Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Barcelona.


GPS - 41.3, 2.08


Barcelona El Prat Airport on the map
Airport Barcelona - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:05 U24529 Berlin easyJet
18:05 VY3923 Palma de Mallorca Vueling
18:05 IB5539 Palma de Mallorca Iberia
18:05 LH1132 Frankfurt Lufthansa Landed
18:05 UA9515 Frankfurt United Airlines Landed
18:10 VY1295 La Coruna Vueling Landed
18:10 IB5033 La Coruna Iberia Landed
18:10 QR3527 La Coruna Qatar Airways Landed
18:15 FR8842 Ibiza Ryanair Landed
18:15 VY8749 Manchester Vueling Landed
18:15 BA8079 Manchester British Airways Landed
18:15 IB5897 Manchester Iberia Landed
18:20 SK1585 Copenhagen SAS Cancelled
18:25 VY1309 Alicante Vueling Landed
18:25 IB5043 Alicante Iberia Landed
18:25 QR3541 Alicante Qatar Airways Landed
18:25 VY8715 Vienna Vueling
18:25 IB5887 Vienna Iberia
18:25 VY7721 Dubrovnik Vueling Landed
18:25 IB5753 Dubrovnik Iberia Landed
18:25 VY6405 Venice Vueling
18:25 IB5683 Venice Iberia
18:30 FR2508 Cologne Ryanair
18:30 U21405 Geneva easyJet
18:30 VY6165 Cagliari Vueling Landed
18:30 IB5607 Cagliari Iberia Landed
18:30 QR3679 Cagliari Qatar Airways Landed
18:35 VY1899 Dusseldorf Vueling Landed
18:35 IB5159 Dusseldorf Iberia Landed
18:35 VY3707 Menorca Vueling Landed
18:35 IB5481 Menorca Iberia Landed
18:35 VY7477 Algiers Vueling Landed
18:35 IB5741 Algiers Iberia Landed
18:35 QR3569 Algiers Qatar Airways Landed
18:40 VY8721 Dublin Vueling Landed
18:40 IB5889 Dublin Iberia Landed
18:40 VY3515 Ibiza Vueling
18:40 IB5457 Ibiza Iberia
18:40 FR6974 Rome Ryanair Landed
18:40 VY6601 Palermo Vueling
18:40 IB5699 Palermo Iberia
18:40 QR4690 Palermo Qatar Airways
18:50 VY8310 Amsterdam Vueling
18:50 IB5844 Amsterdam Iberia
18:50 KL1675 Amsterdam KLM
18:50 AM6202 Amsterdam Aeromexico
18:50 DL9604 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines
18:50 EY7355 Amsterdam Etihad Airways
18:50 G35651 Amsterdam Gol
18:50 GA9250 Amsterdam Garuda Indonesia
18:50 KQ1675 Amsterdam Kenya Airways
18:50 MF9956 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines
18:50 SK1811 Stockholm SAS
18:50 IB3022 Madrid Iberia
18:50 AV6018 Madrid SA AVIANCA
18:50 LA1525 Madrid LATAM Airlines
18:50 OB5008 Madrid BoA
18:50 QR6895 Madrid Qatar Airways
18:50 VY5061 Madrid Vueling
18:55 FR2234 Nador Ryanair Landed
18:55 FR6882 Menorca Ryanair
18:55 AT960 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc Landed
18:55 IB1974 Casablanca Iberia Landed
18:55 QR4533 Casablanca Qatar Airways Landed
19:00 VY2489 San Sebastian Vueling Landed
19:00 IB5237 San Sebastian Iberia Landed
19:05 AH2014 Algiers Air Algerie Landed
19:05 EW9442 Dusseldorf Eurowings
19:15 VY8017 Paris Vueling Landed
19:15 IB5797 Paris Iberia Landed
19:15 VY3215 Tenerife Vueling Landed
19:15 IB5379 Tenerife Iberia Landed
19:15 EW2520 Stuttgart Eurowings
19:15 LX1956 Zurich SWISS
19:15 VY6202 Geneva Vueling
19:15 IB5610 Geneva Iberia
19:20 TP1036 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal Cancelled
19:20 S48706 Lisbon Azores Airlines Cancelled
