Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN) - arrivals and departures

Country - Spain

City - Barcelona.


GPS - 41.3, 2.08


Barcelona El Prat Airport on the map
Airport Barcelona - Map

Destinations and timetables (+1 GMT)


TIme Flight Departure Airlines Status
09:05 TOM7748 Birmingham TUI Airways Landed
09:25 VY3903 Palma de Mallorca Vueling Landed
09:25 IB5380 Palma de Mallorca Iberia Landed
09:25 QR3661 Palma de Mallorca Qatar Airways Landed
09:30 FR3615 Lisbon Ryanair Landed
09:30 VY2215 Sevilla Vueling Landed
09:30 AA8184 Sevilla American Airlines Landed
09:30 IB5182 Sevilla Iberia Landed
09:30 QR3539 Sevilla Qatar Airways Landed
09:30 UX7995 Madrid Air Europa Landed
09:40 FR6875 Dublin Ryanair Landed
09:40 VY3713 Menorca Vueling Landed
09:40 IB5370 Menorca Iberia Landed
09:40 QR3700 Menorca Qatar Airways Landed
09:45 TOM4704 London TUI Airways Landed
10:00 DL168 New York Delta Air Lines Landed
10:00 AF3597 New York Air France Landed
10:00 AM3269 New York Aeromexico Landed
10:00 KL6039 New York KLM Landed
10:00 UX3398 New York Air Europa Landed
10:00 VS3888 New York Virgin Atlantic Landed
10:00 SWT224 Ibiza Swiftair Landed
10:05 TP1048 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal Landed
10:05 A31700 Lisbon Aegean Airlines Landed
10:05 AD7279 Lisbon Azul Landed
10:05 EY1489 Lisbon Etihad Airways Landed
10:05 S48044 Lisbon Azores Airlines Landed
10:10 FR6266 Edinburgh Ryanair Landed
10:10 FR6354 Milan Ryanair Landed
10:15 U21697 Nice easyJet Landed
10:20 LY393 Tel Aviv-Yafo EL AL Landed
10:20 AA8389 Tel Aviv-Yafo American Airlines Landed
10:20 IB2392 Tel Aviv-Yafo Iberia Landed
10:20 U26025 Bristol easyJet Landed
10:25 FR6375 Paris Ryanair Landed
10:25 KL1665 Amsterdam KLM Landed
10:25 CZ7606 Amsterdam China Southern Airlines Landed
10:25 DL9601 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Landed
10:25 EY7348 Amsterdam Etihad Airways Landed
10:25 KE6405 Amsterdam Korean Air Landed
10:25 MF9353 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Landed
10:25 MU1839 Amsterdam China Eastern Airlines Landed
10:25 VS5627 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Landed
10:30 BA478 London British Airways Landed
10:30 AA6816 London American Airlines Landed
10:30 IB7479 London Iberia Landed
10:30 JL6505 London JAL Landed
10:40 RO421 Bucharest TAROM En Route
10:40 UX3706 Bucharest Air Europa En Route
10:40 TK1853 Istanbul Turkish Airlines
10:40 AV6615 Istanbul SA AVIANCA
10:40 NZ4863 Istanbul Air New Zealand
10:50 VY7481 Oran Vueling
10:50 IB5576 Oran Iberia
10:50 QR3521 Oran Qatar Airways
10:50 EI562 Dublin Aer Lingus Landed
10:50 BA8948 Dublin British Airways Landed
10:50 FR6333 Santiago De Compostela Ryanair En Route
10:55 VY7477 Algiers Vueling En Route
10:55 IB5573 Algiers Iberia En Route
10:55 QR3569 Algiers Qatar Airways En Route
11:00 FR9003 Billund Ryanair En Route
11:05 UX6156 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa En Route
11:05 AF4827 Palma de Mallorca Air France En Route
11:05 AM6806 Palma de Mallorca Aeromexico En Route
11:05 AZ2409 Palma de Mallorca ITA S.p.A. En Route
11:05 DL6778 Palma de Mallorca Delta Air Lines En Route
11:05 EY4345 Palma de Mallorca Etihad Airways En Route
11:05 KL3352 Palma de Mallorca KLM En Route
11:05 SU3647 Palma de Mallorca Aeroflot En Route
11:10 FR3044 Venice Ryanair En Route
11:15 SK1811 Stockholm SAS En Route
11:20 3O379 Marrakech Air Arabia Maroc Cancelled
11:20 VY3215 Tenerife Vueling En Route
11:20 IB5314 Tenerife Iberia En Route
11:20 QR3776 Tenerife Qatar Airways En Route
11:20 VY3001 Las Palmas Vueling En Route
11:20 IB5238 Las Palmas Iberia En Route
11:20 QR3597 Las Palmas Qatar Airways En Route
11:25 FR6387 Malaga Ryanair En Route
11:25 AF1348 Paris Air France En Route
11:25 AM6010 Paris Aeromexico En Route
11:25 CZ7067 Paris China Southern Airlines En Route
11:25 DL8392 Paris Delta Air Lines En Route
11:25 G35176 Paris Gol En Route
11:25 JU7809 Paris Air Serbia En Route
11:25 KQ3048 Paris Kenya Airways En Route
11:25 MK9320 Paris Air Mauritius En Route
11:25 MU1707 Paris China Eastern Airlines En Route
11:25 UU8348 Paris Air Austral En Route
11:25 UX2248 Paris Air Europa En Route
11:25 VN3672 Paris Vietnam Airlines En Route
11:25 VS6130 Paris Virgin Atlantic En Route
11:40 AZ74 Rome ITA S.p.A. En Route
11:40 FB1735 Rome Bulgaria Air En Route
11:40 UX3125 Rome Air Europa En Route
11:45 TP1040 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal En Route
11:45 A31728 Lisbon Aegean Airlines En Route
11:45 AD7289 Lisbon Azul En Route
11:45 AV2503 Lisbon SA AVIANCA En Route
11:45 BT5269 Lisbon Air Baltic En Route
11:45 EY1487 Lisbon Etihad Airways En Route
11:45 MS9422 Lisbon EgyptAir En Route
11:45 PS9940 Lisbon UIA En Route
11:45 S48042 Lisbon Azores Airlines En Route
11:50 VY3509 Ibiza Vueling Scheduled
11:50 IB5352 Ibiza Iberia Scheduled
11:50 QR3716 Ibiza Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:50 VY8461 Lisbon Vueling En Route
11:50 IB5662 Lisbon Iberia En Route
11:50 QR3634 Lisbon Qatar Airways En Route
11:55 PC1091 Istanbul Pegasus

