Brussels-Zaventem Airport (BRU) - arrivals and departures

Country - Belgium

City - Brussels-Zaventem.


GPS - 50.9, 4.48


Brussels-Zaventem Airport on the map
Airport Brussels-Zaventem - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
08:55 SN2104 London LHR Brussels Airlines
09:00 UA972 Chicago ORD United Airlines
09:20 FR3082 Rome FCO Ryanair
09:35 SN3632 Paris CDG Brussels Airlines
09:45 FR2922 Barcelona Ryanair
09:45 UX1171 Madrid Air Europa
09:50 SK593 Copenhagen SAS
09:55 SN2608 Frankfurt Brussels Airlines
10:00 KF5967 Punta Cana Air Belgium Arrived
10:10 FR2934 Alicante Ryanair
10:10 KL1723 Amsterdam KLM
10:15 SN3154 Milan MXP Brussels Airlines
10:20 TU788 Tunis Tunisair Delayed
10:30 TK1937 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Delayed
10:40 LH1008 Frankfurt Lufthansa Estimated
10:55 AY1541 Helsinki Finnair
11:05 TP646 Lisbon TAP Portugal Estimated
11:10 SN3634 Paris CDG Brussels Airlines Estimated
11:15 IB3206 Madrid Iberia Estimated
12:20 LH2286 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
12:30 EZS1535 Geneva EasyJet Scheduled
12:35 TK7720 Istanbul SAW Turkish Airlines Delayed
12:40 EY057 Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Early
12:40 SN2714 Geneva Brussels Airlines Scheduled
12:40 TB1012 Malaga TUI fly Estimated
12:45 EK183 Dubai Emirates Estimated
12:55 BJ396 Djerba Nouvel Air Tunisie Scheduled
13:05 FR2926 Lisbon Ryanair Estimated
13:10 FR1452 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
13:10 SN2094 London LHR Brussels Airlines Scheduled
13:15 HV9452 Innsbruck Transavia Airlines Scheduled
13:20 SN1004 Kittila Brussels Airlines Estimated
13:20 TK1943 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Estimated
13:40 TB2002 Kittila TUI fly Scheduled
14:00 GQ800 Athens Sky Express Estimated
14:05 LX780 Zurich Swiss Scheduled
14:05 FR2986 Valencia Ryanair Scheduled
14:25 MS725 Cairo Egyptair Estimated
14:25 LH1018 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
14:30 SN3714 Bilbao Brussels Airlines Scheduled
14:40 TB3202 Antalya TUI fly Scheduled
15:10 SN2306 Stockholm Brussels Airlines Scheduled
15:25 SN3618 Nice Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:00 SN3784 Gran Canaria Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:05 SN2284 Oslo Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:10 EJU1643 Nice EasyJet Europe Scheduled
16:20 SN3812 Porto Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:20 TB1752 Tenerife TUI fly Scheduled
16:25 SN2906 Vienna Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:25 SN3782 Tenerife Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:30 SN3150 Milan LIN Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:35 SN2812 Prague Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:35 SN2826 Budapest Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:40 FR1456 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
16:40 SN2318 Goteborg Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:40 SN2590 Berlin BER Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:40 SN3592 Lyon Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:45 SN2260 Copenhagen Brussels Airlines Scheduled
16:45 SN3728 Madrid Brussels Airlines Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:00 BT852 Tallinn Air Baltic Departure
09:05 FR2961 Milan MXP Ryanair Departure
09:05 LH1005 Frankfurt Lufthansa Departure
09:10 LH2283 Munich Lufthansa Departure
09:25 SN2713 Geneva Brussels Airlines Departure
09:40 OS352 Vienna Austrian Departure
09:40 SN2093 London LHR Brussels Airlines Departure
09:45 FR3083 Rome FCO Ryanair Departure
09:50 SN2305 Stockholm Brussels Airlines Departure
09:55 LX787 Zurich Swiss Departure
09:55 SN3713 Bilbao Brussels Airlines Departure
10:00 AC833 Montreal Air Canada Departure
10:10 UA998 Newark United Airlines Departure
10:15 FR2921 Barcelona Ryanair Departure
10:15 SN3815 Lisbon Brussels Airlines Departure
10:25 SN455 Entebbe Brussels Airlines Departure
10:30 SK594 Copenhagen SAS Departure
10:30 SN359 Kinshasa Brussels Airlines Departure
10:35 SN501 New York Brussels Airlines
10:35 FR2933 Alicante Ryanair
10:35 SN3811 Porto Brussels Airlines Departure
10:40 KL1724 Amsterdam KLM
10:50 UX1172 Madrid Air Europa
11:05 UA973 Chicago ORD United Airlines
11:10 SN2283 Oslo Brussels Airlines
11:10 SN3727 Madrid Brussels Airlines
11:15 LH1009 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
11:15 SN3617 Nice Brussels Airlines
11:20 SN325 Monrovia Brussels Airlines
11:20 TU789 Tunis Tunisair Delayed
11:25 TK1938 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:40 SN383 Yaounde Brussels Airlines
11:40 AY1542 Helsinki Finnair Scheduled
11:45 SN2825 Budapest Brussels Airlines Scheduled
11:50 TP643 Lisbon TAP Portugal Scheduled
11:55 UA951 Washington United Airlines
11:55 SN3735 Malaga Brussels Airlines Scheduled
12:05 SN2905 Vienna Brussels Airlines Scheduled
12:15 SN237 Freetown Brussels Airlines
12:25 IB3203 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
12:35 SN2317 Goteborg Brussels Airlines Scheduled
12:35 SN3703 Barcelona Brussels Airlines Scheduled
12:40 SN3149 Milan LIN Brussels Airlines Scheduled
12:50 SN2811 Prague Brussels Airlines Scheduled
12:55 SN2259 Copenhagen Brussels Airlines Scheduled
13:00 SN2589 Berlin BER Brussels Airlines Scheduled
13:00 EZS1536 Geneva EasyJet Scheduled
13:05 LH2287 Munich Lufthansa Scheduled
13:05 SN3591 Lyon Brussels Airlines Scheduled
13:30 SN3325 Hurghada Brussels Airlines Scheduled
13:30 TK7721 Istanbul SAW Turkish Airlines Scheduled
13:45 FR1453 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
13:55 BJ397 Djerba Nouvel Air Tunisie Scheduled
14:10 EY058 Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Scheduled
14:15 TK1944 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
14:20 HV9451 Innsbruck Transavia Airlines Scheduled
14:30 FR2985 Valencia Ryanair Scheduled
14:50 GQ801 Athens Sky Express Scheduled
14:55 EK184 Dubai Emirates Scheduled
14:55 LX781 Zurich Swiss Scheduled
15:05 LH1019 Frankfurt Lufthansa Scheduled
15:25 MS726 Cairo Egyptair Scheduled
16:15 FR2951 Madrid Ryanair Scheduled
16:40 EJU1644 Nice EasyJet Europe Scheduled
16:45 SN2721 Geneva Brussels Airlines Scheduled

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