19:25 D8*4251 Stockholm Norwegian Air International Landed
19:25 FR9014 London Ryanair Landed
19:25 VY2120 Malaga Vueling Landed
19:25 IB5190 Malaga Iberia Landed
19:30 IZ271 Tel Aviv-Yafo Arkia Israeli Airlines Landed
19:30 LH1136 Frankfurt Lufthansa
19:30 UA9267 Frankfurt United Airlines
19:30 VY3709 Menorca Vueling Landed
19:30 IB5483 Menorca Iberia Landed
19:35 AF1248 Paris Air France
19:35 AM6030 Paris Aeromexico
19:35 DL8246 Paris Delta Air Lines
19:35 G35235 Paris Gol
19:35 KE6343 Paris Korean Air
19:35 KQ3206 Paris Kenya Airways
19:35 UX2247 Paris Air Europa
19:35 VY7835 London Vueling
19:35 IB5717 London Iberia
19:35 VY3913 Palma de Mallorca Vueling Landed
19:35 IB5529 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Landed
19:35 VY6515 Turin Vueling Landed
19:35 IB5689 Turin Iberia Landed
19:40 FR6329 Sofia Ryanair
19:45 FR9163 Birmingham Ryanair
19:50 OS393 Vienna Austrian
19:50 VY3517 Ibiza Vueling
19:50 IB5459 Ibiza Iberia
19:50 BA486 London British Airways
19:50 IB7486 London Iberia
19:50 JL7161 London JAL
19:50 VY6335 Milan Vueling
19:50 IB5665 Milan Iberia
19:55 U28577 London easyJet Landed
20:00 TO4758 Paris Transavia France Landed
20:05 VY2015 Granada Vueling Landed
20:05 IB5177 Granada Iberia Landed
20:05 AY1653 Helsinki Finnair Landed
20:05 IB391 Helsinki Iberia Landed
20:05 JL6855 Helsinki JAL Landed
20:05 VY3003 Las Palmas Vueling Landed
20:05 IB5297 Las Palmas Iberia Landed
20:05 FR7350 Vienna Ryanair
20:05 VY8983 Brussels Vueling
20:05 IB5921 Brussels Iberia
20:10 D8*3658 Copenhagen Norwegian Air International
20:15 FR7505 Rabat Ryanair Landed
20:20 IB3026 Madrid Iberia Landed
20:20 VY5063 Madrid Vueling Landed
20:25 DY1742 Oslo Norwegian Air Shuttle
20:30 VY3915 Palma de Mallorca Vueling Landed
20:30 IB5531 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Landed
20:30 SN3705 Brussels Brussels Airlines Landed
20:30 EY7211 Brussels Etihad Airways Landed
20:30 SQ2811 Brussels Singapore Airlines Landed
20:35 VY1678 Santiago De Compostela Vueling Landed
20:35 IB5122 Santiago De Compostela Iberia Landed
20:40 FR9367 Bologna Ryanair
20:40 FR3109 Luxembourg Ryanair
20:45 VY8307 Amsterdam Vueling
20:45 IB5841 Amsterdam Iberia
20:45 SWT8169 Palma de Mallorca Swiftair Scheduled
20:50 W62377 Budapest Wizz Air Landed
20:50 VY3523 Ibiza Vueling
20:50 IB5465 Ibiza Iberia
20:55 FR9017 Fez Ryanair

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
18:05 AF1549 Paris Air France
18:05 AM6028 Paris Aeromexico
18:05 G35234 Paris Gol
18:05 KE6342 Paris Korean Air
18:05 KQ3163 Paris Kenya Airways
18:05 MK9327 Paris Air Mauritius
18:05 UU8549 Paris Air Austral
18:05 UX2246 Paris Air Europa
18:05 VY2218 Sevilla Vueling Landed
18:05 AA8858 Sevilla American Airlines Landed
18:05 IB5206 Sevilla Iberia Landed
18:05 QR3660 Sevilla Qatar Airways Landed
18:05 IB3031 Madrid Iberia Landed
18:05 AA8689 Madrid American Airlines Landed
18:05 AV6019 Madrid SA AVIANCA Landed
18:05 LA1585 Madrid LATAM Airlines Landed
18:05 OB5007 Madrid BoA Landed
18:05 QR6562 Madrid Qatar Airways Landed
