Bilbao Airport (BIO) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Bilbao.


GPS - 43.31, -2.91


Bilbao Airport on the map
Airport Bilbao - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:05 LH1144 Frankfurt Lufthansa
18:05 AC9253 Frankfurt Air Canada
18:05 OS7305 Frankfurt Austrian
18:05 UA9210 Frankfurt United Airlines
18:15 VY2610 Malaga Vueling Landed
18:15 IB5256 Malaga Iberia Landed
18:15 VY1430 Barcelona Vueling Landed
18:15 IB5072 Barcelona Iberia Landed
18:15 QR3516 Barcelona Qatar Airways Landed
18:25 UX7007 Tenerife Air Europa Landed
18:25 VY6306 London Vueling Landed
18:25 BA8098 London British Airways Landed
18:25 IB5974 London Iberia Landed
18:25 VY1467 Paris Vueling Landed
18:25 IB5087 Paris Iberia Landed
18:30 VOE3553 Naples Volotea
18:50 VY2701 Lisbon Vueling Landed
18:50 IB5265 Lisbon Iberia Landed
19:40 EDW226 Zurich Edelweiss Air Landed
19:40 LX8226 Zurich SWISS Landed
20:20 UX7506 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa
20:25 VY2514 Sevilla Vueling En Route
20:50 IB8357 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Scheduled
20:50 IB440 Madrid Iberia Scheduled
20:50 AA8799 Madrid American Airlines Scheduled
20:50 AT9986 Madrid Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
20:50 AV6080 Madrid SA AVIANCA Scheduled
20:50 BA7252 Madrid British Airways Scheduled
20:50 BT5142 Madrid Air Baltic Scheduled
20:50 JL6943 Madrid JAL Scheduled
20:50 LA7058 Madrid LATAM Airlines Scheduled
20:50 QR6977 Madrid Qatar Airways Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:05 TP1067 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
18:05 AD7247 Lisbon Azul
18:05 S48739 Lisbon Azores Airlines
18:05 VY7292 London Vueling En Route
18:05 BA8058 London British Airways En Route
18:05 IB5726 London Iberia En Route
18:10 IB8356 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Landed
18:15 IB8311 Valencia Iberia Landed
18:35 VOE3528 Sevilla Volotea En Route
18:40 LH1829 Munich Lufthansa
18:50 LH1145 Frankfurt Lufthansa
18:50 OS7420 Frankfurt Austrian
18:50 VY2614 Jerez De La Frontera Vueling En Route
18:50 IB5258 Jerez De La Frontera Iberia En Route
18:50 VY2611 Malaga Vueling En Route
18:50 IB5257 Malaga Iberia En Route
19:00 VY3806 Menorca Vueling En Route
19:00 IB5510 Menorca Iberia En Route
19:00 VOE3552 Naples Volotea En Route
19:20 UX7008 Tenerife Air Europa En Route
19:30 VY3974 Ibiza Vueling En Route
19:30 IB5570 Ibiza Iberia En Route
19:50 VY1437 Barcelona Vueling Scheduled
19:50 IB5077 Barcelona Iberia Scheduled
20:25 EDW227 Zurich Edelweiss Air Scheduled
20:25 LX8227 Zurich SWISS Scheduled

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