Belgrade Airport (BEG) - arrivals and departures

Country - Serbia

City - Belgrade.


GPS - 44.82, 20.29


Belgrade Airport on the map
Airport Belgrade - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Status
00:10 JU317 Paris CDG Landed 23:51
05:20 JU501 New York JFK Expected 04:15
08:05 TK1081 Istanbul Airport On time
08:15 MNE100 Podgorica On time
09:30 QR4863 Podgorica On time
10:25 OS735 Vienna On time
10:45 JU8300 Doha On time
11:05 QR4868 Ljubljana On time
11:10 BT5697 Vienna On time
11:25 W64110 Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden On time
11:55 DL9210 Amsterdam On time
12:00 DY1976 Oslo On time
12:15 EK2220 Dubai On time
12:25 SK3126 Munich On time
12:30 AF6290 Paris CDG On time
12:45 UA9399 Frankfurt On time
12:55 QR4866 Tivat On time
13:10 W64206 Gothenburg Landvetter On time
13:20 LO571 Warsaw On time
13:30 TK1079 Istanbul Airport On time
13:55 SQ2906 Zurich On time
15:30 AF9718 Sarajevo On time
15:55 TK9513 Tivat On time
16:00 UX3642 Madrid Barajas On time 16:00
16:05 AF9720 Podgorica On time
16:10 AF5332 Larnaca On time
16:15 AZ2484 Skopje On time
16:20 AZ2500 Bucharest On time
16:45 SK3128 Munich On time
16:50 5W7043 Abu Dhabi On time
17:00 JU381 London Heathrow On time
17:50 OS737 Vienna On time
19:00 MNE102 Podgorica On time
19:15 TP8206 Zurich On time
19:20 W94002 London Luton On time
19:35 TK1083 Istanbul Airport On time
20:00 FB1842 Podgorica On time
21:10 EK2294 Dubai On time
21:55 JU805 Istanbul Airport On time
22:00 AY4487 Prague On time
22:05 JU555 Bologna On time
22:10 A31107 Ljubljana On time
22:15 UX3628 Frankfurt On time
22:20 UX3636 Zurich On time
22:45 BT5690 Copenhagen Kastrup On time
23:10 UA9400 Frankfurt On time
23:20 AF6292 Paris CDG On time
23:30 OS739 Vienna On time

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Status
00:55 HOLAND1 Lyon On time
06:45 JU310 Paris CDG On time
06:55 W64109 Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden On time
07:00 OS740 Vienna On time
07:10 W64205 Gothenburg Landvetter On time
07:30 FB1833 Ljubljana On time
07:45 AY4486 Vienna On time
08:00 MNE151 Tivat On time
08:40 UX3641 Madrid Barajas On time 08:40
08:55 TK1082 Istanbul Airport On time
10:10 TK9510 Tivat On time
10:20 JU380 London Heathrow On time
11:05 OS736 Vienna On time
11:45 JU8301 Doha On time
12:15 TK9502 Istanbul Airport On time
12:25 A31103 Athens On time
12:30 DL9550 Amsterdam On time
12:40 DY1977 Oslo On time
12:55 RO9214 Bucharest On time
13:05 SK3127 Munich On time
13:15 EK2221 Dubai On time
13:25 AF9721 Tivat On time
13:30 UA9581 Frankfurt On time
13:40 FB1839 Podgorica On time
14:00 LO572 Warsaw On time
14:20 TK1080 Istanbul Airport On time
14:45 TP8453 Zurich On time
17:10 QR5332 Bologna On time
17:25 JU614 Prague On time
17:30 JU404 Copenhagen Kastrup On time
17:35 JU334 Frankfurt On time
17:40 JU354 Berlin Brandenburg On time
17:45 JU804 Istanbul Airport On time
17:55 QR5326 Stuttgart On time
18:05 JU374 Zurich On time
18:25 QR4869 Ljubljana On time
18:30 OS738 Vienna On time
18:35 JU604 Vienna On time
19:40 MNE103 Podgorica On time
19:55 W94001 London Luton On time
20:00 LX1419 Zurich On time
20:25 TK1084 Istanbul Airport On time
20:30 A31112 Zagreb On time
21:20 JU656 Moscow Sheremetyevo On time
22:10 EK2295 Dubai On time
23:00 QR5338 Saint Petersburg Pulkovo On time

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