Bari Airport (BRI) - arrivals and departures

Country - Italy

City - Bari.


GPS - 41.13, 16.76


Bari Airport on the map
Airport Bari - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
13:55 FR3981 Verona VRN Ryanair Landed 13:57
14:20 HG1653 Milan LIN Hibernian Airlines Landed 14:07
14:25 FR1610 Valencia VLC Ryanair Landed 14:16
14:30 FR4889 Venice VCE Ryanair Estimated 14:54
15:20 AZ1671 Milan LIN ITA Airways Scheduled
15:20 W63165 Bucharest OTP Wizz Air Estimated 15:02
15:25 FR3979 Paris BVA Ryanair Estimated 15:43
15:25 W65797 London LGW Wizz Air Estimated 15:11
16:00 FR7506 Dusseldorf NRN Ryanair Scheduled
16:25 FR3518 Milan BGY Ryanair Scheduled
17:25 2B353 Tirana TIA Albawings Scheduled
17:55 FR7102 Malta MLA Ryanair Scheduled
18:05 AZ1633 Milan LIN ITA Airways Scheduled
18:05 AF9859 Milan LIN Air France Scheduled
18:05 KL3496 Milan LIN KLM Scheduled
18:05 FR9151 Catania CTA Ryanair Scheduled
18:20 AZ1607 Rome FCO ITA Airways Scheduled
18:20 AF9787 Rome FCO Air France Scheduled
18:20 AR7192 Rome FCO Aerolineas Argentinas Scheduled
18:20 AT9168 Rome FCO Royal Air Maroc Scheduled
18:20 BT5597 Rome FCO Air Baltic Scheduled
18:20 EY2822 Rome FCO Etihad Airways Scheduled
18:20 KL3416 Rome FCO KLM Scheduled
18:20 KU6244 Rome FCO Kuwait Airways Scheduled
18:20 PC7507 Rome FCO Pegasus Scheduled
18:20 RJ3559 Rome FCO Royal Jordanian Scheduled
18:20 RO9683 Rome FCO TAROM Scheduled
18:20 SV6725 Rome FCO Saudia Scheduled
18:20 TP7236 Rome FCO TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
18:20 UX3199 Rome FCO Air Europa Scheduled
18:40 FR7612 Porto OPO Ryanair Scheduled
18:50 W65626 Turin TRN Wizz Air Scheduled
19:00 FR7106 Rome FCO Ryanair Scheduled
19:30 W65644 Venice VCE Wizz Air Scheduled

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
14:05 U22838 Milan MXP easyJet Departure 14:08
14:50 FR1611 Valencia VLC Ryanair Departure 14:50
14:55 FR4888 Venice VCE Ryanair Estimated 15:19
14:55 W65625 Turin TRN Wizz Air Estimated 14:55
15:05 HG1652 Milan LIN Hibernian Airlines Estimated 15:05
15:05 KL3503 Milan LIN KLM Estimated 15:05
15:25 FR8772 Karlsruhe/Baden Baden FKB Ryanair Estimated 15:40
15:55 W63166 Bucharest OTP Wizz Air Estimated 15:55
16:05 AZ1672 Milan LIN ITA Airways Estimated 16:05
16:10 W65643 Venice VCE Wizz Air Estimated 16:10
16:15 FR7105 Rome FCO Ryanair Estimated 16:33
16:25 FR7515 Dusseldorf NRN Ryanair Estimated 16:40
16:50 FR3519 Milan BGY Ryanair Estimated 17:05
17:35 2B354 Tirana TIA Albawings Estimated 18:25
18:20 FR7107 Malta MLA Ryanair Estimated 18:35
18:30 FR9150 Catania CTA Ryanair Estimated 18:45
18:50 AZ1630 Milan LIN ITA Airways Estimated 19:01
19:05 AZ1606 Rome FCO ITA Airways Estimated 19:05
19:05 AT9162 Rome FCO Royal Air Maroc Estimated 19:05
19:05 ET4019 Rome FCO Ethiopian Airlines Estimated 19:05
19:05 EY2819 Rome FCO Etihad Airways Estimated 19:05
19:05 KM2514 Rome FCO Air Malta Estimated 19:05
19:05 FR7613 Porto OPO Ryanair Estimated 19:20
19:25 FR3974 Prague PRG Ryanair Estimated 19:40
19:25 W65657 Milan LIN Wizz Air Estimated 19:25

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