Dortmund Airport (DTM) - arrivals and departures

Country - Germany

City - Dortmund.


GPS - 51.51, 7.61


Dortmund Airport on the map
Airport Dortmund - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:55 EW4065 Munich MUC Eurowings Landed 10:01
09:55 LH5055 Munich MUC Lufthansa Landed 10:01
09:55 SQ1843 Munich MUC Singapore Airlines Landed 10:01
10:25 W64091 Belgrade BEG Wizz Air Landed 10:08
10:45 W68341 Rome FCO Wizz Air Landed 10:38
10:50 W67721 Skopje SKP Wizz Air Landed 10:36
11:30 W64710 Podgorica TGD Wizz Air Estimated 11:05
14:50 W63531 Timisoara TSR Wizz Air Scheduled
15:00 W64271 Nis INI Wizz Air Scheduled
15:25 FR6389 Katowice KTW Ryanair Scheduled
15:25 W62185 Szymany SZY Wizz Air Scheduled
16:25 W64692 Suceava SCV Wizz Air Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
10:00 W63842 Tirana TIA Wizz Air Departure 10:15
11:00 W64691 Suceava SCV Wizz Air Estimated 11:00
11:20 W62186 Szymany SZY Wizz Air Estimated 11:20
11:20 W68342 Rome FCO Wizz Air Estimated 11:47
12:05 W64709 Podgorica TGD Wizz Air Estimated 12:20
15:25 W63532 Timisoara TSR Wizz Air Estimated 15:37
15:35 W61662 Gdansk GDN Wizz Air Estimated 15:47
15:50 FR2188 Zagreb ZAG Ryanair Estimated 15:50
15:55 W67722 Skopje SKP Wizz Air Estimated 16:10
17:00 W64092 Belgrade BEG Wizz Air Estimated 17:12

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