Edinburgh Airport (EDI) - arrivals and departures

Country - Scotland

City - Edinburgh.


GPS - 55.95, -3.36

WWW - www.edinburghairport.com

Edinburgh Airport on the map
Airport Edinburgh - Map

Destinations and timetables (0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
12:25 DY1640 OSLO Norwegian Landed 1254
13:10 EZY487 BELFAST INTL easyJet Landed 1257
13:15 FR5590 ROME CIAMPINO Ryanair Landed 1307
13:20 EZY233 STANSTED easyJet Landed 1303
13:20 EZY6990 ALICANTE easyJet Landed 1304
13:45 LM324 SOUTHAMPTON Loganair Landed 1324
13:55 FR5648 CORK Ryanair Landed 1426
14:00 SN2063 BRUSSELS Brussels Airlines Landed 1351
14:15 BA1436 HEATHROW British Airways Landed 1440
14:25 EZY807 GATWICK easyJet Landed 1408
14:25 BA8712 LONDON CITY British Airways Landed 1413
14:35 FR5615 BUCHAREST Ryanair Expected 1445
14:35 FR816 DUBLIN Ryanair Expected 1455
14:45 EZY6956 PARIS C D G easyJet Estimated 1500
14:50 FR7353 BRUSSELS CHARLE Ryanair Landed 1437
15:10 FR5664 MALAGA Ryanair Expected 1458
15:15 BA1448 HEATHROW British Airways Expected 1513
15:25 BA8716 LONDON CITY British Airways Expected 1509
16:00 FR6622 TENERIFE SOUTH Ryanair Expected 1545
16:10 BE852 BIRMINGHAM FlyBe Scheduled
16:15 KL1285 AMSTERDAM KLM Scheduled
16:15 VS6968 AMSTERDAM Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
16:15 FR891 IRL WEST KNOCK Ryanair Scheduled
16:15 EI3256 DUBLIN Aer Lingus Scheduled
16:15 BA8856 DUBLIN British Airways Scheduled
16:20 EZY809 GATWICK easyJet Scheduled
16:40 FR2675 COPENHAGEN Ryanair Scheduled
16:40 LM314 ISLE OF MAN Loganair Scheduled
16:40 BA1446 HEATHROW British Airways Scheduled
16:55 BA8706 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
17:10 FR6275 BARCELONA EL PR Ryanair Scheduled
17:30 LM326 SOUTHAMPTON Loganair Scheduled
17:35 LM338 CARDIFF Loganair Scheduled
18:05 BA1452 HEATHROW British Airways Scheduled
18:05 EZY6666 STANSTED easyJet Scheduled
18:30 EZY811 GATWICK easyJet Scheduled
18:35 FR5688 DUSSELDORF WEEZ Ryanair Scheduled
18:45 FR3645 BERGAMO Ryanair Scheduled
19:00 FR5674 DUBLIN Ryanair Scheduled
19:10 EZY017 LUTON easyJet Scheduled
19:15 EZY6996 MADRID easyJet Scheduled
19:20 EI3258 DUBLIN Aer Lingus Scheduled
19:20 BA8858 DUBLIN British Airways Scheduled
19:25 BA8708 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
19:35 EZY6924 AMSTERDAM easyJet Scheduled
19:40 LM358 SUMBURGH Loganair Scheduled
19:40 FR5680 PORTO Ryanair Scheduled
19:45 FR5592 PARIS BEAUVAIS Ryanair Scheduled
19:45 EI3658 BELFAST CITY Aer Lingus Scheduled
19:50 EZY423 BRISTOL easyJet Scheduled
20:00 BA1438 HEATHROW British Airways Scheduled
20:00 LS746 FUERTEVENTURA Jet2.com Scheduled
20:10 LM394 KIRKWALL Loganair Scheduled
20:30 BA8710 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
20:35 FR5672 KATOWICE Ryanair Scheduled
21:00 AF1886 PARIS C D G Air France Scheduled
21:00 BA8714 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
21:00 RK9823 STANSTED Edinburgh Airport Scheduled
21:15 EZY013 LUTON easyJet Scheduled
21:15 LM328 SOUTHAMPTON Loganair Scheduled
21:20 EZY6950 TENERIFE SOUTH easyJet Scheduled
21:45 EZY239 STANSTED easyJet Scheduled
21:45 BA8718 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
21:55 EZY485 BELFAST INTL easyJet Scheduled
22:00 EZY6946 PAPHOS easyJet Scheduled
22:00 LH964 FRANKFURT Lufthansa Scheduled
22:00 OS7309 FRANKFURT Austrian Scheduled
22:10 FR1694 VALENCIA Ryanair Scheduled
22:10 KL1293 AMSTERDAM KLM Scheduled
22:10 VS6970 AMSTERDAM Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
22:45 FR5626 KRAKOW Ryanair Scheduled
23:00 EZY504 BIRMINGHAM easyJet Scheduled
23:15 FR5598 CORK Ryanair Scheduled
23:40 FR840 DUBLIN Ryanair Scheduled
23:50 FR1624 VIENNA Ryanair Scheduled
00:25 EZY6968 LANZAROTE easyJet Scheduled
00:30 FR1018 BUDAPEST Ryanair Scheduled