18:05 VY5082 Madrid Vueling Landed
18:10 VY3522 Ibiza Vueling
18:10 IB5464 Ibiza Iberia
18:10 QR3587 Ibiza Qatar Airways
18:10 VY6248 Zurich Vueling
18:10 IB5640 Zurich Iberia
18:15 VY1880 Billund Vueling En Route
18:15 IB5148 Billund Iberia En Route
18:20 OU375 Zagreb Croatia Airlines Landed
18:20 TP6858 Zagreb TAP Air Portugal Landed
18:25 VY8304 Amsterdam Vueling Landed
18:25 IB5838 Amsterdam Iberia Landed
18:25 VY1280 Zagreb Vueling
18:25 IB5026 Zagreb Iberia
18:30 LH1817 Munich Lufthansa
18:30 TK1856 Istanbul Turkish Airlines En Route
18:30 AV6614 Istanbul SA AVIANCA En Route
18:30 HY7298 Istanbul Uzbekistan Airways En Route
18:30 NZ4866 Istanbul Air New Zealand En Route
18:35 VY1884 Berlin Vueling En Route
18:35 IB5152 Berlin Iberia En Route
18:35 U21080 Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse easyJet
18:40 U21410 Geneva easyJet Cancelled
18:40 VY3528 Ibiza Vueling
18:40 IB5468 Ibiza Iberia
18:40 QR5531 Ibiza Qatar Airways
18:45 UX6073 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa Landed
18:45 AF4840 Palma de Mallorca Air France Landed
18:45 EY4344 Palma de Mallorca Etihad Airways Landed
18:45 KL3361 Palma de Mallorca KLM Landed
18:50 VY6336 Milan Vueling Landed
18:50 IB5666 Milan Iberia Landed
18:50 QR3632 Milan Qatar Airways Landed
18:50 FR9815 London Ryanair
18:55 VY6502 Naples Vueling En Route
18:55 IB5686 Naples Iberia En Route
18:55 QR4683 Naples Qatar Airways En Route
18:55 LH1133 Frankfurt Lufthansa En Route
18:55 ET1551 Frankfurt Ethiopian Airlines En Route
19:00 VY8984 Brussels Vueling
19:00 IB5922 Brussels Iberia
19:00 VY7820 London Vueling
19:00 BA8062 London British Airways
19:00 IB5760 London Iberia
19:00 QR3688 London Qatar Airways
19:05 FR2507 Cologne Ryanair
19:10 VY1308 Alicante Vueling Landed
19:10 IB5042 Alicante Iberia Landed
19:10 QR3530 Alicante Qatar Airways Landed
19:10 SK1586 Copenhagen SAS Cancelled
19:15 VY8462 Lisbon Vueling
19:15 IB5860 Lisbon Iberia
19:15 QR3635 Lisbon Qatar Airways
19:15 VY8014 Paris Vueling En Route
19:15 IB5794 Paris Iberia En Route
19:15 QR3631 Paris Qatar Airways En Route
19:15 FR2939 Brussels Ryanair
19:20 VY6402 Venice Vueling
19:20 IB5680 Venice Iberia
19:20 QR4675 Venice Qatar Airways
19:20 VY1704 Vigo Vueling En Route
19:20 IB5126 Vigo Iberia En Route
19:20 QR3669 Vigo Qatar Airways En Route
19:20 VY1517 Nice Vueling
19:20 IB5096 Nice Iberia
19:20 QR3615 Nice Qatar Airways
19:35 FR6985 Rome Ryanair
19:35 IB3035 Madrid Iberia
19:35 AA8520 Madrid American Airlines
19:35 AV6172 Madrid SA AVIANCA
19:35 LA1587 Madrid LATAM Airlines
19:35 QR6564 Madrid Qatar Airways
19:35 VY5095 Madrid Vueling
19:35 U21698 Nice easyJet
19:35 VY8311 Amsterdam Vueling
19:35 IB5845 Amsterdam Iberia
19:40 VY7828 London Vueling En Route
19:40 BA8070 London British Airways En Route
19:40 IB5768 London Iberia En Route
19:40 QR3640 London Qatar Airways En Route
19:40 FR6394 Dublin Ryanair
19:40 KL1676 Amsterdam KLM
19:40 EY7007 Amsterdam Etihad Airways
19:40 KQ1676 Amsterdam Kenya Airways
