Brussels-Zaventem Airport (BRU) - arrivals and departures

Country - Belgium

City - Brussels-Zaventem.


GPS - 50.9, 4.48


Brussels-Zaventem Airport on the map
Airport Brussels-Zaventem - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
16:05 LH2288 Munich Lufthansa
16:20 SN3812 Porto Brussels Airlines
16:35 AT832 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc
16:50 EZS1535 Geneva EasyJet
17:00 OS353 Vienna Austrian
17:05 TP644 Lisbon TAP Portugal Delayed
17:10 3O851 Oujda Air Arabia Maroc
17:15 TK1939 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
17:20 TB1711 Lanzarote TUI fly
17:25 BA398 London LHR British Airways Delayed
17:25 LH1016 Frankfurt Lufthansa
17:25 SN2064 Edinburgh Brussels Airlines
17:30 AZ160 Rome FCO ITA
17:30 SN3704 Barcelona Brussels Airlines
17:30 SN3816 Lisbon Brussels Airlines Delayed
17:40 UX1173 Madrid Air Europa Arrived
17:50 A3622 Athens AEGEAN Estimated
18:15 EI636 Dublin Aer Lingus Estimated
18:15 SK1589 Stockholm SAS Estimated
18:15 SK4745 Oslo SAS Estimated
18:15 SN3344 Ljubljana Brussels Airlines Estimated
18:15 SN3622 Nice Brussels Airlines Estimated
18:20 TB1763 Tenerife TUI fly Estimated
18:25 EK181 Dubai Emirates Estimated
18:25 AY1545 Helsinki Finnair Estimated
18:25 SN2048 Birmingham Brussels Airlines Estimated
18:25 SN2814 Prague Brussels Airlines Estimated
18:30 BT603 Riga Air Baltic Delayed
18:35 SN2720 Geneva Brussels Airlines Estimated
18:45 LO233 Warsaw LOT Polish Airlines Estimated
18:55 RO373 Bucharest TAROM Estimated
19:00 KM420 Malta Air Malta Estimated
19:05 OS355 Vienna Austrian Estimated
19:10 LX788 Zurich Swiss Scheduled
19:10 IB3214 Madrid Iberia Estimated
19:35 AZ154 Milan LIN ITA Scheduled
19:35 LH2292 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
19:40 SN2306 Stockholm Brussels Airlines Estimated
19:45 SN2260 Copenhagen Brussels Airlines Scheduled
19:50 SK597 Copenhagen SAS Scheduled
19:50 SN2906 Vienna Brussels Airlines Scheduled
19:50 SN3182 Rome FCO Brussels Airlines Delayed
19:55 FR166 Berlin BER Ryanair Scheduled
19:55 OU4456 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled
19:55 SN2096 London LHR Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:00 SN2284 Oslo Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:00 SN2588 Berlin BER Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:00 SN3728 Madrid Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:05 FR2948 Madrid Ryanair Scheduled
20:05 SN2318 Goteborg Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:05 SN2826 Budapest Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:10 SN3290 Tel Aviv Brussels Airlines Estimated
20:10 SN3752 Valencia Brussels Airlines Estimated
20:15 SN3150 Milan LIN Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:35 EZS1537 Geneva EasyJet Scheduled
20:40 SN3781 Gran Canaria Brussels Airlines Delayed
20:55 VY8984 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
21:05 TB2031 Boa Vista TUI fly Early
22:00 HV9062 Tenerife Transavia Airlines Scheduled
22:25 BA404 London LHR British Airways Scheduled
22:30 LO231 Warsaw LOT Polish Airlines Scheduled
22:30 IB3208 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
22:30 KL1733 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
22:35 SN2724 Geneva Brussels Airlines Scheduled
22:40 AY1549 Helsinki Finnair Scheduled
22:40 SN2618 Frankfurt Brussels Airlines Scheduled
22:40 SN2648 Munich Brussels Airlines Scheduled
23:20 SN2908 Vienna Brussels Airlines Scheduled
23:25 SN3160 Milan MXP Brussels Airlines Scheduled
23:25 SN3706 Barcelona Brussels Airlines Scheduled
23:45 TP642 Lisbon TAP Portugal Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
16:00 SN2259 Copenhagen Brussels Airlines Departure
16:00 VY8921 Valencia Vueling Departure
16:05 SN2317 Goteborg Brussels Airlines Departure
16:25 SN2587 Berlin BER Brussels Airlines Departure
16:25 SN3149 Milan LIN Brussels Airlines Departure
16:45 LH2289 Munich Lufthansa Departure
16:50 SN2095 London LHR Brussels Airlines Departure
17:20 EZS1536 Geneva EasyJet Departure
17:35 AT833 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc Departure
17:45 OS354 Vienna Austrian
17:55 TP649 Lisbon TAP Portugal Delayed
18:00 3O852 Oujda Air Arabia Maroc
18:05 LH1017 Frankfurt Lufthansa
18:05 TK1940 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
18:10 BA399 London LHR British Airways Delayed
18:20 AZ165 Rome FCO ITA
18:25 SN3705 Barcelona Brussels Airlines Scheduled
18:45 A3623 Athens AEGEAN Delayed
18:55 EI637 Dublin Aer Lingus Estimated
18:55 SK4746 Oslo SAS Estimated
18:55 UX1174 Madrid Air Europa Estimated
19:00 SK1590 Stockholm SAS Estimated
19:05 SN2647 Munich Brussels Airlines Scheduled
19:05 SN2907 Vienna Brussels Airlines Delayed
19:10 BT604 Riga Air Baltic Estimated
19:10 SN2617 Frankfurt Brussels Airlines Scheduled
19:15 AY1546 Helsinki Finnair Estimated
19:15 SN2309 Stockholm Brussels Airlines Scheduled
19:15 SN2723 Geneva Brussels Airlines Scheduled
19:35 LO234 Warsaw LOT Polish Airlines Scheduled
19:40 SN3159 Milan MXP Brussels Airlines Scheduled
19:45 ET725 Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines Estimated
19:45 KF2305 Cape Town Air Belgium Estimated
19:50 OS356 Vienna Austrian Estimated
19:50 IB3205 Madrid Iberia Estimated
19:55 KM421 Malta Air Malta Scheduled
19:55 RO374 Bucharest TAROM Scheduled
20:15 LX789 Zurich Swiss Estimated
20:15 LH2293 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
20:20 EK182 Dubai Emirates Scheduled
20:20 FR167 Berlin BER Ryanair Estimated
20:25 AZ153 Milan LIN ITA Scheduled
20:30 FR2947 Madrid Ryanair Estimated
20:30 SK2590 Copenhagen SAS Scheduled
20:40 OU4457 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Scheduled
20:45 SN2815 Prague Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:50 SN2287 Oslo Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:50 SN3151 Milan LIN Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:50 SN3207 Venice VCE Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:55 SN2319 Goteborg Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:55 SN2591 Berlin BER Brussels Airlines Scheduled
20:55 SN3731 Madrid Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:00 SN2629 Hamburg Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:00 SN2829 Budapest Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:00 SN3593 Lyon Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:05 SN2265 Copenhagen Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:05 SN3675 Toulouse Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:10 SN2183 Manchester Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:10 SN3603 Marseille Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:10 EZS1538 Geneva EasyJet Estimated
21:15 SN2049 Birmingham Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:15 SN2103 London LHR Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:15 SN3293 Tel Aviv Brussels Airlines Scheduled
21:35 VY8985 Barcelona Vueling Estimated

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