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Source - www.edinburghairport.com (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
11:40 EI3253 DUBLIN Aer Lingus Airborne 1310
11:40 BA8853 DUBLIN British Airways Airborne 1310
12:45 EZY6995 MADRID easyJet Airborne 1247
12:50 BA1433 HEATHROW British Airways Airborne 1259
12:50 LH963 FRANKFURT Lufthansa Airborne 1339
12:50 BA8705 LONDON CITY British Airways Airborne 1309
13:00 QR030 DOHA H I A Qatar Airways Airborne 1306
13:00 BA2880 DOHA H I A British Airways Airborne 1306
13:05 DY1641 OSLO Norwegian Airborne 1341
13:15 EZY422 BRISTOL easyJet Airborne 1344
13:40 FR890 IRL WEST KNOCK Ryanair Airborne 1402
14:10 LM313 ISLE OF MAN Loganair Airborne 1418
14:15 LM325 SOUTHAMPTON Loganair Airborne 1431
14:25 EZY6967 LANZAROTE easyJet Airborne 1424
14:30 LM337 CARDIFF Loganair Airborne 1435
14:45 SN2064 BRUSSELS Brussels Airlines Taxied 1440
14:45 FR5669 KATOWICE Ryanair Gate Closed
14:55 EZY808 GATWICK easyJet Last Call
15:00 EZY6667 STANSTED easyJet Gate Closed
15:00 FR817 DUBLIN Ryanair Gate Open
15:00 BA8717 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
15:10 BA1437 HEATHROW British Airways Gate Open
15:15 FR7352 BRUSSELS CHARLE Ryanair Scheduled
15:40 FR1695 VALENCIA Ryanair Gate Open
16:00 EZY6923 AMSTERDAM easyJet Scheduled
16:00 FR5591 PARIS BEAUVAIS Ryanair Scheduled
16:00 BA8707 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
16:05 BA1455 HEATHROW British Airways Scheduled
16:05 CZ7212 HEATHROW Edinburgh Airport Scheduled
16:15 LM357 SUMBURGH Loganair Scheduled
16:45 EI3257 DUBLIN Aer Lingus Scheduled
16:45 BA8857 DUBLIN British Airways Scheduled
16:45 BE855 BIRMINGHAM FlyBe Scheduled
16:50 EZY810 GATWICK easyJet Scheduled
16:55 FR5623 KRAKOW Ryanair Scheduled
17:00 KL1286 AMSTERDAM KLM Scheduled
17:00 VS7029 AMSTERDAM Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
17:15 LM399 KIRKWALL Loganair Scheduled
17:30 BA8709 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
17:35 BA1447 HEATHROW British Airways Scheduled
17:35 FR6274 BARCELONA EL PR Ryanair Scheduled
17:50 FR1625 VIENNA Ryanair Scheduled
18:00 LM327 SOUTHAMPTON Loganair Scheduled
18:10 FR1017 BUDAPEST Ryanair Scheduled
18:15 EZY019 LUTON easyJet Scheduled
18:40 EZY238 STANSTED easyJet Scheduled
18:55 BA1459 HEATHROW British Airways Scheduled
19:00 FR5687 DUSSELDORF WEEZ Ryanair Scheduled
19:05 EZY812 GATWICK easyJet Scheduled
19:10 FR3646 BERGAMO Ryanair Scheduled
19:30 FR5673 DUBLIN Ryanair Scheduled
19:40 EZY018 LUTON easyJet Scheduled
19:45 EZY486 BELFAST INTL easyJet Scheduled
19:50 EI3259 DUBLIN Aer Lingus Scheduled
19:50 BA8859 DUBLIN British Airways Scheduled
20:00 BA8719 LONDON CITY British Airways Scheduled
20:05 FR5679 PORTO Ryanair Scheduled
20:10 EZY503 BIRMINGHAM easyJet Scheduled
20:10 FR5597 CORK Ryanair Scheduled
20:15 EI3659 BELFAST CITY Aer Lingus Scheduled
20:20 EZY424 BRISTOL easyJet Scheduled
21:00 FR841 DUBLIN Ryanair Scheduled
21:25 RK9822 STANSTED Edinburgh Airport Scheduled

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Source - www.edinburghairport.com (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)