Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Barcelona.


GPS - 41.3, 2.08


Barcelona El Prat Airport on the map
Airport Barcelona - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
18:50 JAF9876 Kittila TUI fly
19:35 FR1598 Vienna Ryanair
19:50 X38925 Kuusamo TUIfly
19:55 FR9017 Fez Ryanair
20:00 FR2512 Cologne Ryanair
20:05 AY1653 Helsinki Finnair
20:05 TO4758 Paris Transavia France
20:05 VY2217 Sevilla Vueling
20:10 VY3003 Las Palmas Vueling
20:10 W62375 Budapest Wizz Air
20:15 U22267 London easyJet
20:15 IB3026 Madrid Iberia
20:20 FR3161 Bristol Ryanair
20:20 TP1046 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
20:20 VY3915 Palma de Mallorca Vueling
20:25 SN3705 Brussels Brussels Airlines
20:30 FR4586 Porto Ryanair
20:30 VY3517 Ibiza Vueling
20:35 VY1678 Santiago De Compostela Vueling
20:40 U21409 Geneva easyJet
20:45 SWT8169 Palma de Mallorca Swiftair
20:55 VY6006 Florence Vueling
21:00 FR786 Venice Ryanair
21:00 VY6103 Rome Vueling
21:00 VY2223 Sevilla Vueling
21:00 VY1437 Bilbao Vueling
21:05 VY2112 Malaga Vueling
21:10 IB8375 Pamplona Iberia
21:10 UX6102 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa
21:15 W64405 Sofia Wizz Air
21:15 FR6274 Edinburgh Ryanair
21:20 IB3030 Madrid Iberia
21:40 RK*7542 Manchester Ryanair UK
21:50 3V4912 Valencia ASL Airlines Belgium
21:55 VY3921 Palma de Mallorca Vueling
22:00 FR8393 Budapest Ryanair

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
19:55 UX7702 Madrid Air Europa
19:55 VY1572 Asturias Vueling
20:00 VY3214 Tenerife Vueling
20:00 VY3718 Menorca Vueling
20:05 W62938 Vienna Wizz Air
20:05 FR7436 Naples Ryanair
20:05 LX1957 Zurich SWISS
20:10 VY8480 Porto Vueling
20:10 FR1599 Vienna Ryanair
20:15 VY2016 Granada Vueling
20:15 VY8464 Lisbon Vueling
20:20 VY8016 Paris Vueling
20:25 EK188 Dubai Emirates
20:25 VY1008 Madrid Vueling
20:30 UX7708 Madrid Air Europa
20:30 VY3916 Palma de Mallorca Vueling
20:30 OS394 Vienna Austrian
20:30 FR846 Milan Ryanair
20:35 KE916 Seoul Korean Air
20:35 FR2511 Cologne Ryanair
20:40 VY1310 Alicante Vueling
20:40 BA489 London British Airways
20:45 TK6288 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
20:50 TO4759 Paris Transavia France
20:50 VY1434 Bilbao Vueling
20:50 U22268 London easyJet
20:50 W62376 Budapest Wizz Air
20:55 VY3000 Las Palmas Vueling
21:00 FR3028 Ibiza Ryanair
21:05 FR4587 Porto Ryanair
21:05 VY3522 Ibiza Vueling
21:05 IB3041 Madrid Iberia
21:10 TP1045 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal
21:15 U21410 Geneva easyJet
21:15 SN3706 Brussels Brussels Airlines
21:20 VY1679 Santiago De Compostela Vueling
21:40 FR791 Venice Ryanair
21:40 VY6005 Florence Vueling
21:45 VY1436 Bilbao Vueling
21:45 VY6102 Rome Vueling
21:45 VY2222 Sevilla Vueling
21:50 VY2113 Malaga Vueling
21:55 W64406 Sofia Wizz Air
22:00 UX6103 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa

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