Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) - arrivals and departures

Country - Croatia

City - Dubrovnik.


GPS - 42.56, 18.26

WWW - www.airport-dubrovnik.hr

Dubrovnik Airport on the map
Airport Dubrovnik - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
00:05 OU656 Split Croatia Airlines Landed
00:05 TK8038 Split Turkish Airlines Landed
07:20 FR9755 Vienna Ryanair Landed
08:00 EW8956 Berlin Eurowings Landed
08:10 EW7958 Hamburg Eurowings
09:15 U27991 Amsterdam easyJet Landed
09:25 TOM4768 London TUI Airways Landed
09:35 U28515 London easyJet
09:40 TOM6782 Bristol TUI Airways
09:55 TOM2770 Manchester TUI Airways Landed
10:15 BA2678 London British Airways Landed
10:40 LS569 Newcastle Jet2 Landed
11:25 EI476 Dublin Aer Lingus En Route
11:40 LS847 Edinburgh Jet2 En Route
11:50 U26427 London easyJet
12:00 LS961 Manchester Jet2 En Route
12:10 OS731 Vienna Austrian Scheduled
12:10 OU5507 Vienna Croatia Airlines Scheduled
12:10 LS439 Leeds Jet2 En Route
12:20 LS627 Leicestershire Jet2 Scheduled
12:30 KL1803 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
12:30 DL9181 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Scheduled
12:50 OU419 Frankfurt Croatia Airlines Scheduled
12:50 AC2975 Frankfurt Air Canada Scheduled
12:50 LH5990 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
12:50 LO4289 Frankfurt LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
12:50 OZ9377 Frankfurt Asiana Airlines Scheduled
12:50 SQ2415 Frankfurt Singapore Airlines Scheduled
12:50 UA7256 Frankfurt United Airlines Scheduled
13:05 VY7720 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
13:05 IB5752 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
13:30 FR3880 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
14:00 U67157 Zhukovsky Ural Airlines Cancelled
14:15 OU477 Paris Croatia Airlines Scheduled
14:15 AC2974 Paris Air Canada Scheduled
14:15 OZ9391 Paris Asiana Airlines Scheduled
14:15 UA7265 Paris United Airlines Scheduled
14:50 IB3154 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
14:50 AA8609 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
15:40 VY6736 Rome Vueling Scheduled
15:40 IB5708 Rome Iberia Scheduled
15:40 QR5524 Rome Qatar Airways Scheduled
15:55 LH1710 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
15:55 OU5403 Munich Croatia Airlines Scheduled
15:55 OU660 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled
15:55 LH5968 Zagreb Lufthansa Scheduled
15:55 OS8403 Zagreb Austrian Scheduled
16:20 TO4204 Paris Transavia France Scheduled
16:30 BT951 Vilnius Air Baltic Scheduled
16:50 U26251 Bristol easyJet Scheduled
17:45 LH1416 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
17:45 OU5393 Frankfurt Croatia Airlines Scheduled
18:15 LO565 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
18:35 AF1286 Paris Air France Scheduled
18:35 DL8352 Paris Delta Air Lines Scheduled
18:35 KL3551 Paris KLM Scheduled
18:55 AY1835 Helsinki Finnair Scheduled
19:40 LS1431 London Jet2 Scheduled
21:25 BA2832 London British Airways Scheduled
23:45 OU664 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled
23:45 TK8036 Zagreb Turkish Airlines Scheduled

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Source - www.airport-dubrovnik.hr (We don't guarantee the accuracy of arrival flights information available from the service.)

Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:15 OU661 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Landed
06:15 OS8402 Zagreb Austrian Landed
06:15 TK8043 Zagreb Turkish Airlines Landed
06:35 OU418 Frankfurt Croatia Airlines Landed
06:35 AC2986 Frankfurt Air Canada Landed
06:35 LH5991 Frankfurt Lufthansa Landed
06:35 LO4290 Frankfurt LOT - Polish Airlines Landed
06:35 OZ9378 Frankfurt Asiana Airlines Landed
06:35 SK9312 Frankfurt SAS Landed
06:35 SQ2414 Frankfurt Singapore Airlines Landed
06:35 UA7255 Frankfurt United Airlines Landed
08:05 FR9756 Vienna Ryanair Landed
08:40 EW8957 Berlin Eurowings En Route
08:50 EW7959 Hamburg Eurowings
10:05 U27992 Amsterdam easyJet Scheduled
10:10 U28516 London easyJet
10:25 TOM4769 London TUI Airways Scheduled
11:05 BA2679 London British Airways Scheduled
11:10 TOM6783 Bristol TUI Airways Scheduled
11:15 TOM2771 Manchester TUI Airways Scheduled
11:25 LS570 Newcastle Jet2 Scheduled
12:15 EI477 Dublin Aer Lingus Scheduled
12:25 LS848 Edinburgh Jet2 Scheduled
12:50 U26428 London easyJet Scheduled
12:55 OS732 Vienna Austrian Scheduled
12:55 OU5506 Vienna Croatia Airlines Scheduled
13:00 LS440 Leeds Jet2 Scheduled
13:05 LS962 Manchester Jet2 Scheduled
13:10 LS628 Leicestershire Jet2 Scheduled
13:25 KL1804 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
13:25 DL9188 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Scheduled
13:30 OU663 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled
13:45 VY7721 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
13:45 IB5753 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
14:15 FR3881 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
15:00 U67158 Zhukovsky Ural Airlines Cancelled
15:10 OU476 Paris Croatia Airlines Scheduled
15:10 OZ9392 Paris Asiana Airlines Scheduled
15:35 IB3155 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
15:35 AA8541 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
15:35 VY5163 Madrid Vueling Scheduled
16:20 VY6737 Rome Vueling Scheduled
16:20 IB5709 Rome Iberia Scheduled
16:20 QR5525 Rome Qatar Airways Scheduled
16:40 LH1711 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
16:40 OU5402 Munich Croatia Airlines Scheduled
17:05 TO4205 Paris Transavia France Scheduled
17:10 BT952 Vilnius Air Baltic Scheduled
17:35 U26252 Bristol easyJet Scheduled
18:30 LH1417 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
18:30 OU5392 Frankfurt Croatia Airlines Scheduled
19:15 LO566 Warsaw LOT - Polish Airlines Scheduled
19:25 AF1287 Paris Air France Scheduled
19:25 DL8351 Paris Delta Air Lines Scheduled
19:25 KL3552 Paris KLM Scheduled
19:45 AY1836 Helsinki Finnair Scheduled
20:30 LS1432 London Jet2 Scheduled
22:15 BA2833 London British Airways Scheduled

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Source - www.airport-dubrovnik.hr (We don't guarantee the accuracy of departure flights information available from the service)