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Departures Departures

Time Flight Arrival Airline Status
09:20 W63686 Iasi Wizz Air
09:20 VY3508 Ibiza Vueling Landed
09:20 IB5351 Ibiza Iberia Landed
09:20 QR3702 Ibiza Qatar Airways Landed
09:25 VY1675 Santiago De Compostela Vueling En Route
09:25 IB5101 Santiago De Compostela Iberia En Route
09:25 QR3610 Santiago De Compostela Qatar Airways En Route
09:35 W65048 Krakow Wizz Air En Route
09:35 VY6328 Milan Vueling
09:35 IB5484 Milan Iberia
09:35 QR3511 Milan Qatar Airways
09:45 SZN424 Dakar Air Senegal
09:45 IB3011 Madrid Iberia En Route
09:45 AA8667 Madrid American Airlines En Route
09:45 AV6000 Madrid SA AVIANCA En Route
09:45 LA1515 Madrid LATAM Airlines En Route
09:45 QR5092 Madrid Qatar Airways En Route
09:45 VY5030 Madrid Vueling En Route
09:50 SQ379 Milan Singapore Airlines En Route
09:50 MH5753 Milan Malaysia Airlines En Route
09:55 AF1149 Paris Air France En Route
09:55 AM6008 Paris Aeromexico En Route
09:55 DL8670 Paris Delta Air Lines En Route
09:55 G35267 Paris Gol En Route
09:55 JU7806 Paris Air Serbia En Route
09:55 MK9329 Paris Air Mauritius En Route
09:55 UX2253 Paris Air Europa En Route
09:55 VS6090 Paris Virgin Atlantic En Route
10:00 FR5710 Naples Ryanair En Route
10:10 EK255 Mexico City Emirates En Route
10:10 FR3616 Lisbon Ryanair En Route
10:15 TOM7749 Birmingham TUI Airways
10:15 VY2214 Sevilla Vueling En Route
10:15 AA8188 Sevilla American Airlines En Route
10:15 IB5181 Sevilla Iberia En Route
10:15 QR3538 Sevilla Qatar Airways En Route
10:20 FR6874 Dublin Ryanair Scheduled
10:30 VY2020 Granada Vueling En Route
10:30 IB5161 Granada Iberia En Route
10:30 QR3619 Granada Qatar Airways En Route
10:30 VY3014 Puerto del Rosario Vueling Scheduled
10:30 IB5245 Puerto del Rosario Iberia Scheduled
10:30 QR3580 Puerto del Rosario Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:35 VY1220 Lyon Vueling Scheduled
10:35 IB5012 Lyon Iberia Scheduled
10:35 QR4680 Lyon Qatar Airways Scheduled
10:40 AA67 New York American Airlines Scheduled
10:40 AY4003 New York Finnair Scheduled
10:40 B64491 New York JetBlue Airways Scheduled
10:40 BA1557 New York British Airways Scheduled
10:40 IB4186 New York Iberia Scheduled
10:40 LY8001 New York EL AL Scheduled
10:45 FR6267 Edinburgh Ryanair Scheduled
10:50 TP1043 Lisbon TAP Air Portugal Scheduled
10:50 AD7206 Lisbon Azul Scheduled
10:50 AV2493 Lisbon SA AVIANCA Scheduled
10:50 EY1469 Lisbon Etihad Airways Scheduled
10:50 S48711 Lisbon Azores Airlines Scheduled
10:50 FR4438 Palermo Ryanair Scheduled
10:50 AY1654 Helsinki Finnair Scheduled
10:50 IB383 Helsinki Iberia Scheduled
10:50 JL6854 Helsinki JAL Scheduled
10:50 U21698 Nice easyJet Scheduled
