Faro Airport (FAO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Portugal

City - Faro.


GPS - 37.02, -7.97

WWW - aeroportofaro.pt

Faro Airport on the map
Airport Faro - Map

Destinations and timetables (+0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
07:05 TO4630 Nantes TRANSAVIA FRANCE Arrived
08:15 EZS1167 Basel EASYJET SWITZERLAND Arrived
09:00 HV6093 Rotterdam TRANSAVIA Estimated
09:10 EW9642 Dusseldorf EUROWINGS Estimated
09:30 EJU4485 Lyon, St. Exupery EASYJET EUROPE Estimated
10:15 EZY6007 Bristol EASYJET AIRLINES Estimated
10:20 EJU3951 Paris, Ch. de Gaulle EASYJET EUROPE Estimated
10:30 TP1907 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
13:20 FR7032 Dublin RYANAIR
15:10 WK298 Zurich EDELWEISS AIR Cancelled
15:45 TO3474 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE
16:15 LH1786 Munich LUFTHANSA
16:35 TP1909 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
17:25 LS1221 Birmingham JET2.COM
17:30 LS875 Manchester JET2.COM
18:05 HV5513 Eindhoven TRANSAVIA
18:10 BA2692 London, Heathrow BRITISH AIRWAYS
19:00 HV5357 Amsterdam TRANSAVIA
19:15 FR3156 Milan, Bergamo RYANAIR
19:40 FR7418 Paris, Beauvais RYANAIR
20:10 FR9282 London, Stansted RYANAIR
20:15 EZY8917 London, Gatwick EASYJET AIRLINES
21:30 FR7412 Eindhoven RYANAIR
22:50 FR5486 Porto RYANAIR
23:50 TP1901 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL

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Source - aeroportofaro.pt (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:05 TP1900 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL Departure
07:45 TO4631 Nantes TRANSAVIA FRANCE Boarding
08:45 EZS1168 Basel EASYJET SWITZERLAND Boarding
09:45 HV6094 Rotterdam TRANSAVIA
09:55 EW9643 Dusseldorf EUROWINGS
10:00 EJU4486 Lyon, St. Exupery EASYJET EUROPE
10:45 EZY6008 Bristol EASYJET AIRLINES
10:50 EJU3952 Paris, Ch. de Gaulle EASYJET EUROPE
11:15 TP1908 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
13:45 FR7033 Dublin RYANAIR
14:00 FR7417 Paris, Beauvais RYANAIR
14:55 FR7411 Eindhoven RYANAIR
16:00 WK299 Zurich EDELWEISS AIR Cancelled
16:30 TO3475 Paris, Orly TRANSAVIA FRANCE
17:00 LH1787 Munich LUFTHANSA
17:00 QS4307 Prague SMARTWINGS A.S.
17:20 TP1902 Lisboa TAP PORTUGAL
18:15 LS1222 Birmingham JET2.COM
18:30 LS876 Manchester JET2.COM
18:50 HV5514 Eindhoven TRANSAVIA
19:10 BA2693 London, Heathrow BRITISH AIRWAYS
19:45 HV5358 Amsterdam TRANSAVIA
19:45 FR3157 Milan, Bergamo RYANAIR
20:10 FR5487 Porto RYANAIR
20:35 FR9283 London, Stansted RYANAIR
20:45 EZY8918 London, Gatwick EASYJET AIRLINES

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Source - aeroportofaro.pt (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)