 Rome ITA S.p.A. Landed
07:00 AF9762 Rome Air France Landed
07:00 DL6627 Rome Delta Air Lines Landed
07:00 EY2850 Rome Etihad Airways Landed
07:00 FB1608 Rome Bulgaria Air Landed
07:00 JU7269 Rome Air Serbia Landed
07:00 KL3411 Rome KLM Landed
07:00 KM2518 Rome Air Malta Landed
07:00 KQ4345 Rome Kenya Airways Landed
07:00 RO9598 Rome TAROM Landed
07:00 TP7153 Rome TAP Air Portugal Landed
07:00 UX3133 Rome Air Europa Landed
14:00 KL1564 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
14:00 DL9548 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Scheduled
14:00 KQ1564 Amsterdam Kenya Airways Scheduled

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