Cluj-Napoca Airport (CLJ) - arrivals and departures

Country - Romania

City - Cluj-Napoca.


GPS - 46.78, 23.69


Cluj-Napoca Airport on the map
Airport Cluj-Napoca - Map

Destinations and timetables (+2 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
00:35 LH1670 Munich Lufthansa Landed
00:40 W63372 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse Wizz Air Landed
01:55 W63488 Dubai Wizz Air Landed
09:05 TK1047 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
13:35 LH1668 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
13:35 UA8962 Munich United Airlines Scheduled
13:50 RO643 Bucharest TAROM Scheduled
16:15 LH1472 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
16:45 0B3101 Bucharest Blue Air Scheduled
18:35 W63352 Brussels Wizz Air Scheduled
19:00 RO647 Bucharest TAROM Scheduled
19:00 AZ5006 Bucharest ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
19:00 KL2712 Bucharest KLM Scheduled
22:05 W63306 London Wizz Air Scheduled
23:05 RO649 Bucharest TAROM Scheduled
23:05 AF6619 Bucharest Air France Scheduled
23:05 AZ5022 Bucharest ITA S.p.A. Scheduled
23:05 KL2720 Bucharest KLM Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
06:45 LH1671 Munich Lufthansa En Route
06:45 UA8949 Munich United Airlines En Route
09:55 TK1048 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
13:10 W63351 Brussels Wizz Air Scheduled
14:15 LH1669 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
14:15 UA8927 Munich United Airlines Scheduled
14:15 RO644 Bucharest TAROM Scheduled
14:15 AF6603 Bucharest Air France Scheduled
15:25 W63305 London Wizz Air Scheduled
17:25 0B3102 Bucharest Blue Air Scheduled
18:25 W63401 Madrid Wizz Air Scheduled
19:45 RO648 Bucharest TAROM Scheduled
19:45 AZ5007 Bucharest ITA S.p.A. Scheduled

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