Madeira Funchal Airport (FNC) - arrivals and departures

Country - Portugal

City - Funchal.


GPS - 32.65, -16.91


Madeira Funchal Airport on the map
Airport Funchal Madeira - Map

Destinations and timetables (+0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
08:00 TP1713 Porto TAP PORTUGAL Arrived
08:20 FR6504 Lisboa RYANAIR Arrived
08:20 EJU7585 Porto EASYJET EUROPE Arrived
08:50 EJU7601 Lisboa EASYJET EUROPE Estimated
08:55 NT931 Porto Santo BINTER CANARIAS
09:15 TP1699 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Estimated
10:10 TP1685 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
10:55 X32852 Dusseldorf TUIFLY Estimated
10:55 EZY8135 London, Gatwick EASYJET AIRLINES Estimated
11:05 X32810 Stuttgart TUIFLY Estimated
11:25 QS3004 Jersey SMARTWINGS A.S.
11:50 X32846 Munich TUIFLY Estimated
13:05 WK284 Zurich EDELWEISS AIR
13:25 NVR297 Stockholm, Arlanda NOVA AIRLINES AB Estimated
13:35 TP1689 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
13:50 EJU7603 Lisboa EASYJET EUROPE
13:55 FR6061 London, Stansted RYANAIR
14:10 FR007 Manchester RYANAIR
14:25 X32830 Hannover TUIFLY
15:05 DY1784 Oslo NORWEGIAN AIR
15:15 FR1227 Lisboa RYANAIR
15:40 AY1731 Helsinki, Vantaa FINNAIR
15:50 TO7758 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE
16:45 X32806 Frankfurt TUIFLY
17:05 W61029 Katowice WIZZ AIR HUNGARY
17:10 TP1697 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
17:25 NT942 Tenerife Norte BINTER CANARIAS
19:45 FR6051 Porto RYANAIR
19:55 NT933 Porto Santo BINTER CANARIAS
20:25 TP1691 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
20:40 EJU7605 Lisboa EASYJET EUROPE
21:15 TP1715 Porto TAP PORTUGAL
22:10 FR360 Marseille RYANAIR
22:55 TP1687 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
07:30 NT930 Porto Santo BINTER CANARIAS Departure
08:00 TP1698 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Departure
08:45 FR6509 Lisboa RYANAIR Final Call
08:45 TP1710 Porto TAP PORTUGAL Final Call
08:50 EJU7586 Porto EASYJET EUROPE Boarding
09:20 EJU7602 Lisboa EASYJET EUROPE
10:05 TP1696 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
11:00 TP1692 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
11:40 EZY8136 London, Gatwick EASYJET AIRLINES Estimated
11:55 X32853 Dusseldorf TUIFLY
12:05 X32811 Stuttgart TUIFLY
12:15 QS3005 Jersey SMARTWINGS A.S.
12:50 X32847 Munich TUIFLY
13:55 WK285 Zurich EDELWEISS AIR
14:00 NT943 Tenerife Norte BINTER CANARIAS
14:20 EJU7604 Lisboa EASYJET EUROPE
14:25 TP1684 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
14:25 NVR298 Stockholm, Arlanda NOVA AIRLINES AB
14:55 FR359 Marseille RYANAIR
15:15 FR6050 Porto RYANAIR
15:25 X32831 Hannover TUIFLY
15:40 FR1228 Lisboa RYANAIR
15:50 DY1785 Oslo NORWEGIAN AIR
16:25 TO7759 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE
16:40 AY1732 Helsinki, Vantaa FINNAIR
17:45 X32807 Frankfurt TUIFLY
17:45 W61030 Katowice WIZZ AIR HUNGARY
18:05 TP1686 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
18:30 NT932 Porto Santo BINTER CANARIAS
21:10 EJU7606 Lisboa EASYJET EUROPE
21:15 TP1688 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
22:00 TP1712 Porto TAP PORTUGAL

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