Cork Airport (ORK) - arrivals and departures

Country - Ireland

City - Cork.


GPS - 51.85, -8.49


Cork Airport on the map
Airport Cork - Map

Destinations and timetables (+0 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:00 FR9010 Bordeaux BOD Ryanair Scheduled
18:15 FR7244 Poznan POZ Ryanair Estimated 18:06
18:35 FR6588 Liverpool LPL Ryanair Estimated
18:40 VY8616 Paris ORY Vueling Estimated 18:40
18:45 FR423 London LTN Ryanair Estimated 18:25
19:45 FR4156 Alicante ALC Ryanair Scheduled
19:50 EI723 London LHR Aer Lingus Scheduled
19:50 AA8071 London LHR American Airlines Scheduled
19:50 BA5923 London LHR British Airways Scheduled
19:50 UA7643 London LHR United Airlines Scheduled
21:50 KL1089 Amsterdam AMS KLM Scheduled
21:50 DL9265 Amsterdam AMS Delta Air Lines Scheduled
21:55 FR2089 Manchester MAN Ryanair Scheduled
22:30 EI845 Amsterdam AMS Aer Lingus Scheduled
22:40 FR907 London STN Ryanair Scheduled
22:55 FR3738 Birmingham BHX Ryanair Scheduled
23:45 EI725 London LHR Aer Lingus Scheduled
23:45 AC6915 London LHR Air Canada Scheduled
23:45 BA5925 London LHR British Airways Scheduled
23:50 FR9007 Reus REU Ryanair Scheduled
00:20 FR9040 Girona GRO Ryanair Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:15 EI844 Amsterdam AMS Aer Lingus Departure 18:21
18:25 FR9006 Reus REU Ryanair Estimated 18:40
18:40 FR7245 Poznan POZ Ryanair Estimated 18:55
19:00 FR2088 Manchester MAN Ryanair Estimated 19:00
19:10 FR9039 Girona GRO Ryanair Estimated 19:25
19:30 VY8617 Paris ORY Vueling Estimated 19:35
20:10 FR4157 Alicante ALC Ryanair Estimated 20:10
20:30 EI724 London LHR Aer Lingus Estimated 20:36
20:30 AA8078 London LHR American Airlines Estimated 20:36
20:30 BA5924 London LHR British Airways Estimated 20:36
23:05 FR908 London STN Ryanair Estimated 23:20
23:20 FR3737 Birmingham BHX Ryanair Estimated 23:35

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