19:40 MF9955 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines
19:40 SK1812 Stockholm SAS
19:45 EW9443 Dusseldorf Eurowings
19:50 VY6005 Florence Vueling En Route
19:50 AA8869 Florence American Airlines En Route
19:50 IB5586 Florence Iberia En Route
19:50 QR5530 Florence Qatar Airways En Route
19:55 AT961 Casablanca Royal Air Maroc En Route
19:55 IB1975 Casablanca Iberia En Route
20:00 EW2521 Stuttgart Eurowings En Route
20:00 VY3214 Tenerife Vueling En Route
20:00 IB5378 Tenerife Iberia En Route
20:00 QR3666 Tenerife Qatar Airways En Route
20:00 VY8016 Paris Vueling En Route
20:00 IB5796 Paris Iberia En Route
20:00 QR3654 Paris Qatar Airways En Route
20:05 LX1957 Zurich SWISS
20:10 D8*4252 Stockholm Norwegian Air International Scheduled
20:10 VY3720 Menorca Vueling
20:10 IB5492 Menorca Iberia
20:10 QR5520 Menorca Qatar Airways
20:10 TP1045 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal Cancelled
20:10 A31708 Lisbon Aegean Airlines Cancelled
20:10 AD7216 Lisbon Azul Cancelled
20:10 S48715 Lisbon Azores Airlines Cancelled
20:15 VY8480 Porto Vueling En Route
20:15 IB5870 Porto Iberia En Route
20:15 QR3686 Porto Qatar Airways En Route
20:15 VY8464 Lisbon Vueling
20:15 IB5862 Lisbon Iberia
20:15 QR3637 Lisbon Qatar Airways
20:15 FR6330 Sofia Ryanair Scheduled
20:15 VY6110 Rome Vueling En Route
20:15 IB5600 Rome Iberia En Route
20:15 QR3692 Rome Qatar Airways En Route
20:20 FR9162 Birmingham Ryanair
20:25 VY1290 La Coruna Vueling En Route
20:25 IB5028 La Coruna Iberia En Route
20:25 QR3526 La Coruna Qatar Airways En Route
20:25 VY8246 Paris Vueling En Route
20:25 IB5824 Paris Iberia En Route
20:25 QR3550 Paris Qatar Airways En Route
20:25 AF1249 Paris Air France
20:25 G35272 Paris Gol
20:25 MK9587 Paris Air Mauritius
20:25 UX2245 Paris Air Europa
20:30 UX7708 Madrid Air Europa En Route
20:30 AM6809 Madrid Aeromexico En Route
20:30 EY4346 Madrid Etihad Airways En Route
20:30 KE6654 Madrid Korean Air En Route
20:30 U28578 London easyJet Scheduled
20:35 VY2972 Nantes Vueling Scheduled
20:35 IB5284 Nantes Iberia Scheduled
20:35 QR4701 Nantes Qatar Airways Scheduled
20:35 BA487 London British Airways Scheduled
20:35 IB7487 London Iberia Scheduled
20:35 VY3916 Palma de Mallorca Vueling
20:35 IB5532 Palma de Mallorca Iberia
20:35 QR5518 Palma de Mallorca Qatar Airways
20:35 OS394 Vienna Austrian
20:40 AH2015 Algiers Air Algerie Scheduled
20:40 FR7351 Vienna Ryanair Scheduled
20:45 TO4759 Paris Transavia France Scheduled
20:50 FR4545 Porto Ryanair Scheduled
20:50 VY2119 Malaga Vueling
20:50 IB5189 Malaga Iberia
20:50 QR3533 Malaga Qatar Airways
20:50 VY2220 Sevilla Vueling
20:50 AA8860 Sevilla American Airlines
20:50 IB5208 Sevilla Iberia
20:50 QR3662 Sevilla Qatar Airways
20:50 VY3518 Ibiza Vueling En Route
20:50 IB5460 Ibiza Iberia En Route
20:50 QR3586 Ibiza Qatar Airways En Route
20:55 D8*3659 Copenhagen Norwegian Air International Scheduled
20:55 VY3000 Las Palmas Vueling
20:55 IB5294 Las Palmas Iberia
20:55 QR3598 Las Palmas Qatar Airways

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