10:55 TOM4705 London TUI Airways Scheduled
11:00 AA113 Miami American Airlines Scheduled
11:00 AY4009 Miami Finnair Scheduled
11:00 BA1519 Miami British Airways Scheduled
11:00 IB4461 Miami Iberia Scheduled
11:00 LY8162 Miami EL AL Scheduled
11:00 LA8115 Sao Paulo LATAM Airlines Scheduled
11:00 IB7067 Sao Paulo Iberia Scheduled
11:00 FR9903 Eindhoven Ryanair Scheduled
11:00 U26026 Bristol easyJet Scheduled
11:00 UA121 Newark United Airlines Scheduled
11:00 AC5935 Newark Air Canada Scheduled
11:00 LH7969 Newark Lufthansa Scheduled
11:00 LX3006 Newark SWISS Scheduled
11:00 SN9035 Newark Brussels Airlines Scheduled
11:10 KL1666 Amsterdam KLM Scheduled
11:10 CI9396 Amsterdam China Airlines Scheduled
11:10 DL9411 Amsterdam Delta Air Lines Scheduled
11:10 EY5825 Amsterdam Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:10 MF9354 Amsterdam Xiamen Airlines Scheduled
11:10 VS5818 Amsterdam Virgin Atlantic Scheduled
11:15 FR6320 Valladolid Ryanair Scheduled
11:20 VY6164 Cagliari Vueling Scheduled
11:20 IB5447 Cagliari Iberia Scheduled
11:20 QR3772 Cagliari Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:25 FR4909 Podgorica Ryanair Scheduled
11:30 RO422 Bucharest TAROM Scheduled
11:30 UX3707 Bucharest Air Europa Scheduled
11:30 LY394 Tel Aviv-Yafo EL AL Scheduled
11:30 AA8390 Tel Aviv-Yafo American Airlines Scheduled
11:30 IB2393 Tel Aviv-Yafo Iberia Scheduled
11:35 VY2216 Sevilla Vueling Scheduled
11:35 AA8179 Sevilla American Airlines Scheduled
11:35 IB5183 Sevilla Iberia Scheduled
11:35 QR3617 Sevilla Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:40 VY1882 Berlin Vueling Scheduled
11:40 IB5134 Berlin Iberia Scheduled
11:40 QR3794 Berlin Qatar Airways Scheduled
11:40 EI563 Dublin Aer Lingus Scheduled
11:40 BA8949 Dublin British Airways Scheduled
11:40 EY7877 Dublin Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:40 FR1283 Jerez De La Frontera Ryanair Scheduled
11:40 BA479 London British Airways Scheduled
11:40 AA6817 London American Airlines Scheduled
11:40 IB7480 London Iberia Scheduled
11:40 TK1854 Istanbul Turkish Airlines Scheduled
11:50 FR9002 Billund Ryanair Scheduled
11:55 UX6037 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa Scheduled
11:55 AF4846 Palma de Mallorca Air France Scheduled
11:55 DL6746 Palma de Mallorca Delta Air Lines Scheduled
11:55 EY4304 Palma de Mallorca Etihad Airways Scheduled
11:55 JU7448 Palma de Mallorca Air Serbia Scheduled
11:55 KL3341 Palma de Mallorca KLM Scheduled
11:55 RO9423 Palma de Mallorca TAROM Scheduled
11:55 SU3648 Palma de Mallorca Aeroflot Scheduled
11:55 TK4589 Palma de Mallorca Turkish Airlines Scheduled

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